Leander Eurig Cadwalader Jahangir af Gilgamesh

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Leander Eurig Cadwalader Jahangir af Gilgamesh is well-known illegitimate child of the House Jahangir from the Gilgamesh System, of which they have traditionally held the Ducal title. He carries the house name of his mother Muirella rather than his step-father, the Count Márcio Nogah Zeferino van Rompay, due to being the family's eldest child at the moment. Despite this his grandfather is loath to legitimize him completely and make him heir to the Duchy and has instead passed that responsibility to his younger cousin, Brynmor. Due to the combination of privilege as eldest child and the lack of responsibilities foisted upon him, he's become indolent and reckless, preferring a life as a racer of the IPPOS (a kind of trainer CATAPHRACT with simplified systems) track than as a noble scion. His ashen, fine-boned features, violet eyes and natural silver hair have earned him popularity as a 'classic beauty' in the style of a few old families.

In reality, he is not he child of Muirella and a noble who's name was made secret to evade joint scandal, but that of her long-deceased older sister, Órfhlaith, who was briefly a wife of the Eternal Minister. When her firstborn was came into the world with the 'legendary features' of a certain house, the other wives and concubines within the Darkstar's sanctum became jealous and treacherous. That a second child should carry them was too much, and led to their insurrection. She was assassinated when he was only five, while his older sister was crippled, requiring that she remain in restorative stasis. When news of the attack struck, the Jahangirs acted quickly and spirited their children away from the capital, hiding them among themselves as the bastards of their second daughter Muirella. Anger over the Eternal Minister's unwillingness to protect his own wife and children has soured relations somewhat, though the Jahangirs remain necessarily loyal to Final Order.

Although he plays the idiot, Leander is aware of his parentage and intends some revenge- if not against the Eternal Minister himself then certainly against the scheming harem who had his mother killed and sister crippled. He plays the long game, practicing his lies and other skills while he accrues power and influence.

Attributes and Skills


IQ: 4
Wits: 3
Charm: 4
Cunning: 3
Durability: 3
Physical Action: 3


Black Mail
Horse Trading
Chummy 5
Bureaucracy 1
Legal 1
Speech Giving 3
Plotting 3


Piloting 5
Melee 1
Gunnery 1


Oath Sign: The ability to make infallible commands to one's self, acting on them with unrestrained effort and boundless determination. The orders can have conditions and triggers that persist even if the user's memory has been erased or other forms of mind control have been applied.