Krais Minchamp

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Name: Krais Minchamp (formerly Minos *see bio*) {Now Minos again!}
Class: Mage


  • Strength [1] (1 CP)
  • Dexterity [4] (10 CP)
  • Knowledge [2] (3 CP)
  • Wits [3] (6 CP)
  • Charisma [1] (1 CP)
  • Arete [5+2+1+{1}] (15 CP) {6 CP}
  • Dark Gnosis [0+1+{2}] {3 CP}


  • Sorcery
  • Weapon Master (All Attacks +2)
  • Stealth
  • Animal Friendship
  • Lux Magic Technology


  • Knowledge (Magical Law) [0+1+{1}] (0 CP) {1 CP}
  • Wits (Magic Rituals) [0+1] (0 CP)
  • Dexterity (Swordmaster) [1] (1 CP)
  • Arete (Farsight) [1] (1 CP)
  • Arete (Reinforcement) [1] (1 CP)
  • Arete (Cloaking) [1] (1 CP)
  • Lux Magic Technology (Anything Lux-based or derived) {3} {6 CP}


  • Krais arrives at Castle Wolf alone with no troops to his name


Born to minor nobles, Krais lived a relatively quiet life until the manifestation of his in-born talents with magic came to light. His parents had always suspected, but they kept it quiet from the rest of the court for fear of their only child becoming a pawn in the political machinations of the realm and faith. After they confirmed his affinity for magic, they sought the best swordsmen and women to train him so that he may find life on his own terms without having to fall back on his natural talent; talents that would betray him and place a mark on his head because he had gone for so long without notice. One fateful evening, during a tryst with a minor daughter of a neighboring noble family, unbeknownst to Krais, his secret was laid bare for all to see in the evening sky. An unseasonable chill, a simple dusting of frost, but such a simple thing was enough to draw the unwanted attention the Minos family toiled so arduously to avoid. By morning, Krais had assembled what materials and gear he was able to carry on his person and set out for the wilderness; alone. Casting aside his family name in an effort to protect them - his family staged a witch hunt of sorts to mask his escape and fake his death - he has traveled far and wide while skirting the edge of civilization. No doubt it would only be a matter of time before his secret would be discovered once again; such things rarely stayed hidden, but Krais sought to distance himself as much as he could from his birthright. After picking up various sellsword contracts to protect merchants and minor dignitaries, Krais has found his way to Wolf Castle. With the darkening of the age, he has deemed it time to risk his secret being discovered. To what end he will serve, Krais does not know, but he will walk his path.


  • wood carving of a oorobous (help from druid)
  • Imperial Authority Sigil (+1 arete, cannot cast against empress, knows location always)
  • Trinket of Mira (allows telepathic contact between Krais and Mira)

Important Information

  • Can speak Old Lux with hardly an accent
  • Learned "read" trick
  • Gained "Lux Magic Technology" skill
  • Title gained: Count
  • Gained "Dark Gnosis" stat

Land Holding Information

  • Bunch of war refugees for initial inhabitants
  • Trade resumed
  • Fort capable of being charged for 2 years by Augusta
  • Magical power plants are a thing (windmills and watermills)

Ongoing Ideas

  • Hillfort adding alchemical forge
  • Large City in Roburn's holding adding an alchemical forge (maybe)

Experience Totals

Available to spend: 17 - {16} = 1