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Otome Row is a freeform sandbox gangster game at the crossroads of Saints Row, No More Heroes and Black Lagoon. The game will run in the Mage format with session and story arc parties drawn from the pool. As such, there is no hard limit on character creation and at least eight open slots, though sessional party size is limited to a five girl band. Most games take place every other Thursday at 5:00 EST in practice but can sometimes occur every Thursday or on Sunday and can begin as early as 3PM EST if everyone is around and ready. In terms of Amahara canon, the game runs on an extension of the "WARP Zone" alternate timeline that Student Council Amahara previously ran on and other branches of the world can be referred to if desired.

Next Air Date
17 May, 2012

Recent Changes

  • Stunting adjusted.
  • Weapons now no longer add dice directly and have much fewer stat bonuses, being limited largely to range. Instead, weapons are now their own Fate Tag encompassing the described qualities of the weapon. Some specific effects have been added that flow naturally from the stunting system.


Welcome to Otome Row, a small enclave of relative peace near the edge of the dark world that is the Jura Megalopolis. You are the ones who kind-of-sort-of stand guard over this place: the Angel Street Otome. For many years, the Otome have been both guided and held in check by community leader Omoi Kanako, landlady of Otome Row and former headmistress of St. Zoharia Orphanage. Last week, she finally died in middle age after a long battle with cancer and the funerary proceedings concluded yesterday. As you, the remaining core of the Otome sift through her belongings, you ponder how little you know of your mentor and the future of the gang.


Otome Row: NPCs


Aria 'Sparks' Yukeisen (Shrike)
Kuro 'Neko' Nishimura (Exhack)
Mio 'Moe' Modegi (FBH)
Hayate 'Spook' Shinjirou (Peel)


Hitomi 'Bake (NOT BAKA)' Yamagachi (BM)


Guide to Jura Megalopolis


West Side
Swallow Hill
Black Lagoon
The Rift
Arcus Prima Arcology
Zone Beta
Zone Alpha
Central Jura
The Undercity


Otome Row: System and Character Creation


Otome Row: Appendices
Otome Row: Gangs