Wanda Slowinski

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Backing: Holy Church

Wanda is the daughter of a notable Church mage and the sailor who won her heart, living in a middle class part of the capital. Like most of the kids in her neighborhood, Wanda is of Polish descent, and a Catholic. That was not what made her special. She was immensely friendly, a natural bookworm with a gift for the studies. That did not set her apart. What brought her to the attention of the Church was a strong Magic Circuit along with the other qualities. She spent time at a secret monastery learning from ancient tomes and masters of church magic, along with learning how to use a gun from her father and his hunting buddies. She is an eager entrant into the Grail War, with a likable attitude and a bit of a conservative, moralistic streak.

Magic Circuit 4

  • Mage Skill 4
Energy storage/creation
  • Physical 2
  • Charisma 5
  • Manipulation 1
  • Firearms 4
  • Weapons 2
Instincts of Shirou - 2

"My Servant and I fight together! I'm no coward." Growing up with a Navy NCO as a father and a lot of tough characters taught Wanda to stand up to enemies. Now, she has a servant at her side, and she's isn't about to hide behind him.

Stand out - 1

While she is not that bad at actually sneaking around, she is abysmal at trying to blend in. She is almost always noticeable in a crowd.

Incompetent - 2

"Necromancy is EVIL" She knows enough to understand what it is, and she has steadfastly ignored it since then. She has a low opinion of necromancers, but not to the level of kill on sight.