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Running this Saturday with enough players. Bring civilization (Malfeas), order (SWLiHN), faith (Cecylene), freedom (Adorjan), or equality (Ebon Dragon) to the world! Put up a character name and blurb if you're interested. Evil level will be directly proportional to the evil of the characters. Will probably be rules-light because Exalted rules are either counterintuitive or suck but full chargen sheets required.

(BTW list what your charms do on your sheets)

EDIT: Game may continue whenever there's an off-day for an opening.

Infernals Redux

195% of the dickery! 5% of the fanservice! Infinity percent more men (we hope)!

Players become the most half-assed Infernal circle to exist which hasn't officially gone rogue and run off (yet), doing their own thing while trying to convince the Yozis that they are trusted hard-working members of the Reclamation.

I'm not going to be starting for a while but I like reading character sheets. It's a horrible fetish of mine. :(


More Advanced Chargen: 9/7/6 attributes, 50 ability dots + 10 specialties, 12 background dots, 30 BP, 25 charms (plus all purchases of the excellency of your caste and favored Yozi). WP starts at 7. You don't get to spend BP on Essence, but instead Essence starts at 4. I'll upgrade Essence for free at some points.

All non-esoteric Crafts (esoteric: Vitrol, Genesis, Magitech, Fate, Glamour) are one ability. 4th and 5th background dots do not cost double BP.

Put down what type of Urge you have, and get another player to fill it in for you. That worked pretty entertainingly the last time.

Helpful Stuff

[Ink Monkeys Blog Summary]
[Mercutio's Mutations Stuff]
[Official Mutations List]


Everpresent Diamond Law A young judge of an Eastern city, Law (not her original name) was known for her wisdom beyond her years and keen judgment, keeping order and prosperity in her city. Her resolve was tested when a heroic young man Exalted in her prefecture, saving dozens from a rampaging monster before being apprehended by the Wyld Hunt and sentenced for execution. Law saw this as injustice, and was prepared to challenge the Realm by intervening - however, she relented at the last minute under fear of losing her position and reputation. Her indecision filled her with sorrow, and she turned to drinking and drugs - she was so buried in her narcotic haze, that she mistook the demon who approached her for a hallucination at first, until it revealed that it was very, very, real.

Golden Queen Apis An eager and caring craftman's apprentice in a magitech workshop on the Blessed Isle, she was once regarded as a prodigy. She wished to make devices to help all people in Creation, but was always overshadowed by her more talented rival who was skilled in weaponcraft. When her rival Exalted, she was nearly abandoned, and decided to regain her Master's love by testing out a Wyld Cauldron of her own devising. Where failure in the Wylds would have ended some, she was granted powers beyond compare.

Lightning Without Thunder What happens when the dead tide crushes someone so completely they would accept any deal to end the inevitable suffering of the rest of Creation? A foul-mouthed faceless ninja who moves quicker than even the Incarna can see!

Cynis Ina As a young dynast of impeccable bloodline, Ina was educated and prepared for a life as one of the Realm's dragon-blooded defenders from earliest childhood. She went through puberty and her late teenage years without exalting, and it became clear that the power of the Dragons would not manifest in her. Her aunt Cynis Wisel decided that she would best serve the clan by cementing an alliance with House Tepet through a political marriage instead. Ina did not object to her arranged fiancé, Tepet Merin, and even came to love the handsome lieutenant during their travels with the Second Tepet Legion. Then, the Bull of the North happened. Despite all her martial skill, the golden-glowing Anathema batted her aside as if she was a weak kitten. She could have gotten up again. She could have made a stab at the solar's back while he was busy murdering her dragon-blooded husband-to-be. She didn't. That night, a demon found her curled up into a shivering ball on the corpse-strewn battlefield, and offered her the power to set things right.

Radiant Eagle Soaring Over the Desolate Battlefield - a splendid general that lost his army when fighting against the forces of the Realm and was left to die; as he lay, broken and bitter, a demon approached him with an offer of enormous power - power to regain what he lost, and then some.

