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High Fantasy Set to Yes
High chance of having a Silence's Bizarre Adventure
Launch date March 21st 2018

The road to the Throne of Lux can be a long and dark one

For over five centuries, the Great Empire of Lux had ruled over ruled over the Krosix, the island continent. The destruction of Meridian in LG 952 greatly weaken the Empire, and saw the rise of a five way civil war. Which soon saw the Luxian empire reduce to puppet by barbarian invaders of Lottians from across the Moonlight Sea by LG 1053. By 1101, the the last Emperor, Angbrond the Stout died in plague that saw Ravashanna reduced to a tomb city, killing with it the last best chance of revival and any centralized government for the continent for over the next two hundred years.

Since then Krosix has seen three more barbarian migrations, the last two of Orcish kind, two invasion of the Duveilar Kingdoms across the Qel Gulf, which succeeded in only killing vast numbers of troops on both sides, and three more Red Plagues, and intermittent strife of any variety. It is not an exaggeration to say that Krosix is one of the most violent lands on Earth.

Compared to the height of the Lux Empire, the land is in dire, shape three out of five cities across the continent are destroyed, greatly reduced in size, turned into undead tombs cities, or occupied by barbarians. The once great Luxways roads that light up the country side at night (hence their name) are mostly dark a their enchantments are rarely keep well maintained due to lack of funds in some areas and knowledge in others. Feral monsters and tribes threaten isolated villages and merchants, and the lord's war among themselves.

Now as LG 1259 comes to an end in news of the worst winter since the destruction of Meridian, signs of change is on the horizon. The new King of Deveilar, Pierre III, has meet with the Hierarchs Assembled in Holy Galvain and has taken up their charge to bring peace to Krosix and end the suffering of its inhabitants. Across the Qel Gulf, the knights from across the Continent of Malzar are now gathering, some by obligation to their king, other free lords seeking new lands, or glory or taking up the Hierarch's religious call to arms.

In Krisox, the strongest of the warlords of the continent, Duke Averil has called for a Imperial Moot, the first one since the days of Angrond and proclaimed on to the Oaths of the Old Gods, that a truce should be had to defend the island against this conquest. Lords great and small, merchants, black knights and freeswords, and wandering magi and druid are now making their way to Wolf Castle overlooking Qel.

You are one of these heroes.

Setting Details

The World
Malzar and the Hierarchy: Part of the great conjoined continents that make up the majority of land mass of the known world. The western side of Malzar is generally the poor relation to the others, South and East, and also the most fractious part. Its dominated by Five Great Kingdoms, Duavlier, Atlasia, Wyrdhelm, Sejuk, and the Hierarchy. The last is smallest in terms of physical land, but the wealthiest. Due to the Laws of Galvain handed down by the Great Prophet of the One, it was divined that the Magic is Gift of Gods and Demons and that proper training and indoctrination is needed to protect men of their souls as well as the mundane world. As such the Heiarchy not only controls all religion in Malazar, it controls magic as to be a priest, is to be a wizard.

Krisox: Across the Qel Gulf (A misnomer, Gulf is now a channel, the same Punishment of God that destroyed Meridan, also saw flood waters rise on the thin land bridge between the continents). is a island continent comparable to Malazar in size, however, much of it is farther north and so there is less inhabitable land. The Lux Empire is the Empire that executed Holy Galvain in their capital of Meridian back in LG 5, and it had been his parting words to the Imperial Legate Byrndinelle that Punishment from the Heavens would descend and destroy the Empire if they did not repent their sinful ways. Since the destruction of Meridian and the chaos that has saw the Faith make inroads if limited. Of the old Empire there had been six provinces with the seventh being the greatest city in the world (or at least Malzar way) of Meridian.

Sonduk/Aristel (Aristel is old Elvish for Northland): The brutal north-lands, perennial home to sea pirates and marauders, and was nearly lawless waste of fjords and ice swept mountain valleys when the Empire was it zenith. Ironically due to the two Ork migrations, the region doesn't bother the south lands as much anymore as the northmen and the Sonduk Orks fight each other with increasing genocidal fury. A few Caern Lords who trace their lineage back to Anground day have sent their representatives to the conference. There is no claim to the title of Duke, though if push came to shove the strongest candidate would Orm Bloodaxe, Chief of Chieftains of Sonduk en Mass.

