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A game run by Silence.

Chapter List

Episode Summaries

Prologue: The Star Doom/Krill Saga

Krill: 1
Krill: 2
Krill: 2.5
Krill: 3

Interlude: Luxor

Royal Woes
Everybody Lies

Chapter 1: Heroes and Villains

The Truth
Interlude: Jardin
Interlude: The Frontier

Chapter 2: From the Ashes

To be True
To Stand
To Choose
To Fight (Chapter End)

Time Skip:

Return to Marshall's Colony Constant Stars, Inconstant Hearts
The Second Core
The Ark and the Princess
The Patriarch
The Uncrowned and the Crusaders
Weapon's Testing
Heart of a Patriot: Gadsen Route Gaiden
The Queen, the Spy, the Zero G Dog
Showdown over Folken
The Rifter's Covenant
Old Cyborgs, New Friends
The Candidate
Death of a Queen
The Day Haven Burned

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