Starred Screaming Xanatos

Infernals Old

Starting Location

The city of Malfeas, in Jaundice's delightful villa. Leaving for the West, to spread matriarchy, Yozi-Worship, freedom, and mass destruction to the islands. And maybe kick that deathlord there in the face too.


Starting XP: 20 XP for Charms, Essence, Spells, Etc + another 30 XP for things that heroic mortals have.

All non-esoteric Crafts are one skill.

Put down what type of Urge you have, and get another player to fill it in for you. This should get entertaining.


Forsaken Pharos (Malefactor) Rex290. A tall woman with pale skin, greenish eyes, with slightly tapered ears and saffron hair Pharos little resembles the former Dragon Blooded Dynast she once was. Because she did not Exalt with the rest of her siblings she was assigned to oversee some family holdings on the fringes of the Realm. After some years after adopting Vlad Tepes-like policies in order to "impose order", which was successful and did turn the until-then failure of a region into a productive if underpopulated region, she was violently deposed and chased into the Hundred Kingdoms where a Demon found her one night. . .

Urge done by Screwball

Ashen Hand of the Sky. Former slave who lead a revolt. When her army was finally brought to heel, rather than stand, fight and inevitably die, she chose to escape into the night, leaving her comrades to face their fates without her. Had a certain demon not found her, she almost certainly would have eventually been found and killed, whether by her former masters or those of her comrades who survived and managed to escape chains once more.

Urge done by Rask

Jaundice. Schemer who spun an elaborate web of influence over her home city to influence the next election, magnificent in its complexity and subtlety, which of course meant that come crunch time several of the dozens of individual points of failure failed and she barely escaped with her life. Her flight was only interrupted when a demon approached her with a proposal.

Urge done by FBH

Jubilant Night was a shaman of the Linowan people until a Haltan raiding party attacked her village. The defenders fought valiantly, but they were only mortals attempting to stave off the Haltan's Raksha mercenaries. It would have been Jubilant's opportunity to turn the tide by using her mastery of the occult to stave of the predatory Fair Folk and save her village. Instead, she cowardly used them to shield herself from detection, huddled up in a corner of her hut while all around her, the villagers lost their souls to the inhuman monsters. The demon found her sobbing over the corpse of her best friend and offered her the power to make those responsible pay.

Urge done by Peel

Forbidden Flower Once a hunter of demons and ghosts, Forbidden Flower earned an unsavory reputation due to her tendency to turn up around murders and the like, and her constant valuing of her own life ahead of the lives of innocents. During her last hunt the village who she was assisting sold her out to the very yozi cultists who she was hunting for the price of their own lives. This would have been the time when Flower could have saved them despite themselves. Instead she attempted to escape, failed, and was taken... not to her death but to a new life far more glorious than any she could have imagined.

Urge done by Rex

The Red Coral Maiden A notorious, dashing pirate queen, The Red Coral Maiden has made her name rampaging around the south with her crew of wonders, stealing whatever and whomever she fancies at the time. Her lust for adventure, or lusts in general, are nothing short of epic. One can expect no less from her kind, though her fascination with Creation and her preference to remain there is strange...

Mysterious Waif: Someperson someplace, somehow.


[13:30] * Jubilant_Night thinks her coadjucator had a stroke from all the flashing lights a while back.

[13:39] * Jubilant_Night scratches her head. "So the only way to make this all work is to capture them, have them swear allegiance, turn them into Akuma, and then kill them." (On five conflicting orders from their Yozi patrons on what to do with a Solar Circle)

[14:15] <Forsaken_Pharos> "Well, what about ropes and collars. We can tie them to some central point to make sure nobody goes overboard."
[14:15] <Forbidden_Flower> "Gosh Kara, collars are your answer to everything." Flower uses Pharos's dragon blooded name with a wink
[14:16] <Jaundice> "Oh Pharos, you're such a darling."

