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The Gresham family was a fairly conventional family in a major metropolis on Old Earth, in North America. They worked for two different divisions of a hypercorp, went to church, and were well-integrated into the local social network. Lucy was raised an only child in a world racing toward apocalypse, and was home from school when the Fall happened. It was a nightmare, leaving friends behind, being forced to carry your parents off-world as infomorphs, seeing Earth die around you. But Lucy was not willing to give up, no matter what stood in her way. She managed to avoid the Jovian Junta and the inner world hypercorps, instead finding a role for herself on Titan.

As she grew up under her parents tutelage and the Titanian simuschools, she began freelance work for the Titanian Commonwealth, and later Firewall. She hated the brutal oppression common in the Jovian Junta and some megacorps, and her beliefs in justice, respect, and compassion run deep. (Part of this stems from her religious beliefs, which are like a transhuman spin on average American Protestantism) While publicly she was a model student in science, simulspace acting, and computer design, privately she plied her way into private Jovian networks and helped supply false ID information to dissidents, while leaking intel on Jovian security deployments.

Her work with Firewall is similar, with regular false identity production and network penetration. Lucy's also cleaned out the #REDACTED# Company's accounts, after Firewall Agent "Helldiver" revealed their research on the #REDACTED# strain of the Exsurgent Virus. This money purchased her parents new sleeves, and her own dream come true - a chance at a second childhood. Her later work with #REDACTED# on the #REDACTED# showcased her budding infiltration skills, heightened by her harmless appearance. A majority of agents report a positive experience with Lucy, noting her cheerful personality and dedication.


Name: Lucille Abigail Gresham (Lucy)

Background: Fall Refugee
Faction: Titanian Commonwealth
Morph: Neotenic
Gender Identity: Female
Actual Age: 24
Current Moxie: 6/6
Rez Points:
- Fascism
+ Curiosity / Self Improvement
+ Benevolence

Damage and Stress

Damage: 0
Wounds: 0
Stress: 0
Trauma: 0

Armour (Energy/Kinetic): 15 /13

@-Rep: 40
C-Rep: 0
E-Rep: 0
F-Rep: 0
G-Rep: 0
I-Rep: 60
R-Rep: 0


MOX: 6
TT: 8
LUC: 40
IR: 80
WT: 7
DUR: 35
DR: 53
INIT: 80
SPD: 1
DB 1


COG: 20
COO: 20
INT: 20
REF: 20
SAV: 25
SOM: 10
WIL: 20

  • Academics: Biochemistry 40
  • Academics: Computer Science 50
  • Academics: Cryptography 60
  • Academics: Nanotechnology 50
  • Academics: Old Earth History 20
  • Demolitions 20
  • Hardware: Electronics 50
  • Infosec 60
  • Interest: Conspiracies 40
  • Interest: Science Fiction 30
  • Interfacing 60
  • Medicine: Paramedic 40
  • Profession: Education 50
  • Profession: InfoTech 60
  • Profession: Lab Technician 40
  • Programming 40
  • Research 20
  • Beam Weapons 20
  • Kinetic Weapons 40
  • Infiltration 60
  • Palming 40
  • Seeker Weapons 20
  • Spray Weapons 20
  • Thrown Weapons 20
  • Art: Drama 30
  • Art: Simulspace Design 50
  • Disguise 40
  • Gunnery 20
  • Investigation 50
  • Language: English 90
  • Language: Spanish 40
  • Navigation 20
  • Perception 50
  • Psychosurgery 20
  • Scrounging 40
  • Fray 60
  • Freefall 20
  • Pilot: Aircraft 20
  • Pilot: Anthroform 20
  • Pilot: Exotic Vehicle 20
  • Pilot: Groundcraft 20
  • Pilot: Spacecraft 20
  • Pilot: Watercraft 20
  • Animal Handling 25
  • Deception 60
  • Impersonation 50
  • Intimidation 25
  • Kinesics 25
  • Networking: Autonomists 55
  • Networking: Criminals 25
  • Networking: Ecologists 25
  • Networking: Firewall 50
  • Networking: Hypercorps 25
  • Networking: Media 25
  • Networking: Scientists 25
  • Persuasion 60
  • Protocol 40

