Kirigasa Varil

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Caste: Twilight
Motivation: Become the Greatest Shogun since the Contagion
Description: Varil has medium length hair brown hair and a fair complexion. His eyes are a strangely dark blue-green.

Basic Info

Essence: 4
Personal: 20 Peripheral: 47

14 motes attuned
33 Available

Essence Recovery:
Willpower: 8


Soak: 2L/4B (Gunzosha Armor +9L/9B) total 11L/13B
Hardness: 10L/10B

Punch - Acc 7; Dmg 3B; DV 4; Rate 3
Kick - Acc 6; Dmg 6B; DV 2; Rate 2
Iridescent Solar Dragon- Acc 14 Dmg +9L (Holy); DV 7; Rate 3

In armor Acc 16 Dmg +11L (Holy); DV 8; Rate 3

Important Dicepools

Craft: Magitech - 9D +4 successes (4 more with excellency)
Awareness Roll - 9D (11D armored)


Compassion: ●●●●
Conviction: ●●
Temperance: ●●●
Valor: ●●●


  • The Shogunate (Loyalty)
  • His Family (Love)
  • His Circle (Friendship)
  • Cutting Laughter (Amused Friendship)


Strength: ●●●
Dexterity: ●●●●
Stamina: ●●●●

Charisma: ●●●●
Manipulation: ●●
Appearance: ●●●[●●]

Perception: ●●●●
Intelligence: ●●●●
Wits: ●●●●


Martial Arts: ●●
Melee: ●●●●●

Athletics: ●●●●
Awareness: ●●●●●
Dodge: ●
Stealth: ●

Integrity: ●●●●
Presence: ●●●
Performance: ●●●
Resistance: ●●●
Survival: ●●●●

Craft: ●●●●●

Magitech ●●●●●
Fire ●●
Genesis ●

Investigation: ●●●
Lore: ●●●
Medicine: ●●●●●
Occult: ●●●●●

Ride: ●
Bureaucracy: ●●
Linguistics: ●●●

High Realm
Old Realm
Shogunate Codes

Sail: ●
Socialize ●●



Second Excellency
Dipping Swallow Defence
Bulwark Stance
Fivefold Bulwark Stance
Heavenly Guardian Defense


Graceful Crane Stance
Increasing Strength Exercise


Third Excellency


Second Excellency


Second Excellency


Spirit-Detecting Glance
All-Encompassing Sorceror's Sight
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

  • Summon Elemental


Second Excellency
Temptation-Resisting Stance


Second Excellency


Ox-Body Technique
Hauberk Lightening Gesture
Whirlwind Armor Donning Prana


This is kind of irrelevant, as he currently runs a quarter of creation

Notable Gear

Gunzosha Armor - Officially property of the Seventh Legion, he keeps it in excellent working order. This gives him superior combat skill, stealth, regeneration of bashing damage, double ground speed, and night sight. (+2 to Awareness, +2 Accuracy / +1 DV, +2 Strength, +4 to Stealth, +2 to Resistance) Note that he has all the amulets associated with being a Gunzosha commando, which reduce the attunement cost of armor.

Iridescent Solar Dragon - Forged of Orichalcum and the five colors of Jade, this sword represents the dream of Exalted working as one, a nation and army without equal. Any Dragonblood or Solar wielding this blade gains the magical material bonus. It bears a mirror polish, with a prismatic sheen like oil on water.

  • The blade can be summoned or dismissed from Elsewhere for a single mote.
  • The blade resonates with the master's anima. For dragon-bloods, this gives the abilities of dragon-graced weapon at all times and the ability to use Heavenly Guardian Defense. Solar Exalted gain a permanently Holy weapon.
  • The blade is loyal to its master. Once a person has attuned to the blade, it will serve him until death or dishonor claims him. Any other person will find he cannot grab the blade.
  • The blade can change form blunt to sharp at will, and changes its style to match its master's preferred type of daiklave.
  • For the cost of a mote of Essense, the blade can attack at a distance like a shock pike.
  • The blade has a will and sense of honor all its own. The blade serves the laws of Heaven, and will lose its edge if striking one innocent under those laws. Sufficiently dishonorable actions (GM discretion - think treachery and wickedness) will result in the blade turning against its master, losing attunement at a critical point.

Cunning Vigilance - A family heirloom forged in blue, white, and black jade with an intricately worked leather scabbard, it is bound to the wielder and can be placed in Elsewhere so that the wielder may never be without a blade. This has since been returned to his family.

Replacement Organs - These keep him alive, and as a side benefit let him drink salty or brackish water like a seagull.

Bracers of Universal Crafting - Looking like an intricate form of body jewelry on the wrists and lower arms, they ensure he is never without a workshop, and add a bonus of Essence in auto-successes to craft rolls.

Cape of the Majestic Zephyr - A cape that perpetually flutters around silently, as if in a ideally placed wind. The cape channels the Essence of the most majestic elemental dragons through the wearer, giving the wearer a bonus of 2 to Appearance.


House Kirigasa is a minor house in Lookshy, and its star seemed to be rising when Kirigasa Varil was born as the eldest son of a prominent Wood Aspect biomagitech engineer and a well-liked Fire Aspect immigrant from Halta. He showed a knack for the occult, and began studying for his career as a sorceror-technician while young. However, he took ill, and none of the skills of the finest of Lookshy's physicians could save him from a slow death.

He broke free of despair, and became a Gunzosha commando in hopes of redeeming his family's honor in battle. He took to combat with enthusiasm and a scholarly approach, mastering the 25 Perfected Forms of sword combat, and regularly engaged in raids against shadowlands and Wyld zones, where his knowledge of the occult proved useful. On one raid, he found himself strangely drawn to a shrine, where he experienced a vision of his past self leaving prosthetic biomagitech for his future self before dying at the hands of malicious martial artists shrouded in shadow. It was then that he Exalted, and his new life began.

After returning, his father installed the prosthetics with a few of his trusted colleagues, and also installed a few pieces of prototype equipment. While he was still recovering, he had a top secret meeting with the entire Seventh Legion command staff. After some evaluations, he was assigned to handle a series of dangerous missions to retrieve and repair artifact weaponry in hostile locations which he is bound by oath not to reveal. This led to his current role as a troubleshooter and special agent. While he has a good amount of freedom, fundamentally he is still a soldier of Lookshy, and Varil wouldn't have it any other way.

It seems quite odd that he is now fighting against the goal he sought for so long, but the ideals of the Shogunate have been corrupted. It is his duty to restore it to its glory, as the Path of the Righteous Warrior dictates.

As for the future, only the Maidens know. Perhaps it is time to bring the order of the Shogunate back to the Scavenger Lands, but with a superior Shogun with a longer perspective? MOTIVATION ACCOMPLISHED

New Motivation: Become the Greatest Shogun since the Contagion

Varil's Shogunate

Cutting Laughter