Siviln (Siviln is old Elvish for Border). Immediately south of Aristel, its stereotype of being a land of bogs and hills, but most keen observers of maps would now that it fairly decent plains for raising sheep and cattle. The Gramtooth Mountain range that serves as the border to Aristel also home to rich veins of iron and coal, and coastal town of Jeandilvle (the name came from tis day when it was a Duveiler Kingdom prize) is home to some of the finest smithies of continent as well to the so called "Duke" Godsblessed Drithelm, a fervent defender of the Old Ways and protect of the Druids.

Lor Faelin (Lor Faelin is old Elvish for Border Forest/ Barrier Forest). Lor Faelin is actually the least populated province in Krisox. The forest lands are surrounded by other provinces, is home to the original civilization built in Krosix. It had been the Elves of the Land of Sumer, the exiles of the land to be precise who had came across the stone age humans of Krosix who taught them ways of civilization by enslaving them. The Elves eventually left in -596 PG when their exile was lifted, leaving behind the nascent Lux Empire who eventually surpassed them in the realm of magic knowledge. Lor Faelin was early experiment in large country wide spells, which was seemed a half success. It is the eternal forest, the boundaries are never reduce nor grow. Cut trees grow back over night, and so civilization in this land has to deal with clearings or be built into trees or underground. The forest is dangerous though, monsters prowl around, and reality in parts grow thin due to the nature of enchantment, worst yet is the tribes of highwaymen and bandits who hide in the forest confident that soldiers won't chase them in. While minor lords (often knight who has janky castle in the forest) may claim the title of Duke, nobody other their family gives them credence for it.

Par Havel (The Heart Land). The center of the country, due to series of rivers that run up from the north starting at the Gramtooth Mountains to the coasts, the land is overwhelming some of the best farmland in the world. In this region there is over twenty rivers and many irrigation canals and Lux era lock and dams. It has home to several of the recovering cities as well many prosperous villagers and towns. The downside is that its also home to many many lords, who tend to two against each other after the harvest is done with. Here warfare has become increasing more ritualized and glamorized and many other provinces jape about the "Bardish Knights of Havel". There is three contenders for the title of Duke in this province. First is Domneva, the Countess of Twyn-Haen, who commands a respectable host over five thousand knights and men at arms as well several lesser barons. Second is Arl of Bryce, Wiglac, who commands a slightly lesser amount of solders. Wiglac has sent representatives to Qel mostly to claim to be the Duke

Lux: The Blasted Wastes. Lux was once region equivalent to the Heart Land on the other side of the great Disv River, but the land has such wasted away since the destruction of Merdian. Desertification is occurring and the few areas of Lux that are safe to grow food and drink water are fighting a rear-guard action against the poison from spread by the Punishment. It here that many of the Druids most powerful and wisest gather to venture into the tomb cities of Lux to figure out the source of this great curse. As such the contender for duke would be however is in charge of the Druids, but that is deadly job to have and changes near monthly basis.

Qel (Landing). Qel is the wealthy southern coastal lands of Krosix. It has maintained a semblance of wealth and prosperity from the downfall of the Empire due control of sea trade as well as the location of the Library of Rhodeas, which is one of the best magi magnets in the entire land. it has been more or less under the thumb of the family of Duke Averil for the last twenty years, when his father combined the wealth of sea in hiring mercenaries from across the Gulf with alliances and special rights granted to the magi, to force the lesser nobility to bend the knee.

  • Breakwater Island / Bleak Island: Home to dodgy magic experiments!

