Rogue Trader

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Rogue Trader

In the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, there is only war. There are also people who were given license to do whatever they please to benefit the Imperium (but mostly themselves), up to and including blatant heresy and xenophilia. Lauded as heroes by the High Lords of Terra and accused of being liabilities by the Inquisition, but they are known across the Imperium as Rogue Traders, privateers with the Emperor's marque.

The Koronus Expanse... an Emperor-forsaken frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Echoes of Damnation. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to make loads of money while screwing the other things on this list over.



Now hiring!

Frida Gallia Elfried von Kolapsch-Eckernferde das Vierte Rogue Trader. With a Laser tricorne hat.
Inessa Yorke Explorator. Yes, the Mechanicus has hot female members. Join Today!
Severus Vern Missionary. With a Malleus Daemonhammer.
Torian O'Shea Arch-Militant. Hipster Sniper Extraordinaire.
Tariel Nin Navigator. Witty comment pending.
Marawa Solameini Astropath.
Cyrine Alessunder Void-Mistress. I'll leave the witty titles to others.
Nikola Vadim Dmitri iz Cherenkov The penny pinching Seneschal. (Under Construction)


Also hiring!

Character Plans


Achieve complete legitimacy, have a skullcup made from Arenberg skull.
Unbind the Black Worm by the sacrifice of a Imperial Saint, throw down the putrid walls of the rotten House of Terra and cast into de.... Errr, raise a mighty host to build a RT empire. Repair that battleship. Blow up Tau to get more Kroot-skin capes.


Retrieve one of the lost STC Fragments said to be within the sector. And use its knowledge to resurrect some of the fabled machines of that age.
To utilize said fragment to tap into the knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology for the benefit of the Mechanicus, Imperium...and herself.
Finally, to get DECENT laboratory equipment to make it all possible!


Save a society from it's ignornace of the Emperor by bringing it's light to them.
Slay the agents of Chaos before they sink their teeth into the innocents of the Imperium.
Protect the faith of a broken people, and use it to help them endure their worst plights.
Be the lantern of the Emperor and a beacon of light to the hopes of all of those around him.
Possibly get laid.


Trade Empire

A summary of the trade empire of the rogue trader Frida Elfried.

  • Total Profit Factor: 45
2 Nobles, 3 Ship Points
-1 Spent on WAR
  • Total Ship Points: 49


A list of the vessels operated by the trade empire of the rogue trader Frida Elfried.

At Arenberg Shipyard Depot
1 x cargoship (needs repair)
2 x two raiders (needs repair)

The Echoes of Damnation

Modified Sword-class
Turret Rating 2
Dorsal 2
Speed: 8
Detection: 20
Armor: 19
Manoeuverability: +18
Hull: 35
Space 40

Jovian P. Class 2 +40 Power -10 Space
Strelov 1 Warp Engine -10 Power 10 -10 Space
Command Bridge -2 Power -1 Space +1 SP +5 BS for shooting the ships guns
M-1.r Life Sustainer -3 Power -1 Space
Voidsmen Quarters -1 Power -3 Space
Mark 201b Auger Array -5 Power +5 Detection
Void Shields -5 Power -1 Space
Geller fields -1 Power
2 x Mars Pattern Macrocannons -8 Power -4 Spaces 2 SP "hidden" Dam: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 6
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold (Smuggling Compartments) -2 Power -5 spaces 0 Maneuver 1 SP
Armor Plating -1 Space -2 SP -2 Maneuver +1 armor

The Groß Harpsicorde (A giant harpsicorde taking up half of a big room with special pipings built to carry the sound to the decks of the ship). +1 Crew Morale.

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing (-2 Power)
Blasphemous Tendancies. Navigation Tests made to pilot this vessel through the warp gain a +15 bonus. However, while aboard the ship, all crew suffer –5 to Willpower based Tests.

1 Power, 3 SP left.

Misc Equipment

Pool unused gear here for other people to take.

  • Guard Flak Armour, Coverage: All, Armor 5, Best Quality, 11 kg (Donated by Severus Vern)
  • Enforcer Light Carapace, Coverage: All, Armor 5, 15 kg (Donated by Inessa Yorke)
  • 35x Stormtrooper Carapace, Coverage: All, Armor 6, 7.5 kg (Needs Repairs)
  • 5x Stormtrooper Carapace, Coverage: All, Armor 6, 7.5 kg (Working! Common Quality)
  • 10x Heavy Flamer, 30m, S/–/–, 2d10+4 E, Pen 4, Clip 10, Reload: 2 Full, Flame, 20 kg
  • 120x Lucius-pattern, 110m, S/3/–, 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Clip 30, Reload: 2 Full, 6 kg

Ship's Servitors

Armor Shining Servitor.
Beard trimming Servitor. Probably not re-purposed murder-servitor.
Drink-Tray Servitor. Carries and dispenses drinks.
Hatrack Servitor. Multifunctional as it also gives massages and opens letters.
Sweat-Cloth Servitor. Wipes Sweat from Frida's forehead during delicate operations. Secondary purpose as of yet unknown.

Notable Events

But mostly, horrible deaths.

Session 1

  • Severus killed two assassins with one strike of a daemonhammer, by causing the first to explode into a burst of boiling blood and burning viscera, and impaling the other with bone shrapnel. Frida and Severus were showered in gore.
  • Marawa allowed a murder servitor to kill a Hive Noble by repeatedly beating his face in with a metal buckler. The head subsequently burst like a grape, showering Frida and the murder servitor in gore.
  • Inessa killed an enemy guard by burning his head off with a Meltagun blast, setting the remains of his body on fire and into a frenzy, which subsequently rammed into another guard and gave him crippling 3rd degree burns covering most of his body, but especially his right arm, which was fused to his armored chestplate. This was so horrific that the party was able to force the remaining guards to surrender.
  • Marawa was forced to live through the emotions and memories of her predecessor, who was erroneously punished for heresy and killed alongside the Damnation's old Navigator. She also acquired a cat and some creepy clockwork dolls.