Tharin Concord

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Tharin Concord
Faction Info
Full Name: Tharin Concord
Sectors: Tharin, Cadma, Centrality
Capital: Concord City, Nimat
Goverment: Presidential Republic
Head of State: Lord Protector Davin Krandor
Allegiance: Galactic League
Population: TBA
Demographics: 84% Humanoid / 9% Quor'Sav / 7% Other
Thread: Here
Total Points: 5000
Largest Shipyard: 5000m
Fleet List: Sheet here
Strategic Resources:

Republic formed out of the stomping grounds of many empires and the ashes of the Centrality, swearing to defend their homes to the last sentient. Home to several Combines, giant mega-corporations that possess sovereign territory and small militaries of their own. Notable for giving sentient droids and clones the same rights as citizens, after a period of service to their creators, having a Force tradition that is akin to a spy agency, and generally focusing on smaller elite units

Tharin Concord Worlds
Tharin Concord History


The Tharin Concord Government is originally derived from Nimati society and its tradition of government. Notably, the Nimati believe that the primary purpose of government is to protect its citizens from foreign threats, and then to establish law and order. With that in mind, the head of state for the Concord is known as the Lord Protector, and must have a solid military background. The Lord Protector is elected to a ten year term, and serves as the commander in chief of the military and of the intelligence services. His power is balanced by the Council of Justice, which provides opinions on new laws and their compatibility with the Concordat (the document which which created the Concord), and oversees the court system. The third branch is the Senate. While every world has at least one vote, the votes of more populous worlds can count additional times. How senators are selected is usually a matter for local rulers.

Major Government Officials
  • Current Lord Protector: Davin Krandor
  • Current Lord of Justice: Judge Eirta Korpil
  • Current Speaker: Senator Talak Valenis of Dela
  • Current Leader of the Senate Opposition: Senator Callista Shanga of Renatasia (Aide: Lora Telendis)
Local Governance
  • Tharin Sector Governor: Alavai Torill
  • Cadma Sector Governor: Revinu Targon
  • Scrivinir of the Centrality: Ottdefa Tavell Geen
The Strategic Council.
One of the most important bodies in the Concord, it is a closed council that discusses matters of state. The Lord Protector is in charge, and attendance is very strictly controlled.
  • Lord Protector - Davin Krandor
  • Lord of Justice - Judge Eirta Korpil
  • Senate Strategic Representative - Edson Reincam
  • Director of Concord Intelligence - Wrora Orainn
  • Defense Minister - Cale Damiyen
  • Foreign Minister - Anatol Broussard
  • Defense Minister: Cale Damiyen
  • Finance Minister - Maka Vonay


Foreign Minister Anatol Broussard
Galactic League
The Tharin Concord is a member of the League in good standing, and holds favorable relations with all Galactic League powers save the Hutts.
Galactic League Representative Valance Gilder
Diplomatic Staff
  • Ambassador to the Allied Systems Republic - Sogan Vang
  • Ambassador to the Flarestar Republic - Relm Corandel
  • Ambassador to the Mandalorian Order - Avram Rostad
  • Ambassador to the Moddell Federation - Rhea Danakar
  • Ambassador to the Second Empire - Captain Valin Turon
  • Ambassador to the Shadow Walker Empire - Akana Kynnovan
  • Ambassador to the Sovereign Alliance of Systems - Lady Adel Sareso
  • Ambassador to the Third Galactic Empire - Vilne Machado
  • Ambassador to the Tion Hegemony - Antar Chanden
  • Ambassador to the United Alliance of Planets - Heira Dalledos
  • Ambassador to the United Principiate Realms - Merrick Silthen

  • Allied Systems Republic - Triellus Ranger Nation. Neutral to friendly, they
  • Flarestar Republic - Neutral to friendly
  • Mandalorian Order - League Member. Reliable allies and good business partners.
  • Moddell Federation - Neutral to friendly. If the Minos Compact can get along well with them, so can we. Glad their civil war is over.
  • Mon Calamari - Frosty at best. Dilonexa is our only bone to pick with them, but it is a big deal.
  • Second Empire - Neutral to friendly. They are not interested in galactic conquest.
  • Shadow Walker Empire - Triellus Ranger Nation. Scary guys who have ridiculous resources and burned several of our worlds. Dangerous, but they do not appear to be hostile.
  • Sovereign Alliance of Systems - Triellus Ranger Nation. Nice enough group of people
  • Third Galactic Empire - Neutral but very, very wary. Please leave us alone - we are not interested in being annexed.
    • Imperial Protectorate of Kuat - No.
  • Tion Hegemony - Triellus Ranger Nation. League Member. A close ally, the Tionese are isolated enough to build up a great military
  • United Alliance of Planets - Neutral.
  • United Principiate Realms - Neutral.