Character Creation

Heroes of the Krosix War

Military Forces

[Units generally denote around a 100 men)

  • 1 Unit of Elite Monster Hunters (Casimira)
  • 1 Unit of Regular Mercs (Men at Arms) (Mira)
  • 1 Unit of House Retainers (Men at Arms) (Mira)
  • 1 Unit of Combat Golem [1] (Mira)
  • 1 Unit of Siege Engineers (Mira)
  • 1 Unit of Par Havel Men at Arms (Half Strength) (Roburn)
  • 1 Sargent at Arms Ragener (Roburn)
  • 1 Unit of Par Havel Infantry (Roburn)
  • 1 Unit of Par Havel Infantry (Former Wiglac, now Roburn)
  • 1 Detachment of Calvary (15 knights, 35 others, Roburn)
  • 3 Units of Peasent Infantry (Casmira)
  • 1 Unit of Bandit Highwaymen / Deserters (Wint)


Jehzebel Bara-Shelardi Naamellex
Roburn Pehlom
Wint Woundwort
Mira DeTeChal Castle: Arglwydd Uchel
Krais Minchamp
Casimira von Zamenhof



  • Duke Averil: Duke of Qel and anti-Crusader Moot organizer
    • 2000 Soldiers under his command, 6000 vassals soldiers, 5000 mercs
  • Master Lucius Tavernous: "Wool" Merchant, wealthy organizer of anti-Crusader forces, agent of the King of Night
  • Lord Wigulf of Byrce: Brother of the Arl, representative at the Moot
    • 800 Men
  • Chief Druid:
  • Baron Fordwin: Duke's brother
  • Juliana (Mira's Cousin)
  • Malcom McGregor of Malcom's Marauders
    • Stanislaw, Werner and Reinhard - Marauders turned into vampires
    • Grim, a LT
    • Tiny
    • Wolf
  • Stanislaw
  • Aethelred Duke's son
  • Adelheid - Priestess of the Church of Eternal Night, 59

Par Havel

Sir Wynfrith the Red Spear,
Sir Aethelbricht The Blue Sword,
Sir Wihtred the White Bow,
Sir Cynered the Yellow Lance
Priestess Aelfgyth, the third daughter, comptent
Centwine, oldest son of the Duchess, drunk
Aylild. the Sorceress, second daughter, demon summoner and sadist
Baron Calvinus: Baron of Caer Nanuli
Baron Ricmaer of Mynyddwyke
Dreamwulf Lorimer, the Druid Baron
Coenred of Invershaw Baron sworn to service of Krais
Hygebald of Langwych Baron sworn to service of Krais
Altea former Champion of Caer Fthfyl

Old Lux

  • Silya-faen vos Luxinari, Exiled King of Sumer, Elf-Lord and First Emperor of the Empire of Lux
  • Nephinae vos Luxinari, favored daughter, high archmagus, and believed to ascended to demon princesshood.
  • Fasalina Titania Julia Iolian: Empress
  • Byrndinelle Marcus Atonius Pius: Praetorian Legate, killer of Holy Galvain, cursed to be the King of Night.


Erion. Mysterious man in black in employ to the banks of hell.
Calsinazt, Lieutenant of 58th Legio of Hell, sworn paindealer of the current Demon Lord of Pride


  • King Pierre ost-Deveilar III: Hero King of Deveilar, the Demonbane, the Triumphant Sword, Beloved of God, the Lion-Heart, . It was his armies that crushed Sultan Fasil at the Battle of the Ironback Mountains, scourged the Panthian Heresy out of Roubix, and was the one who slayed the demon infused Archduke Gunter at the Wyrdwield Forest in singular combat. A fair and good ruler for those of his subjects and unyielding warrior against those of false faiths, though even those he treats with honor. There are rumors within the Hierarchy that the Hierarchs have looked to the stars and found that he is destined to rule over all of Krosix.
  • Raphela Dechausser: One of the Twenty Paladins of the King
  • Thibault Girardot: One of the Twenty Paladins of the King - Child of Saratheil, marked by Mira
  • Braith Hanes: Exorcists
  • Arnaud Gribelin: High Thaumaturge
  • Gaston Rougix: Bo'sun of the Maid of Theroux
  • "Leo" Vampire, new Chief Astrologer for King Pierre
  • Angel Khamael
  • Prince Maximilian of Atlasia
Siegfried: The Fox Lord
Axle and Albrecht, rangers from Silberwind
1000 Personal Men at Arms
2000 Mercs
2000 Plate Zombies
  • Eduard Comitville
Witch d'Hexe (Siggy)
500 Men
  • Maussart Jeannin: Mayor of Jeandville, merchant prince, and supplier of Mira's mom.


