Roburn Pehlom

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Class: Priest
  • Theology
  • Endure
  • Athletics
  • Diplomacy
  • Command
  • Strength 2 [3]
  • Dexterity 3 [6]
  • Knowledge 4 [10]
  • Wits 4 [10]
  • Charisma 3+1 [6]
  • Genois 5+2 [3]
  • Prophet
  • Knowledge - Religious Lore 2
  • Knowledge - History
  • Charm - Public Speaking
  • Knowledge - Languages
  • Genois - Defensive Magic 2
  • Genois - Healing Magic
  • Wits - Sense Motive

Background: Born the second son of Baron Pehlom, a minor noble in Par Havel, Roburn was educated by the Church from an early age. While Roburn maintains the proper level of piety he remains a bored young man who seeks to see more of the world which he has read so much about. Skilled in educate as well as blessed with an easy going manner and decent looks, Roburn acts his father's agent and diplomat with the various nobles of Par Havel while his father and elder brother plot and prepare for the next round of the "game of thrones." As such Roburn arrived at the Imperial Moot with a small body of (wo)[?]men-at-arms to act as the representative of his father's demise and perhaps have a bit of adventure.

House Pehlom as of Game Start

Lord Baron Birstan, Head of House
Lady Ronilda, wife to Baron Birstan
Lord Sigbert, Heir to the House
Father Roburn, Second son and member of the Hierarchy

XP Spent

XP: 5
3 for 3 Genois
1 for Genois - Healing Magic
1 for Wits - Sense Motive
2 for Defensive Magic 2
4 for 4 Genois
2 for 2 Religious Lore
5 for 5 Genois