  • Blades 10
  • Climbing 10
  • Clubs 10
  • Flight 10
  • Freerunning 10
  • Swimming 10
  • Unarmed Combat 10


  • Direction Sense
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Modified Behavior (Expunge Sex Drive)


Credits: 250

  • Anonymous Account, Backup Insurance (mod), Fake Ego ID, Simulspace Subscription, Standard Muse
  • Software: Exploit, Custom Firewall, Sniffer, Spoof, Tracking
  • White Noise Generator, Maker (Mod)
  • Smart Vac Clothing (w/ Ablative Patches, Chameleon Coating, Fireproofing, Refractive Glazing, Self-Healing, Traction Pads, Fibereye)
  • Heavy Pistol (Smartlink, Safety)
  • (300x) Flux Pistol Rounds

Backup Notes


To Be Young Again ( is proud to release our latest in age-limited morphs for customers desiring to experience life through the eyes of a child once again. Model 7X-F2 features the latest in implantable technology for the discerning customer, with customizable wetware available. This is known to result in increased use of nutrients, as our biological fuel cells use a child's metabolic rate. We also support the efforts of the Neotenic Innocence Project (@ngo.advsup.NIP) in combating the hostile stereotypes held toward these lovely and useful morphs and their wearers. Any customer willing to have NIP's recommended psychosurgery to eliminate sexual drives will receive a discount on implants and clone insurance.

Type: Neotenic
Visible Gender: Female
Visible Age: Tween

Aptitude Max: 30 (20 SOM)
Speed Mod: 1 + 0
Movement Rate:
Wound Threshold:

Morph Bonus COG: 0
COO: 5
INT: 5
REF: 5
SAV: 5
SOM: 0
WIL: 0


  • Fast Metabolism
  • Addiction (Juice, Level 1)
  • Social Stigma (Neotenic Morph)

Implants et al

  • Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack,
  • Bioweave Armor (light), (2/3)
  • Drug Glands (Juice)
  • Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, (+20 Perception Tests)
  • Endocrine Control, (+20 Deception)
  • Ghostrider Module,
  • Hyper-linguist
  • Medichines,
  • Multitasking,
  • Nanophages,
  • Respirocytes, +5 DUR
  • T-Ray Emitter
  • Wrist-Mounted Tools


Name: Cheshire Schrödinger
Personality: Appears as a cat with a British accent and a playful wit.

COG: 10
COO: 10
INT: 20
INT: 10
REF: 10
SAV: 10
SOM: 10
WIL: 10

TT: 2
LUC: 20
IR: 40

Skills & Notes

  • Academics: Psychology 60
  • Academics: Computer Science 40
  • Academics: Old Earth History 40
  • Hardware: Electronics 30
  • Infosec 30
  • Interface 40
  • Profession: Accounting 60
  • Profession: Chef 40
  • Programming 20
  • Research 30
  • Perception 30

Plot Points

  • Lucy previously worked with the Jovian Underground movement, and has helped a number of dissidents escape from the Jovian Junta. While she is not being actively hunted by them, she is a persona non grata in their realm. Additionally, she may be contacted by her friends in the Underground for help.
  • Lucy has a family who run a microcorp on Titan. It is a small nanofabrication and healing vat shop currently is looking to expand. Naturally, the Gresham family sticks together, and they turn to her first when they need something done.
  • Lucy is sneaky and has been accused of being a kleptomaniac. A good score on a suitably wicked target will always excite her. She won't rob another Titanian or a decent person if it all possible, though.
  • Lucy is regularly involved with education. A large portion of her @-rep comes from tutoring, and her adorable appearance has put her undercover as a child more than once. Either could come up as a plot hook, including former students needing a hand or Firewall needing to investigate a school.
  • Never really athletic, Lucy is rather lacking in gross motor skills, never having a strength beyond the average human. Either she could be required to resleeve into a different morph for a combat mission, or seek out training to become more skilled in using her morph.
  • Lucy loves to make simulspaces, and gets a fair amount of contracts for secure simulspaces or very dynamic simulspace acting. She has a small fanbase thanks to her work in a series of RPG, and would set up a simulspace for group meetings

