Mage: Garden of Forking Paths

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Mage miniseries concepts.

Arete Academy

Hermetic university adventures & hijinx.

P: Hermetics, or other trads here to foster inter-tradition understanding.


FBH: Lara Croft + Touko Aozaki
Mal: Naomi Lee - Antisocial teenage bug witch.
Exhack: Vaporwave Dreamspeaker
Silence: Mari-chan (loli) version

Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Inferno

A motley crew of the lost and the damned assembles in the Golden City, hell of aesthetics, with a mind to finding their way back topside, even if they have to go through the rest of the lower realms to get there.

P: Infernalists, explorers, escapees, all sorts.
E: All kinds of horrors, both critter and scene.


FBH: half demon bard who wants to travel. Dresses Angelicpunk.
Silence: Gloria
Exhack: Ox-Tiger Akashaic Renegade
Mal: Startia Firenza - Combat Heels

Servants of The Stars

From the Deep Umbra, alien intelligences with strange technologies regard Earth with greed and curiosity. You work for them. (note: this is intended to have a mainly terrestrial setting)

P: Outsider Technephandi, but not cartoon evil. Mystics are permitted if they can play ball.
E: Technos, trads and/or critters, as required.


FBH: Samus Aran, only trained by the outer darkness
Exhack: Space Adventurer Mortal Kobra.

Bug Hunt

Trads and technos team up to fight the Millennium Bug in the the year 1999.

P: ItX, VAs, or other conventions or trads as appropriate.
E: Cyber-vermin in the shadow of Napster, Geocities and


Mal: Elodie Liddell - Queen Selecta
Acat: IterationX Troubleshooter. On the Computer's shit list, sent in to clean up bugs.
Exhack: Jupiter Jazz, Virtual Adept with visions of the future.