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Fate Silence Night

There is an artifact of untold power, that can grant the wish of any that could achieve it. It is the Holy Grail. And for the second time in history, its manifestation will occur in the city of Washington D.C. Here seven masters and seven summoned servants will compete with each other to fight for the right to claim the Grail as their own.

The Holy Grail is a spiritual artifact of vast power, and while its not *the* Holy Grail of legend, its quite capable of achieving true magic. The system of why it appears in DC and why there needs to be the ceremony of the grail war is unknown except for the masters of the ceremony, who created it, and the judge and mediator assigned from the Holy Church.

What is known, is that the grail is a spiritual object, and thus can only be handled and activated by a servant. The servants in turn can only stay in this world bound to by a master, and thus both of them share the grail’s power.

Summary of Important Things to Note:

Command Seals: A proof of being a master is three magical looking seals that will appear on the arm of the magus. This a sign that the Grail has chosen you to participate. These command seals not only link you to your servant, they are also used to be able to force the servant to do an absolute order, which may make for some orders that might otherwise be impossible.

The classic example is the main character falling out a window, while his servant is like twenty miles away. Normally if he ordered and she heard him say “catch me” she be unable to make it in time, if he used the command seal, the magic of the seal would allow her to appear out of thin air. Thus a command seal’s use is a very powerful tool. However, you use all of them, and you are no longer eligible to be a master.

Conversely if you lose your servant, and there is a free servant around, and you still have a command seal, you can make a new contract. Servants, that lose their masters, will rarely last more than a day, and will suffer from the fact that the mana that supports their presence in this world is gone.

To help in the bringing of the heroic spirits to our world, there is seven classes of spirits.


Ariana Turner
Sharyoh Nanasy Drugon
Simon Terwilliger
Suzanne Suzarine AKA Suzanne Smith
Wanda Slowinski


Saber: Mal
Archer: NPC/Open
Assassin: NPC/Open
Lancer: Ent
Caster: BM
Rider: OP
Berserker: FBH


Father Dietrich Kessler: Jesse the Body Ventura look alike, ex Burial Agency Elite, and current overseer of the DC Grail War. Hates magus with a passion, and has been giving away the locations of all the masters.

Lillian Primrose: Blond, busty, highly popular rival to FBH's gal at the ill fated Academy. Apparently magus of skilled power. She is hiding out in the DC slums with a gang at her beck and call.

The Brotherhood: A secret organization of not-magus's that use magic through architecture and other means, to achieve supernatural goals in support of keeping America strong. Known members include the DHS Chief, a famous Senator from the western part of the country, and that one Supreme Court justice. And half gazillion MiBs

Vamp Mom: FBH's character's mother, who ate the Kennedy Academy for girls, and currently holding Turner in thrall. She likes the color red, and pretty girls.

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