Concord Intelligence
More powerful than it appears, the Concord's Intelligence service was established by former Imperial Intelligence agents on lines that would be familiar to a member of the Ubiquitorate.
Director of Concord Intelligence - Wrora Orainn
  • Section 1 - Security and Counter-Espionage. Section 1 provides This section also includes internal Counter-Intel, which works through Department 918
  • Section 2 - Surveillance. Forewarned is forearmed
  • Section 3 - Analysis. {Section Director: Jag Rekkon}
  • Section 4 - Technology.
  • Section 5 - Counter-Intelligence.
  • Section 6 - Force-User Control. All Force users are trained here.
  • Section 7 - Operations. {Commando Director - General Tover Kynnovan, Operational leader Col. Isamu Aldevran}


Military Leadership
  • Defense Minister: Cale Damiyen
    • Director of Fleet Operations : Fleet Admiral Calla Nuroudo
      • Strike Fleet Commander: Admiral Sris Lehhett
      • Defense Fleet Commander: Admiral Anson Iscandar
    • Expeditionary Forces Commander: General Tobias Astar



Soldiers of the Tharin Concord

Tharin Concord Strike Troopers
The elite assault force of the Concord is carefully selected from the TCEF's finest soldiers, and then trained rigorously. They operate as shock troops and elite marines, and can serve as drop troops. They commonly carry assault cannons and heavy repeaters similar to the Dark Troopers, as well as thermal casters - weapons that launch smaller thermal detonators.
Renatasian Commandos
The legendary resistance fighters of Renatasia created a rapidly deployable unit of carefully selected soldiers trained in asymmetric warfare. They specialize in setting up and shutting down resistance movements. They are all former instructors from the Renatasian militia academy, and typically have training on a wide variety of weaponry. They are absolutely fanatical in their devotion to democracy, liberation, and victory - willing to take on even suicidal missions if they advance the cause. They will not work with Imperials under any circumstances.
Section 7 Commando Operatives
The Intelligence Operatives of Section 7 are known for being fully capable of traditional espionage work, but they often need to take a more direct hand. Section 7 agents use a variety of weapons, often silenced and ID-locked to their operators. Most have extensive cybernetic implants, and a few are able to use the Force to a limited extent. They use it to enhance their bodies and their reactions, sensing danger or enemies, and to read emotions & Force effects. An entire unit of Section 7 operatives is under cover as the Obsidian Sabres mercenary company.
Section 1 Security
The bodyguards of Intelligence Section 1 are all Reborn agents and soldiers, transferred into HRD bodies using Department 918 entechment rigs. They are given intense loyalty conditioning, but otherwise their personalities are left intact. Often, they serve as aides as well as bodyguards, and become close friends with their assigned VIPs.
Tharin Concord Expeditionary Force
The TCEF is the main spaceborne and planetside assault force of the Concord. Using mechanized infantry and speeders extensively, the TCEF is designed to hit the enemy rapidly and move to a new location. They also operate as marines and security on Navy starships.
Tharin Concord Sector Rangers / Special Police
These police units are paramilitary forces capable of defending against pirates and crimelords. The Special Police operate within major systems, while the Sector Rangers have full sector jurisdiction. They typically deploy via patrol craft or corvettes, and carry a wide range of stun blasters and ion weaponry.
Tharin Concord Defense Command
The militia forces of the various planets maintain control of their defense stations and local troops. Quality and equiment can vary, but the major world generally have militia forces equivalent to the TCEF. They often can draw on the local Combine garrison units for support.

Typically, all planets have at least a defense station and a garrison fort on the planet. Average worlds will have planetary shields, orbital platforms, and at least one shielded and fortied defense center. Major worlds have redundant shields, multiple heavy defense platforms, and redundant fortress and command centers, along with defense platforms around shipyards and other orbital structures. Junkfort Station is notable for featuring scavenged defenses from a number of retired Imperial star destroyers, as well as one of the most dangerous populations in the sector.

Business / Trade

As a Galactic League member, the Concord uses the League Credit as its currency.

The Combines

Combines are semi-autonomous megacorporations that can maintain their own laws and internal jurisdiction. Combines act like small nations within the Concord, and have their own militaries. Treason against the Concord, Umbrella Corporation antics, or exerting control over Concord citizens without legit contracts are great ways to get your franchise revoked and all of your upper leadership assassinated.

