Exalted: The Valley of Hunger

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An Exalted game about an eclectic group traveling through an exotic land laden with the ruins of crumbling empires and the scant hints of a fallen, greater age. Tonality is sober and lacking medium self-awareness, but adventurous and light-hearted.


  • Artifacts: All non-magitech weapon and armor artifacts get minor useful powers for free. This can be something as simple as a sword that doubles as a good musical instrument or rifle that can be concealed as a cane.
    • In general, the effect should add no more than 1 attribute, 2 ability or 3 specialty dice (in a specific context), as Exceptional gear.
  • Backstory: In addition to the Chargen bonuses bellow, a comprehensive backstory that relates to your Motivation and Intimacies grants an extra 2 BP.
    • A backstory that plays into or describes a place near the setting would be extra-perfect.
  • Backgrounds: Allies/Followers/Influence are restricted and must be discussed with the GM.
    • Transport artifacts that might trivialize the point of the game and hearthstones outside of the region where the game is taking place are also banned.
  • Chargen: XP_Based_Chargen:_Exalted
  • Craft: Craft is now treated as Linguistics, with each Craft skill granting a character another Craft ability.
    • Even at Craft 0, a character has one Craft skill they can roll unskilled, just from being familiar with furniture (Wood) from your old job, being able to make passable stew (Water) or doodling on your desk a lot (Air). A character with Craft 5 has at least 6 craft fields, therefore.
    • Esoteric crafts (Magitech, Genesis, Fate, Gossamer) obviously cannot be taken unskilled.
    • Specialties may give the character extra competencies, just as with Linguistics.
  • Firearms: This vision of Creation has firearms and cannons other than alchemical flame weapons, with the arquebus a known art form across much of the world. It is fairly powerful and frightening to horses, but difficult to fire and reload. Hand-cannons resemble flame pieces but use the firedust mixture to propel a stone or leaden bullet, and suffer from the same issues as the arquebus in addition to being woefully innacurate and unreliable.
    • Arquebus Statline: Speed: 6, Accuracy: +0, Damage: 10L, Rate: 1, Range: 120, Ammo: 1, Minimums: Str 2, Cost: 3/1, Tags: 2
    • Hand Cannon Statline: Speed: 6, Accuracy: -1, Damage: 9L, Rate: 1, Range: 60, Ammo: 1, Minimums: Str 3, Cost: 2/1, Tags:
  • Intimacies: All characters begin with half of their maximum intimacies filled, minimum.
  • Motivations: Please be something that can be accomplished, and fits in the context of your intimacies.
  • Splat Changes
    • Solars: No change.
    • Abyssals: Use Resonance rules found in Shards of the Exalted Dream. They're better for mixed groups. Renegades only.
    • Infernals: Devil-Tiger charms all begin one Essence dot sooner. Renegades only.
    • Lunars: Work as normal, but they also get their Favored Attribute caps raised by 1 without charms, allowing for attributes at 6 at chargen.
    • Sidereals: Ronin are preferred but not demanded.
    • Dragonbloods: Outcaste and Realm DBs allowed, Lookshy are not for fluff reasons.
    • Alchemicals: Will not be featuring in this campaign.
  • Spending XP
    • Characters receive 50/50 magic and mundane XP at a slow trickle. Mundane XP can be spent on strictly non-combat charms at request to the GM. This is to discourage skewed, charm-heavy spending which favors combat-focused characters too much.
    • Training times work as normal but can be shortened via stunting for the sake of sanity.


Player Characters

Ever Distant Paradise
Gathering Fragrance
Cat Who Walks Through Walls
Ari of Burning Silver





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