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Will run IXstyle, small and changing parties working roughly together. Mixed Trad chantry based in Devon, but trotting all over the world and beyond.

Ascension War Intensity Level set to 'lukewarm'. Technocrat Villainy Level set to 'mottled dark grey'.

Quint may be used after rolls.

S1 Loot


  • By general preference of the playerbase we will be using XP Based Chargen: Mage, but note the following:
  • Arete 3 is free.
  • Talent/Skill/Knowledge distinctions are erased. Pool ability points and assign otherwise as normal. All abilities have the same cost EXCEPT Academics, Craft, Lore, Perform and Science, which are field abilities at half cost in FP and XP. The first dot of a field ability costs 2XP. Cosmology and Enochian are fields of Academics, while Subdimensions is a field of Science.
  • 56/32/24 xp for attributes. 80 xp for the pooled abilities. 65 xp for spheres. 60 'FP' xp. Some leeway will be allowed w/r/t favoured spheres - trads are political, not metaphysical, organisations.
  • Your natural foci must be clear and limited (until high arete). A +1 'marginal foci' difficulty modifier will exist for envelope-pushing. There should be relatively straightforward (though not common) circumstances under which you cannot use magick.
  • The starting characters should have some group loyalty. They don't have to like one another, but they shouldn't be basically hostile/incompatible/uncaring. The chantry has been established for at least a few months.
    • Exceptions may apply for orphans/defectors to be rescued.
  • Magical_Gun_Porn

The World

Not vanilla WoD.

Currently Feb 2013.

VEVAK Ilium File


The British Isles were once the heartland of the Technocracy and the locus of its project of discovery, colonisation and imperialism. Now, however, that is fading. Other centres of power have risen to challenge the Metropole and the balance has shifted to the Continent, the United States and the East Asian success stories. Britain is a land of memories of past glories - Tradition and Technocracy.

The City of London is still one of the Syndicate's headquarters locations. The New World Order keeps a close watch on the capital. The other three conventions have various laboratories and institutes scattered around the country. For Traditions, the English Hermetics and the Celtic Verbena are the strongest forces, and have rallied significantly postwar. Choristers, Ecstatics, Etherites and Adepts are also significant presences. Immigration has introduced Akashics and Euthanatos into the cities. The vanguard of the traditions is the alternative medicine movement, a startlingly successful collaboration among multiple traditions to prise open medical consensus.

There are few werewolves left in Britain, which has the most completely erased wilderness of any major European country. There are, of course, vampires, shot through the aristocracy and extending their long teeth into the nouveau riche. The Syndicate cold war with them is perpetual, and perhaps distracts them from dealing with the resurgent Tradition presence.


Devon is a relative stronghold for Traditions in Britain, particularly for the Verbena of Dartmoor. The prime Technocracy presence is the NWO construct in Plymouth, that keeps tabs on mystic activity in the Southwest. There are rumours of fairies, and of other returning magics.

In this place, fate or chance has converged a group of young mages of diverse traditions, who will perhaps once more shake the world from the foundations of Britain.

The Chantry

The local Verbena have donated an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of Exeter to the chantrymembers. It's big enough for all the members (with some double-rooming), but cold, damp, leaky, windy and thoroughly infested. That the most frequent user is Naomi has not eliminated this last problem, but it has made it into a sustainable ecosystem.

The Cellar

Even worse. Lack of drafts just means the smell sticks around.

  • Contains Aasif's Iraq loot

The Barn

Roof fell in.

The Giant Oak

Had a crack to the umbra.

Chantry Members

Naomi Lee
GA Pemberton
Priya Narang‎
Akemi Niwa
Ryan Luthor
Asif Hashim al-Baghdadi

Alts, Peripherals, Acquaintances and Retirees

Zari Madani