  • Salar Momeni - traveling hero/dragon!
  • Alsendran the Knight of Tears - Fae Knight summoned to the guard the Augusta in the Faeroads
  • Werner Haas - Traveling Preacher, who preaches no man should be lord over another
  • Oro Ibah Aozpi - Angel of the Stars


  • Dragons: Rare and all but extinct. Three are known to be in Krosix. One in the wastelands of Lux, and the other in the north.
  • Orcs: A Malzarian monster breed that had fled the pogoms against their kind instituted by the Hierarchy, now have settled mostly in the North.
  • Goblins: Smaller less intelligent cousins to the Orcs that are the original monsters of Krosix. Both Goblins and Orcs trace their lineage back to the experiments that the Elves did on human populations to make proxy warriors.
  • Dire Wolves: North land giant wolf, believed to be another elvish experiment.
  • Werewolves: A Malzarian originated curse transmitted by bites. Has spread across the world, and in Krosix has taken strong root in isolated communities.
  • Undead: Various forms of undead have claimed swaths of Krosix, most of them are non-sentient creatures left over from Lux's armies or powerful ghosts or liches from their nobility.
  • Vampirism: A Krosix based curse, supposedly caused by the execution of Holy Galvian on his tormentors.
  • Goatmen: A recent (within last twenty years) or so phenomenon of chimera esq men, seeming appearing random on Krosix
  • Dogmen: Separate from werewolves they seem to be modified dogs with human features, they been rampaging in Lor Faelin and have only appeared in the last few years.
  • Chimeras: Various monsters of several large animals put together, who makes or why is not known, but they tend to congregate around areas where villages go missing.
  • Rocs: Giant birds that tend to eat cattle or young children
  • Golems: War golems of the old Lux Empire, still rampaging after the fall of the Empire, they are rare these days but still found active in many of the more foreboding Imperial ruins.
  • Demons: Creatures from a reality that is antithetical to our own. They seem to feed on the essence of our reality to grow stronger, though their malevolence and inability to work with each other tends to make their incursions a short lived phenomenon.

Episode Log

Chapter 1 (The War for Par Havel)

  • Episode 1: The Pirates, the Paladin and the Empress | XP:2
  • Episode 2: What lies within the Heart. | XP: 1
  • Episode 3: A night to remember | XP: 2
  • Episode 4: The Battle at the Fork | XP: 2
  • Episode 5: Echoes of the Past | XP: 2
  • Episode 6: Exes and Luxes | XP: 1
  • Episode 7: To the Soul of the Matter. | XP: 2
  • Episode 8: Books, Blood and Bindings | XP: 1
  • Episode 9: The Red Battle | XP: 2
  • Episode 10: Love | New Skill Slot

Chapter 2

  • Episode 11: Revelation | 3 XP
  • Episode 12: Death | 1XP and a Skill
  • Episode 13: The Summoning | 2XP
  • Episode 14: The Wolf, the Machine, and the Old City | 1XP
  • Episode 15: The Golem of Babel | 1XP
  • Episode 16: The Temple of Nephinae | 1XP
  • Episode 17: The Name of the Enemy | 1XP
  • Episode 18: The Fifth Punishment | 1XP
  • Episode 19: Return to Qell | 1XP
  • Episode 20 The Priestess and the Demon | 2XP
  • Episode 21: The Exorcist Attacks | 2XP

Chapter 3

Episode 22: The Preacher from the North | 1XP
Episode 23: The Foxlord | 1XP
Episode 24: The Cipher and the Prince | 1XP
Episode 25: Last Stand of the Foxlord | 1xp
Episode 26: The Dragon and the Duke | 1XP
Episode 27: The Holy Idiot | 1XP
Episode 28: The Witch, the Warrior and the Angel | Skill Point
Episode 29: The Prophecy | 1xp

Mira's Side Adventure

Episode 1: Angels and Fae