Legend of the Wulin

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(You need the Wulin book. Search it on drivethru rpg)

A time of legends

It is a time of legends, of chaos, of a new dynasty. Of strange new technology and invasion from beyond the bounds of civilization.

You are a Wulin, a wandering warrior outside the normal bounds of society, trained in techniques of fighting, of scholarship, of healing, and of healing far beyond what a normal fighter can manage.

You have come into the orbit of one another, but also of Four Lucky Wounds, a young Wulin of great power, a genius. Each of you knows she has some kind of plan for the empire, and each of you has a reason to try to stop her.


Borderland Twilight ((devil) doctor)
Zhuge Shuren (Scholar)
Second Stilled Lily (Swords)