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Oseng Nanoha, a MIRC Oneshot


Administrated World #108, Tolzen. A quiet pastoral world just recently recolonized after being depopulated during the Sankt Kaiser Unification War, dotted here and there with ruins of that era as well as ancient Belka. And a newly put together section of the 234th GF Infantry Battalion, Tolzen Garrison Force that is just about to be assigned its first mission. A rather unusual section though, formed of misfits from several other units.

Players will take on the role of one of the grunt mages assigned to this infantry section (platoon) assigned to the mission. NOTE: The exact story hook above might change as I work to fit it better with the planned plot-line.


Please place your characters on the discussion page, thank you. And here is a link to the Nanoha wikia to help out if you are unfamiliar with the verse.


You get 12 points to spend on these four items, with a max rating of five in any one category.

Strength: (how strong you are – affects your HP and skill in HtH combat)
Magic: (how skilled you are at using your magic – effects ability to detect magic and cast spells)
Smarts: (How smart you are)
Subtlety: (How sneaky you can be)

Also needed on char write up:


School of Magic: (Mid-Childa or Neo-Belkan)
Combat Style: (Hand To Hand, Ranged, Bombardment, Support, Summoning)

Please Describe your device and barrier jacket in the char sheet, remember that you are D – C ranked Ground Forces grunts so mostly storage devices and boost devices, maybe an armed device.

HP = 5 + Strength rating
Standard roll d10s, with the rating in the category being the number of dice.
No Advantages or Disadvantages.