Firewall Questionnaire

1. What is your current employment situation?
I'm a freelance infotech consultant - whether that means making simulspaces or securing a server, I can do it all. I work for my parents microcorp doing nanotech lab work in between freelancing, and also do a bunch of tutoring.
2. What was your family like growing up?
Loving, but hectic and sometimes terrifying. I grew up during the Fall, and no matter how Mom and Dad tried to protect me, I still saw terrible things. No child should ever have to experience that ever again.
3. Have you ever had to do something in your employment that you were morally opposed to? If so, did you do so anyways?
One time I found a local Titanian mercenary group had taken a contract from the Jovian Fascists to hunt down people I had relocated. Normally, that would be a simple matter, but one of the squad leaders was a good @-net friend who had helped get me contracts and even played simulspace games with me. It was a hard choice, but I took them down and got the evidence to the government. Those people trusted me, but I could never forget the merc leaders last message to me, still wishing me well.
4. Do you have any current romantic attachments? If so, how did you meet them?
Nope, most people want sex in relationships like that. I do have lots of friends though.
5. Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, explain what the illness was and how you recovered.
I developed mild depression after the Fall, so many friends were gone. I started taking Juice after that. My new morph has a Juice gland so I never have to be sad again!
6. If life were a play, what role are you playing now? What role would you like to play?
I honestly don't know. No-one bothered to give me the script.
7. Free Association (please say the first word that comes into your head when hearing these phrases)
Fall - Terror
Anarchy - Risky
Titan - Home
Earth - Lost
Corporation - Power
Pain - Suffering
Prayer - Help
Mother Love
Hate - Destroy
Sex - Disgust
8. Have you ever served as a member of any polity's armed forces or a mercenary group? If yes, have you ever been in combat as a member of that organization?
No, aside for basic self defense training which is part of Simulschool.
9. Have you ever killed? If yes, explain the circumstances of your first kill.
I was on a Jovian server helping a dissident egocast out when the FedPol agents tried to shut the place. Unfortunately for them, I had security access, and designated them as hostile. The machineguns did the rest. I did everything but pull the trigger.
9a. If you have, have you ever caused permanent death? How does that make you feel?
No, though I know a few Jovian FedPol assholes who deserve to be erased.
10. Please answer this question quickly, without taking time to think it over. What are you most afraid of?
Losing everything, like the Fall but worse.
11. How do you spend your free time when not at work?
I play and develop open source games on simulspaces, and hang out with friends and family. I go to V-church when I have a chance. More rarely, I go around with my mesh turned off, pretending I'm a gatecrasher exploring an unknown world - its a trip. Speaking of trips, I sometimes do some XP, especially while I am Juiced.
12. Have you ever become violent with someone you care about? If yes, explain.
No, aside from temper tantrums and all as a little kid. I remember ALL of it.
13. What is the name of your firstborn child? (If they have none, what would be the first name of their firstborn? Does the name have significance?)
Either Peter or Joy Gresham, after my parents. I've thought about doing artificial reproduction, because I do like taking care of kids, but normal stuff is just ewwww!
14. Do you believe the phrase, "The ends justify the means."? Why or Why not?
No, there are some things which are just evil. What could justify what the TITANS did to us?
15. Do you have any personal experience with the Fall? If so, explain what they were.
I lost almost everything, including everyone I knew outside of my immediate family. Humanity nearly went extinct, and we were still trying to kill each other. WHY? Why couldn't we work together? Why did our seed AIs have to be evil? I don't want to talk about this anymore.
16. Have you ever attempted to bypass computer security? If so, when was that and what type of security?
Daily, with about every protocol out there. It's fun!
17. Have you or one of your forks ever been exposed to the Exsurgent virus (incl. Watts-Macleod)?
No, at least not as far as I know.
18. Do you possess any strongly held beliefs (a religion, strong opposition to a cause, or strong support of a cause perhaps)? What are these beliefs?
I hate the way the Jovians treat their people. Being bioconservative is their own business, but they run that place like they work for the Titans. It's like a brainwashed corporate jail. They give all religious people a bad name. I go to church myself, but I'm no fanatic. God watches us though, and I know I'll see the people I lost to the Titans murder someday. That's a good part of the reason I try to help people, aside from it just being the right thing to do. Sometimes it hurts to do right thing, but it is always worth it.
19. Do you have any technical experience with the use of nuclear or antimatter demolitions charges?
No, but that sounds fun!
20. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
I don't know, probably more of a leader, though I usually more independently