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"Gensokyo on a Thursday"


Welcome! You are, by choice or by circumstance, one of Gensokyo's up and coming incident resolution specialists. Perhaps you're sick of the Hakurei miko's tardiness, or maybe your house was collateral damage in the Black-White magician's firepower-based diplomacy; whatever your motivation, you're new to this, and incident resolution isn't exactly a walk in the park. Maybe it'll be a good idea to team up with other similarly minded folk...

What is Touhou?

The Touhou Project is a series of vertical shoot em up games where little girls (and several centuries old horrors that look like little girls) shoot at each other with screen filling lasers to resolve incidents that threaten the fate of their world, Gensoyko, the land of illusions. Then they have tea afterwards. With very little in the way of official story development and so bad it's horrible ingame art, it has since spawned a plethora of fan works including a truly staggering amount of (considerably superior) fanart, a wide range of derivative games (including this one), music remixes, manga and even a few fan anime. The fan-anime linked in the resource section provides a pretty good example of what Touhou is all about, so take a look at it and see if it's your cup of tea.

Useful Stuff


I might play fast and lose with canon, so don't get too attached to it. Consider it an Alternate Universe.

Also, no gender restrictions!