Tyrus-Medkova Industries

Davin Xan Tyrus had built his corporation from his business acumen and a few contacts from his service in the militia. By the time he began working with Cale Damiyen, he was quite wealthy from his shrewd buyouts and restructuring. When he sought out Medkova Security Group, got more than he bargained for - the executive's daughter did a hostile takeover on his heart. Finally, he had met someone with an equal love of power, and similar passions, and their wedding formed the Combine. They have become Concord celebrities, and their family is widely known. While Ryoto Medkova is nominally a Section 6 agent, she has free reign to work with her husband. Their first "child" is actually *Monami, a friendly and fully self-aware artificial intelligence, who serves as the company mascot. Their other children, Varil, Elenya, Rilvon, and Luzya are genetically enhanced, and all possess at least some gift in the Force. The company is run with an eye for loyalty - incompetent workers can be retrained, traitors are only good as test subjects. People are encouraged to enroll their families in Combine schools, and the company is starting to see its first native employees. Indenture is commonly practiced, with thorough resocialization and retraining. The result is a worker who wakes up every day loving their job, no matter what it is.

Notable Divisions
  • Ascension Labs - The leading source of cybernetics and advanced artificial intelligence. AL-J5 series droid brains are equivalent to humans, so they are transferred only in conjunction with Concord indenture laws, but they can perform tasks most other droids could never accomplish.
  • Concord Arms - Source of a variety of reliable weapons and armor.
  • T-M Interstellar - A top-notch courier service known for their reliability and discretion.
  • T-M Stardrive - Home of a wide variety of spacecraft and patrol ship designs.
  • Medkova Security Group - Now a major subsidiary run by Rikiu Medkova, Ryoto's younger brother, they have a solid combat record and make use of the latest combat implants.
WAW Fabrication

No one knows how the board of directors for WAW came about. WAW prides itself on discretion, and only the CEO has appeared in public - as a hologram. Offending employees often just disappear. The compensation is excellent, and they keep their contracts to the letter. WAW has a fairly notorious reputation, but they leave the general public alone, so the government stays out of their business. If you need some item that borders on illegal, WAW is the place to go, even for the Concord government. Some the designs sold by WAW are actually from D918 experts. People desperate enough to sign an indenture agreement with WAW are generally never seen again.

Notable Divisions
  • WAW Droid Works - The main source of combat and utility droids designed for maximum capability and value, a more traditional style of droids that lack the sentience of Ascension Labs products.
  • WAW Fleet Systems - Known for making a varied of modified designs taken from Imperial shipyards, as well as a few of their own.

Countergrav Designs - The major source of commercial repulsorcraft in the Concord.

  • Mining Acquisition & EXtraction - MAX is the Concord leader in resource extraction and asteroid mining.
  • Insignus ShadowWorks - When you need the best in armor and custom gear, Insignus is where to go. For a vast fortune, truly superlative gear can be yours, custom-made to specifications.

Avrensys Combine

Lochinvar Avrensis was raised to take over the family business, one of the largest banks on Moog Mot, and a direct competitor with the IGBC local branch. Avrensis turned that foundation into a merchant empire through hard work and careful purchasing. The company became his life - he spent almost every waking hour managing his company - and he demanded similar dedication from his employees. Avrensys managed to buy access to the IGBC, as well as securing a stock of nova crystals to provide backing capital. His trusted subordinates helped him turn the corporation into a Combine. Avrensys runs a tight ship, and is willing to let an employee leave if he can't handle it. He has a fairly friendly competitive relationship with Tyrus and Medkova. His indenture subjects are given basic loyalty programming, control implants, and training. They are worked very hard - harder than most droids.

Notable Divisions
  • Avrensys Starship Engineering - A major player in the Concord shipbuilding industry, with a leading role in the light freighter and corvette markets.
  • Avrensys Special Aquisitions - A covert diplomacy and black ops branch that handles special contracts, particularly obtaining secret technology.
  • Avrensys Medical - A large network of hospitals and clinics across concord space.
  • Triellus Finance - A major banking and financial institution known for providing discrete services
  • Avrensys Construction Group - ACG is the main source for space construction projects.
Marleyvane Drive Yards

When the former sector Moff met his end, the MDY director and the Marleyvane military governor were out drinking together. They agreed to a power-sharing agreement, and folded the entire system into a Combine. They believed that they could leverage this control into sector dominance, but the new Concord government, led by Cale Damiyen, threatened to blockade the system if they refused to abide by the Concordat they signed. They had the misfortune of being a lesson to any combine seeking to control the government, but they recovered, and now profit greatly by supplying the fleet that could have blockaded them.

Notable Divisions
  • Marleyvane Defense - The current holder of the contract for large vessel maintenance, with access to the largest shipyards. Only the Centran Naval Yards at Eriaklu can compete with them in the large warship industry.
  • Marleyvane Transport - Both a major heavy shipping division and a producer of heavy freighters for hauling bulk quantities.
  • Marleyvane Security - As the Combine controls the entire system, they operate their own militia and police forces.

Dramatis Personae

Senator Callista Shanga of Renatasia
With her section 1 aide, Lora Telendis, Senator Callista Shanga is a rising political star. She is a descendent of Klyn Shanga of the Renatasian Coalition, and she has made it her business to move the Renatasian people away from revenge to more productive pursuits.