[14:21] <Ashen> "You know I don't collect things unless I absolutely have to."
[14:21] <MJ12> Like HANDS eh? You absolutely have to collect those?!
[14:21] <Ashen> (Yes!)
[14:22] <Ashen> (Besides, those become part of my clothes until they rot and fall apart)
[14:22] <MJ12> oh yes, Jaundice thinks that she needs to keep a close eye on Ashen's fashion sense there. :(

[14:47] <MJ12> Zoom, through a demon gate and into a glorious world of heroism and magic, before it was bent and diminished and turned into the World of Darkness...

[15:30] * Forsaken_Pharos goes to Night and very carefully and quietly ties Night up in a embrassing bondage pose in revenge for not sharing her booze.
[15:30] <Jaundice> "Oh Pharos, you're such a dear."
[15:31] <Forbidden_Flower> "Let me do it :)" (10)
[15:31] * Forsaken_Pharos lets Flower do it, standing over her shoulder :<
[15:31] <MJ12> (wow that's an amazing roll)
[15:32] <MJ12> The Peronelle wakes Night up from this surprise attack just as Flower finishes binding her feet.
[15:32] * Jubilant_Night blinks.
[15:32] <Jubilant_Night> "Oh, very funny, guys."
[15:32] <MJ12> (1 success on 10 dice wow) (for Flower)
[15:33] * Jubilant_Night frowns, and the ropes part as if a knife had split them in half.
[15:33] <Forbidden_Flower> "Sorry :|"
[15:33] <Jubilant_Night> "That could have been you >:("

[16:01] <MJ12> And then with another crack of lightning that hits the boat, sending splinters of wood flying in every direction, most of them bouncing off of you, the Storm mother appears, an angry hag who looks absolutely repulsive, with sharklike features. "You dare. Well, I suppose I always have use for slaves... or maybe those pretty skins of yours." D:<
[16:02] <MJ12> She hates everyone prettier than herself and since she's appearance 0 you can see how finding prettier women is easy
[16:02] <Ashen> "There's only one person here who gets to use skins, lady."
[16:02] <Ashen> "And I use the term charitably."

[16:31] <MJ12> The worst you have to worry about is running out of decent rations and having to subsist on salt pork and hardtack :(
[16:31] <Jaundice> Don't worry. We get all the good food first.
[16:31] <MJ12> And of course finding out how Night's getting her booze
[16:31] <Jaundice> Sailors are already on salt pork and hard tack so as not to waste it

[16:32] * Jaundice larcenys the door open again
[16:32] <Jaundice> "We've arrived."
[16:32] <Jaundice> "You should probably let her go now Pharos."
[16:32] * Forbidden_Flower investigate when she's not hanging up
[16:33] <Forsaken_Pharos> "Oh Yozidamn it. Can't you just knock?!"
[16:33] <MJ12> (no because the Ebon Dragon likes to watch)
[16:33] <Jaundice> "I confess to being a little surprised Flower liked that sort of thing."
[16:33] * Forsaken_Pharos takes Flower down
[16:33] * Forbidden_Flower decides to keep this to her self "Only when Pharos does it."
[16:34] <Forsaken_Pharos> "You never walk in on the really fun parts. Or stay long enough to enjoy them."
[16:34] <Jaundice> "I wouldn't want to interrupt the show."
[16:34] <Forbidden_Flower> "Though you look like you might be pretty good at it too Jaundice."
[16:34] * Jaundice smiles enigmatically

[17:10] <Ashen> tracking down people who look like the might possibly be affiliated with a Deathlord, brutally murdering them, then skinning them and leavig their remains somewhere they'll be found. :D
[17:10] * Ashen is here to kill things, not to sneak around and plot
[17:10] <MJ12> Ashen lacks Investigation so she just goes and cuts anyone who looks particularly pale in half. That poor ghost-blooded who was running an orphanage never knew what hit him. :(
[17:11] <MJ12> And neither did the albino puppy
[17:11] <Forsaken_Pharos> Poor puppy
[17:11] <Ashen> new gloves

<MJ12> Infernals would be less creepy if the circle didn't resemble a very pretty, very psychopathic incestuous family