Heroes of the Krosix War

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Character Creation (with apologies to FBH for stealing his system from long ago)


There are 4 general classes each of which gains a specific bonus to their stats and a skill. Skills are detailed below.


Fighters gain +1 Strength +1 Dexterity and either the Endure or Weapon Master Skill.


Mages gain +1 Knowledge and two specialties +1 knowledge (magical law) and +1 Wits (dealing with magical rituals). They have automatic access to the Sorcery skill, and gain +2 to their Arete stat.


Priests gain +1 Charisma and two specialties +1 knowledge (religious lore) and +1 Charisma (public speaking) . They have automatic access to the Theology skill, and gain +2 to their Gnosis stat.


Rogues gain +1 Dexterity +1 Wits. They have a choice of the Stealth skill or the Athletics skill.


Each Character has one class skill and 3 other skills individual to them. A skill has an initial dice pool of 5 unless mentioned otherwise. Alternatively, in situations where a skill would add to statistic it gives +3 dice.

Players may make up their own skills in cooperation with the games master.

Example Skills

Animal Friendship
The ability to make friends with animals and other creatures, and to know their habits and the like.

The ability to run, jump, climbing and so on.

Allows long term endurance, and to resist hits. In effect gives 5 additional hit points.

Opens access to the Arete Stat, bought just like any other. What exactly your powers can do should be defined with the GM at the start of the game.

Improves stealth, allowing a character to become all but invisible.

Opens access to the Gnosis Stats, bought just like any other. What exactly your powers can do should be defined with the GM at the start of the Game.

Allows a user to follow tracks and trails.

Weapon Master
Adds +2 to all attacks.


You have 40 points to design your character. Any excess points can be saved for increase later.

Level 1 - 1 CP
Level 2 - 3 CP
Level 3 - 6 CP
Level 4 - 10 CP
Level 5 - 15 CP
Level 6 - 21 CP
Level 7 - 28 CP
Level 8 - 36 CP
Level 9 - 45 CP
Level 10 - 55 CP

In short, to improve a stat costs (current level + 1)


These are the defining 'hard' characteristics of your character.


Your physical strength, controlling damage, endurance and so on.


Your ability to hit things, grace and ability to dodge


How much you actually know about things.


Your speed of thought and ability to notice things.


Your ability to persuade people and look pretty.


You may also buy Specialties, which are substats giving you additional strengths in one field. Each specialty is bought as per regular stats cost and adds during the appropriate situation. In especially appropriate situations, Specialties may add even more points to the stat.

Example for Dexterity: Duelist (swordsmanship), or Strength: Big Guy (brawling, clobbering, not-dying), etc.

Magic and the art of being special

There are two types of magic. The most common are the result of study of the magical arts, which has been systematized by several different magical systems with conflicting prime assumptions of how things are done, it is the magic of mind and knowledge, of recital of information and gleaming the nature of the reality as the world's most purest philosopher for those who are educated. Hedge wizards and village witches tend to have less formalized system, but it is too knowledge passed down through the lines through trial and error. The less common magic is the magic of the heart, those who are born with the ability to form magical effects with their will. In old days they were considered to be the children of the gods, though in the era of the Faith, they are viewed as the illegal offspring of the angels, and are greatly sought out to be controlled or destroyed. In terms of what magic can do for the average wizard, its often fireballs and tricks, and scrying. Grand scale magic effects are the realm of arch-masters, dark lords, or groups of magi working together. One thing magic can't do well is heal. A starting priest can easily heal a wound that would take a magi twenty years of learning magic to do the equivalent.


Gnosis the ability to channel the divine (or in cases of dark areas, the demonic) to do magical effects. To the annoyance of wizards, pound for pound of effort expended, gnosis will always be more powerful and win out in a fight. But Gnosis is strictly limited to the supernatural being they're calling on going along with the plan. Many a priest had a crisis of faith when they found their healing hands didn't save a innocent, or zap a heretic.

Nobility and starting out

If you're a noble, feel free to write up a back story. You're not the main lord of your family though you can inherent, but you are at the Duke of Qel's as part of gathering army. You have single unit of men under your command which has given you a seat at the table. If you're not a nobleman, you can be a sellsword or something with the same amount of men, or if you want to play hardmode and just be a hero there on your own. Fine.