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Simurgh logo.jpg Phoenix Empire: The largest, oldest, and most powerful state in the Large Magellanic Cloud, its roots are in the first colony ship to arrive in the LMC from the chaos that was consuming the Milky Way. Its ability to generate stable interstellar wormholes via the ancient and arcane technology of the Star Forge has allowed it a firm grasp on internal lines of communication and moving forces that remains beyond the capabilities of its competitors.

Starforge - Empress Miziuru-Saria

GGFlag.png The Jardin Republic: The second largest of the Large Magellanic Cloud states, the health of the Republic has been in a decline only recently reversed since the Guitler Plot which saw the La'Reinne family take firm control of the First Minister position a century ago and secure it as an inherited sinecure that ruled over a weak and rump Parliament. Recent advances against the Phoenix Empire resulted in the first free elections of many years that resulted in the overthrow of the La'Reinnes and a tentative restoration of active democracy.

Kings-flag.jpg Warbarge: Lavi
Phoenix Republic.png Phoenix Republicans: Refugees of the defeated Phoenix Republican Movement settled on the Republican sector capital of Riviera.

Emmeria.png The Free Star League: A large confederation of states allied with each other in a defensive pact. For much of the past century it was weak; preyed upon by foreign imperialism and shrinking as systems seceded or fell to chaos. However, sweeping reforms and commitment to ever closer union have revitalized its flagging fortunes.

The Great Ark - General Fiona mac Rognvald

Verg Sun.png Transeisdzarian Commonwealth: The recently born union state of exiled Phoenicians and Rifters encompassing most of the systems beyond the Great Rift - a great nebula of opaque gas stretching across many light-years - bordering the Phoenix Empire.

Phoenicia-Saka Dynasty - The twin Shahzadas, Ardeshir and Saki

Thetisflag.png The CoDominium: A recently declared union of states deep in peripheral space combining the industrial powers of Yvnes and Folken with the advanced expertise of the former techno-barbarian Star Kingdom of Ventris. In the hostile Magellanic cloud one must stand by former enemies or fall alone.

The Blue Fleet - Aurora, Knight of Krill

Rebel Flag Small.jpg Reavers: A heterogeneous mixture of pirates, mercenaries, rogues and Zero-G Dogs. Some are out solely for their own criminal profits, some are defectors, some are privateers for Imperial houses great or fallen, some are simply trying to live in freedom. All exist on the edges - or far outside - Imperial or Republican law.

Game Info

Plot Summary & Characters


Not Created Equal
Battle Cry

Jane's Astroforces of 5328
Ship Upgrades
Records of the Stellar Heroes
Battle of Randall Prime

Fleet Action
The Big Picture


Krillian March
High Court
Phoenix Republican Uprising

Jardin Liberation

Zero G Dogs


List of Characters

Team Princess

Tahminah Mina bint Yasmin al-Lasalle (The Warlord)
William Victor de Brightstar (The True Believer)
Sir Annette Bastillet D'Arbour Marissa Sasami Cristebelle I, Protector to the Crown, Countess of Chateautmagne (Reassigned to Siberia)
Haile Asakura al-Mihran
Ariana Rahel Suzanne Nisaka Zervina

Team Zero G Dog

Aurora Alloces Citrine Ovsol-Klystron (The Mastermind)
Michael Constantine Sabirov-Aragon (The Spy)
Ravshana Marika bint Yasmin al-Lasalle (The Hussar)
Sir Henry Martell

Team Jardin

Joachim Mornstein-Montfort (The Traitor)
Jacques Desmond
Clotilde E. Ackermann

Team Phoenix

Princess Aleida (???)
Sayuri Safavi
Van (Riding shiny and chrome through Valhalla forever)
Celeste Marot
Derek von Steiner

Chapter List

Deep Rift.jpg
Episode Summaries

Prologue: The Star Doom/Krill Saga

Krill: 1
Krill: 2
Krill: 2.5
Krill: 3

Interlude: Luxor

Royal Woes
Everybody Lies

Chapter 1: Heroes and Villains

The Truth
Interlude: Jardin
Interlude: The Frontier

Chapter 2: From the Ashes

To be True
To Stand
To Choose
To Fight (Chapter End)

Time Skip:

Return to Marshall's Colony Constant Stars, Inconstant Hearts
The Second Core
The Ark and the Princess
The Patriarch
The Uncrowned and the Crusaders
Weapon's Testing
Heart of a Patriot: Gadsen Route Gaiden
The Queen, the Spy, the Zero G Dog
Showdown over Folken
The Rifter's Covenant
Old Cyborgs, New Friends
The Candidate
Death of a Queen
The Day Haven Burned

Baal's Day Special Episode

Operation Avalon
SMC: Echoes of Wormwood
The War in the Rift
A Winter's Night (Krill Sector)
Into the Heart of Darkness
A special party and partings (Jardin Episode)
All that Glitter's (Midas)
The Choice of Dragons
The Tryant in her Tower
Warlords of the Milky Way