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Super Robot Wars L is an RPG designed for the #Lords community building on Shrike's general rules for RPGs. The game setting features transhuman elements, but with a particular spin on the technology.

Your Character

You have 50 points to design your character. Any excess points can be saved for increase later.

Level 1 - 1 CP - Hobbyist
Level 2 - 3 CP - Amateur
Level 3 - 6 CP - Professional
Level 4 - 10 CP - Skilled Professional
Level 5 - 15 CP - Experienced Professional
Level 6 - 21 CP - Expert
Level 7 - 28 CP - Master
Level 8 - 36 CP - Ancient Master
Level 9 - 45 CP - Superlative
Level 10 - 55 CP - Unmatched

In short, to improve a stat costs (current level + 1). This can be modeled by the formula XP = 0.5(L^2 + L) Any template bonuses act to reduce the cost of leveling up, so +1 Physical means Level 9 only costs 36 XP.


These are the defining characteristics of your character.


How (un)attractive you are and how well you can convince people to do what you tell them to do. This can earn you powerful allies, even from among your enemies, as well as holding a team together.


A unit's strength is in how well it is led as much as the skill of its members. This covers both tactics and getting things done through the chain of command.


Contacts are useful people you know, who will be willing to help you out in a pinch. They are not just ordinary NPCs, but important people who you design to help you. Each dot of contact represents one highly influential person who’s willing to help you out. Note that you do not have to define all your contacts at the start, but can create them based on a situation, within reason.


Do you leave technical matters for the ship crew, or do you know your mecha inside and out? High levels of Engineering can be used to supercharge your mecha or find a weak point, though this latter ability can become ineffective after a while due to people nailing planks over that exhaust port.


Your mental endurance, ability to resist torture and your ability to survive mental attacks. High integrity means you have an iron will, a core that refuses to break. Low integrity may lead to angst implosion.


Your ability to notice things and track people. High levels often extend beyond the mere human senses.


How good you are at beating people up, taking hits, running around, etc. Also defines your ability to survive the physical strain of piloting.


This is the art of killing enemies and surviving to tell the tale. High Piloting makes you an ace among aces, capable of fighting multiple enemies at once without loss.


How skilled you are in utilizing psionic abilities as an aleph, newtype, psychodriver, or whatever you call it...


Aramazd Observer

The synthetic intelligence of the Aramazd has been known to dispatch special platforms to observe creator lifeforms. While these Observers possess special social subroutines and take a humanoid shape, the Observers remain distinctly alien. The most common model is a humanoid composed of deep black composite, with patterns etched in platinum and glowing orange features. As an Observer, you carry the memories of all of the Aramazd, and can draw on their resources (Contacts). No Psionics, Synthetic, +3 Engineering, +2 Physical, +1 Piloting, +1 Perception, -2 Charisma.

Terran-Lunar Aerospace Force Officer

The Terran-Lunar Federation is the largest power in the system, controlling Earth/Terra, Luna, the Terran Belt, and a sizable fraction of the orbital colonies. The TLASF lacks the Promethean superpilots of the Outer System and the newtypes of Mars, but they have a long tradition and a vast power base to draw upon. No Psionics, +3 Contacts, +1 Charisma, Command, & Integrity.

Imperium Naval Officer

Martial in outlook, the Imperium rules the red planet and several Earth orbital colonies. The Navy holds a proud tradition, having fought the Federation successfully in the IP War despite being vastly outnumbered. Part of this success stems from the use of secret implant technologies of unknown origin. These give considerable psionic abilities, which can be developed with skill, but invariably produce (treatable) mental instability. +2 Psionics, +2 Perception, +1 Charisma & Command.

League Space Defense Force Officer

The development of the first stable transhuman line, the Prometheans, allowed for the colonization of Jupiter and Saturn on various moons. This was fortunate, as the relatively baseline inner system feared the development of genetic supremacy. The LSDF has immensely gifted pilots and top of the line machines, but has little to no military tradition. +2 Piloting, +1 Charisma, Engineering, Integrity, Perception, & Physical, -1 Contacts.


Traits are special modifiers you can take. They do not cost points, but carry both benefits and drawbacks.

Second Stage Newtype

The implants that psionic adepts use are not completely understood, and some aberrations occur. Most of these result in death or irrevocable brain damage, but a few make the user even more adept in the use of mental controls, at a price in terms of sanity. These few are viewed as dangerous and/or pitiable, and are generally not trusted. +3 Psionics, -3 to either Integrity (for broken/moe) or Charisma (for cold/heartless).

IP War Veteran

You were a soldier in the IP war, and have considerable skill as pilot. You probably have a cool nickname as well. However, your skills are known, and unforeseen things may happen to you. +1 Pilot, +1 any other skill. GM reserves the right to have an evil clone of you show up wearing a mask or have you captured and brainwashed, among other things.

Fell Into the Cockpit

You have limited or no flight experience, but somehow you ended up piloting the best damn mecha in the solar system thanks to your natural skill with the machine. You start with a level 4 mecha, but you lose all bonuses to command and contacts, and they cannot start above 1. Expect to get bossed around a lot.

__________ Specialist

You have one area of mecha combat where you are even more lethal. Only one can be taken.


Everyone starts with a level 2 machine unless otherwise noted. Average soldiers are stuck with a level 1, while level 4 is getting into Gundam territory.

Mecha Stats

Most mecha carry swords, axes, or claws.
Guns. Lots of Guns
General toughness and passive defense systems like ECM
In the mood for a funnel cake? This is a miscellaneous section for special systems. Many Imperial units have funnels, to make use of their widespread Psionics.

Mecha Build Points

Level 1 - 7 MBP
Level 2 - 10 MBP
Level 3 - 13 MBP
Level 4 - 16 MBP
Level 5 - 20 MBP
Level 6 - 24 MBP
Level 7 - 28 MBP
Level 8 - 32 MBP
Level 9 - 36 MBP
Level 10 - 40 MBP