Spirits of the Omega Grail

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Kirigasa Varil

  • Origin - Exalted:Silence
  • Noble Phantasm - Forge of Twilight
As he is equally a Caster spirit, Varil's phantasm calls forth his workshop, wherein he can craft the weapons he and his master can wield and the armor that they shall wear in battle.
  • Goal - To shatter the Curse that is upon all Exalted


Lucy Gresham

  • Origin - Eclipse Phase / Prayer Drive
  • Noble Phantasm - Hope Springs Eternal
Drawing on the power multiple universes and the desire for heroism, Lucy becomes the embodiment of plucky determination. She becomes incredibly resilient, able to shrug off the most ferocious attacks as long she believes in her cause.
  • Goal - To save humanity from those who enslave it.


Enrique Santiago

  • Origin - FBH Robot Wars
  • Noble Phantasm - Liberator Aleph
As he is somewhat of a Rider spirit, Enrique's phantasm calls forth the Epaminondas, his Ajax-class mecha. Not only is it capable of powerful attacks, it resonates with the heroic spirit of the ancient Greek liberator. When fighting against slavery or tyranny, its power is unmatched.
  • Goal - To create a world where all are equal before the law, and all can have the gifts he was given.


Aldevran Toraksvald

  • Origin - Exalted:FBH
  • Noble Phantasm - Majestic Corona
Aldevran calls forth his airship - a sky battleship built by the finest First Age artisans
  • Goal - To unite the world against the perils to come.


Fluorallyl Mauvine

  • Origin - Doves
  • Noble Phantasm - Pythagorean Tesseract Harmony
Through supreme control over each nano-particle in her form, she can maintain her conscious control while the Madness Enhancement flows through her.
  • Goal - To protect her friends


Sophia Cilravon

  • Origin - The Expanse
  • Noble Phantasm - Light of the Angels
Sophia achieves a state of transcendence, where the flaws of all things become clear against the perfection of the Angels.
  • Goal - To destroy the devourers with the power of the Angels.


Eli Lorentz

  • Origin - IXJac's Mage the Ascension
  • Noble Phantasm - Last Free Etherite
Eli breaks through the bonds of Paradox and makes the impossible possible. This is intensely straining on him, but its power is immense.
  • Goal - To stop the Apocalypse and save the future.