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Now running with D&D5 sometime in the new year.

5 player slots open, everyone who wants to try should contribute a concept and I'll pick by fair methods. A possible sixth slot may open if there's more interest.

REMINDER: While Arcane casting is cool, a D&D party needs a cleric, a rogue and a fighter. Remember that 5th edition allows arcane options in other classes such as Eldritch Knight (Fighter) and Arcane Trickster (Rogue)

General campaign story

For a thousand years or more, the Larent Hegemony, the greatest Empire since the days of the Asheni twelve thousand years ago, ruled the land from one ocean to another. They kept the deeper races in the earth and the giants and orcs in the hills and mountains. Their sorcery was such that they gained congress even with the hidden elven and dwarfish homelands. Three hundred years ago the Hegemony fell. It was no invader or natural disaster that undid the empire, but rather the petty ambitions of its many lords and nobles. Internecine feuding grew to outright civil war, a civil war in which the sorcerous engines of the Imperial arsenals were widely unleashed. The land was devastated. In the ashes, numerous petty kingdoms grew up, preying on one another and preyed on by those forces the Hegemony had once held at bay.

It is said that a hero is at work in the land, a man of strength and courage who will restore the world to its proper order. You are not him, but that doesn't mean you're unimportant.


You are travelling through the Dutchy of Sardis, on the Eastern Coast of Linrain, once the poorest of the Northern Hegemonic provinces, now the least damaged. The Dutchy, more of a petty kingdom now, is racked by economic problems due to trade disruption in the inner sea, and by strikes by peasants and lesser land owners against the baron's harsh taxes. This dispute has led to a sharp increase in banditry, which so far the baron has declined to deal with, more interested in maintaining security against the threat of the high forest and Mire of the Dead to the East.

Backstory Choices

The Princess
Heir to a lost Kingdom
Proficient in Court

The Princess's Friend
The only friend who knows.
Proficient in helping their princess

The Slave
Entrapped in Bandit's chains.
Proficient in local knowledge

The Destined
Fate entwined with that of the hero
Proficient in things about the hero

The Normal
An every day person of ambition, seeking travel and adventure

The Traveler
A far traveled foreigner, come to this land seeking their ambitions. Proficient in knowledge of distant places

F&F Timeline
F&F Background


Kaija Rintaala - Acatalepsy
Chouje - Peel
Aveth - BM
Prince Pietari - Exhack
Alyxena Arkenafin - Silence

Party Loot

Quest Loot / Investigation Items:

  • Necromancer Cave
Personal Jewellery of the (Murdered) Heir to the House of Dale.
  • Hegemony Shelter
Books (inc. elven classics, hegemony philosophy, LE goddess worship)
  • Goblin Cave (3/14)
Kobold Ledger
Strange Liquid
Scrolls (1, 2, 3)

Usable Loot:

Boric's Staff (Command Word:Tantalus) [Alyx]
Mystic Herbs [Aveth]
Deep Road Shortsword [Kaija]
Red Leather Armor (+1 Leather) [Kaija]
Mithral Breastplate (????) [Peitari]
Bag of Holding (?????) [????]
Dust of Sneezing and Choking
Potion of Hill Giant Strength
Potion of Healing x 2
Air Elemental Gem

Mundane Gear


Cash Reserves:

(None for now!)