Rebecca Le Moyne

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Attributes and Skills


IQ: 3
Wits: 2
Charm: 3
Cunning: 3
Durability: 4
Physical Action: 4


Black Mail
Horse Trading
Chummy 1
Speech Giving
Plotting 1


Piloting 6
Melee 3
Gunnery 5
Special 4


Cloak of Fate (Name may change) - Allows the user to momentarily step out of the flow of time and space, rendering them near invisible and intangible to the normal world.


An intelligent young woman who gained entrance to the academy through a combination of high level sponsorship and high scores on a number of aptitude tests. She does not have a title, unlike the vast majority of the school's populace, and her family is far from wealthy. She's acquired a reputation as an out and out tomboy who is involved in several of the school's sports teams and clubs.