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The mind is software. Program it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it. You have a dick (unless you're in a Fury morph ;p). Use it.

Potential MJ-12 run Eclipse Phase Game.

You play investigators working for Delta Green Firewall and fighting The Great Old Ones the TITANs. You will enjoy the use of finely honed skills, cutting edge American military hardware, Hypergeometric formulae Psi, and sheer balls as you inevitably end up dead or insane at the end.

Yes I'll try to do this again. Maybe we'll have more players and I'll have time to have an overarching plot.

Eclipse Phase Errata

The Firewall Questionnaire

Firewall Questionnaire

Blatant Bribery

A player who gives me a handful of plot points that relate to their character for downtime plots unrelated to the main story arc will be given starting rez points. List them on your character sheet at the bottom if possible.

1 rez point per plot point they want, up to 5 can be earned in this way. Everyone wins!

Characters for a New Potential Game

Friday Sessions

Samantha Greenwood-Hot chick with a gun. (FBH)
Mara Scheele (Yuri Twin Andronicus-Chan)-Self explanatory. (Rex290)
Yuri Karanov- VR porn director. Not bald anymore due to browbeating. >:( (BM)
Elyse Naviserra-Shotgun Accounting!(Ent)
Etheldra-A blue AI that lives in someone's head. (Silence)

Cornucopia Syndicate Plan

Martian Assets

Saturday Sessions

Drago Nax- Way too many guns for a healthy psyche. (MW)
Astrea- A cute robot girl who fights for justice. Synthetic mask over all the parts we care about. (Exhack)
Minow-Bot 1.1- Hotfix: No longer eats people. (Minohtar)
Lucy Gresham- Provides the technical skills, the cheerful, and the cute. (OP)
Morgan- Screwball.

Old Characters

Do yourself a favor-note all armor, weapons, the current morph, and everything else that MIGHT be relevant on the sheet. You will appreciate it.

Blank Char Sheet- An attempt to transcribe the PDF sheet into a usable wiki format. Feel free to use it if you want.


Finn 77 - Shrike

Julius Bolter - Admiral Fox

Octocommando - Nasdaq

Other Stuff

  • Firewall Networking: Any networking skill may be used with I-Rep in critical situations.
  • Firewall Priority Codes: A Priority Code reduces the level of a favor by 2 levels and adds a +30 to the test. Abuse of priority codes is taken fucking seriously so don't.

House Rules

  • Morph bonuses may take aptitudes above 40. However under no circumstances can any person have an aptitude-only default of more than 40. Derived stuff is affected by this as normal.
  • Add SOM/10 to movement per action phase for all movement modes. Remember to multiply this by 4 for total movement per turn.
  • Alter ammunition capacities in this fashion:
SMG: Ammunition Capacity is now 40
Sniper Rifle: Ammunition Capacity is now 10
Heavy Pistol: Ammunition Capacity is now 12
Light Pistol: Ammunition Capacity is now 20
Medium Pistol: Ammunition Capacity is now 16
  • Plasma Rifle should be Firing Mode-SA and only overheats for 1 action turn every 4 shots.

Homebrew Morph Designs
Exhuman Augmentations

Notable Events

-Team Pretty (friday) making a fashion show look fugly.
-Elyse single-handedly turning a investment gone horribly wrong(a whole bunch of smart talking Teddy Bears) into huge profit(3k loss into 5k profit including principal) with a single critical roll on Persuasion.