Niva Lada

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“The girl who didn’t have anything”

Neither title, nor money, nor even a family.

Niva Lada is quite the unusual sight at the Academy, considered a legendary charity case – a girl who never even knew her parents and grew up in a Church-run orphanage, with next to no money to her name and certainly no title, only able to attend thanks to the substantial scholarship that she’s receiving, both for her educational performance and her surprisingly high aptitude in piloting. She likes to pretend that the first actually mattered more than the second.

A ghostly-looking girl with dead eyes, she developed a slightly thorny attitude about being there because of her own accomplishments, rather than that of her ancestors, although she tries to not let it show. Could be dangerous, in this time and place, after all.

She did end up acquiring a reputation as someone accessible if you need help, though – partially due to her upbringing, and partially as a calculated move to try to gather good will from people inclined to see her presence at the Academy as something of a joke.

Her sole connection to her past is a worn-looking pendant that she was found with, holding a photo too burnt to be recognizable, as well as two phrases engraved in the silver. “Niva Lada”, the source of her name, and “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”.


IQ: 7
Wits: 4
Charm: 2
Cunning: 3
Durability: 2
Physical Action: 2


Black Mail: 0
Horse Trading: 1
Chummy: 1
Bureaucracy: 3
Legal: 1
Speech Giving: 0
Plotting: 2


Piloting: 4
Melee: 0
Gunnery: 4
Special: 4


Time Stop. You can't go wrong with Time Stop, really. When you wish so much that, if only you just had more time...