Desperta Ferro: Revolt in the Year 8999

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Game genre

CLAMP inspired mecha game in the Fred True Route distance future
Launch Date: Sunday November 22


The Final Order Occupation Zone 33
Planet Sweetwater,
Tahminah al-Lasalle Memorial Academy
Formed in year 7580 as the Gadsen Memorial Academy, it was renamed by the occupation forces in 8570 after the dissolution of the Second League during the general collapsed caused by the Winter Offensive 69 by the forces of the Final Order. It has since served as a upper class elite finishing school for young transplant nobles and very selected natives to bring in the Eternal Minister's enlighted rule to the unruly natives of the Second League of Free Stars and to train a new generation of CATAPHRACTS to fight in the Long War against the Celestial Order Conquistors.

Physically the academy is located on Galajara's Cross, the artificial island city (cross shaped!) afloat on the great Eastern Ocean formed after the successful reteraforming of the planet in 5981 during the breakdown era of superluminal travel caused by the detonation of Device Gamma.

Student (Player) Archetypes

Peridot Varian Hidden Rebel
+ Soldier Skill
Leander Eurig Cadwalader Jahangir af Gilgamesh Fallen Royal
+ Intrigue Skills
Noble on Hard Times Melek al-Orléans
+ Politics Skill
Niva Lada Science Nerd.
+ Science!
Rebecca Le Moyne Unlucky Everydude/dudette - Claimed by Oseng
+5 Fate
Cross Countess Josephine Whiteash Shounen Idiot
Katherine Maria Crestfeild School Idol
+ Social Rolls
Triela Meusebach Secret Imperial Bodyguard
+ Covert Ops

Char Stats (wip)

20 points divided up among the categories
Physical Action


20 skill points to spend between the two branches


Black Mail
Horse Trading
Speech Giving




Geass and Fate

Geass powers can be used per gaming session equal to the character's rank in it (so to start 1) but can also be activated by spending a fate point to use it of which most players start with three. You can however, use it as many times as you want. Each fate in the negatives per sessions gives the next boss two extra fates to play with.

Granted by the Mysterious Waif
Absolute Order
Time Stop
Evil Eye


Eternal Minister: The Darkest Star in the Heavens!
Viceroy Dolan: Overall ruler of the Occupation Zones
General Bourgyene: CATAPHRACT, and commander of Zone 33
Headmistress Zoyn:
Knights of Columbia: A raised local formation of CATAPHRACTS
The Patriots: The widespread rebellion against the invaders.
Paine: Code-name of the leader of the Patriots, public enemy number 1
Mysterious Waif: Is Mysterious and green haired!
Salamis Ylodi: Purple hair pop Idoru in the Occupation Zone
7DA: Seven Demon Army, raiders in Occupation Zone space
Instructor Crowley: CATAPHRACT Teacher
Instructor Beatrice Loftanfsa-Kylin-Monthaven the Eight: Homeroom teacher
Baroness Ylana Falstaff-ovt-Bryers, Alpha Mean Girl, heir to a Duchy.
Alexandeer Af-Hessian: Knight, son of Darkstar, Scion of Reign
Fredrica Af-Hessian: Knight in training, daughter of Darkstar, ghola of Fred
Albrecht Invarisan: Admiral, Special Taskforce 108 (Mizuru's Own)

Game Concepts


Built on derivative and evolved technologies behind the SMC HOPLITES, these are generally single piloted humanoid weapons of war using advance vector field technologies to bring a firepower equivalent of a Long War battleship in a single war-frame. Only a select few humanity can handle the stress of the system, and they are the elite of the elite.

SPARTIANs: Mass produce war-frames used in numbers, piloted by the non-elites or drones.

Silver Tower

The Most Holy Site of the Phoenix Ascendant Church on Fallen Luxor, where the Silver Empress, ascended into the Heavens to bring back the light of FTL travel to the masses and lifted the thousand year darkness.

Device Gamma

The mythical superweapon which ended the Ur-Real threat and saw the destruction of FTL civilization for a thousand years of darkness along with the old empires across three galaxies.

Synchronized Worlds

The Eternal Minister's masterpiece, 50 worlds that are the core of Final Order, every minute and action during the day is determined by the Eternal Minister's Ministry of Synchronization. There is no crime, there is no hate, there is no love on these worlds. Men and women who don't fit in with the Synchronized Worlds are removed either in body-bags or sent to the rest of the Final Order to serve. The only time and outlet the drones of the Worlds have to themselves are the resting hours where they are allowed a semi-balance of freedom to get lost in the virtual worlds that are provided to them by the state.

Sample Robots

CATAPHRACT Roland (training unit)


Maneuver: 20
Melee: 8
HP: 30 (2 hits per HP)
Speed 5 Hex (2 planetside)


Long Lance Riffle (laser):8 (Range 8) 1 Vector Sword: (Melee 8) 1 Vector Shield

CATAPHRACT Beowulf (Current Knight Model in system)


Maneuver: 30
Melee: 8
HP: 30 (2 hits per HP)
Speed 5 Hex (2 planetside)


Antimatter Burst Cannon (laser):12 (Range 4) Falcon Assault Rifle: (laser 6x3) Range: 6 1 Vector Sword: (Melee 8) 1 Vector Shield


Maneuver: 40
Melee: 12
HP: 50
Speed: 3


1 Buster Cannon: 50 Damage TN 9 to hit mecha, TN 5 to hit ships 1 Svningar Sword: Melee 12 5 Shield Bits (5 free parries)



Maneuver: 10
Melee/Special: 2*
HP: 30 (1 hits per HP)
Speed 5 (2 planetside)


Gotwalts Cannon AMG(armor piercing): 6 (Range 2) 1 Cherry Blossom Field : (Special adds 5 dice to attack and defense 2 turn cooldown) Gravpulse Spear: 7 (range 3-7)

Salvaged SPARTIAN 7DA Oni MK 5 Customized


Maneuver: 15
Melee/Special: 2*
HP: 30 (1 hits per HP)
Speed 5 (4 planetside)


Gotwalts Cannon AMG(armor piercing): 6 (Range 2) 1 Cherry Blossom Field : (Special adds 5 dice to attack and defense 2 turn cooldown) Gravpulse Spear: 7 (range 3-7) Long Lance Riffle (laser):8 (Range 8) 1 Vector Sword: (Melee 8) 1 Vector Shield


Pretty similar to SP normal but here are the main differences

You fire against the relevant defense pool. Mostly maneuver but melee when appropriate or when defender is using a vector sword or something capable of blocking energy blasts. when the pool is down each sux past starts applying against the HP, generally HP for CATAPHRACTS is 2-3 hits by HP unless your using a weapon with armor piercing then its one. Each new turn the defense pools regain 1/4 their total value + value equal to their relevant stat of pilot or melee)

Defense pools are generated by the base defense of the unit and weapons plus your relevant skill.

Once per 4 turns you can boost the speed of your unit by amount equal to your pilot skill for a burst insane acceleration but will have to roll against durability roll with TN 4 + how much speed your adding

Ship combat is pretty much the same from SP, but ship vs CATAPHRACTs, has ships only hitting on TN 9 for CATAPHRACTS and 8 for SPARTIANS

Chapter list

Chapter Zero: Eve of the Storm Chapter One: DAMOCLES