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The Star League gives us our modern calendar 380 SLC, with a year zero being the declaration of the foundation of the Star League. Its been many things over the centuries, a trade and defense compact, strong imperial empire, and now its a loose elective monarchy that is currently decaying. The ruling dynasty of the Star League is the Bao family which controls not only the crucial world of Haln, but also several other worlds under their demesne, each of which gives them a electoral vote for the new First Lord, though in the past a few times non-Bao dynasts have been elected to the First Lordship.

The heyday of the Star League of its grandest imperial project occurred in 180SLC, in which the long jumping had been profitable enough for the League to attempt to expand in other sectors. There however they meet with stiff resistance and while the Star League still has possessions outside of the Taranis sector, they are often more fortress for armies then anything profitable and the strain of maintaining those imperial expeditionary forces have sapped the budgets of the greater Star League as well rendered it increasing brittle during 342 SLC when the Verge states and their advance economies appeared.

Yet despite its brittleness, it was the threat of the Verge and its advance economies that saw the Verge brought under heel of the Star League during the Red Conquistada as serf planets, their once proud people working under the occupation of foreign knights and the wealth heading into the coffers of the Great Houses, which has for now smothered over concerns of the darker impulses of its ruling family.

However, one of the Verge worlds of Arden, the strongest of old Verge states has launched a rebellion that overthrew the garrison and assembled it a ramshackled fleet of warships to protect its orbitals, with other Star League forces tied down on other Verge worlds suffering other revolts, the League has sent reinforcements from Taranis to the Verge.

You are the tip of these reinforcements. Nobles and soldiers and serfs, hastily assembled into a fighting group to stop the rebellion and restore order to the League.

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Carmilla Burana, Agent of Pax

Fairika Isageum, the Rogue Pleiadian Witch

Tarsem Isageum, Do-Everything Pleiadean (Chevalier) Butler

Zhuan Bennet-Yong

Jonathan Walmas


Nicholas Novara

Karl Maximilian Sumarokov-Ashby