Fallen League Goals

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Character Legend

Campaign Goal

The Direction of the Star League

Jon Walmas

Make the League Great Again


League's in a rough spot now and what the First Lord is doing is shameful, but it's an ideal worth saving!
  • Addendum: a strong, united interstellar government is needed to protect the people. What could a scattered bunch of quarreling republics do against another Pleiadan Empire or the Machines of Sol?


After ten thousand years I'm free! Time to conquer Earth.
Overthrow the vile House of Bao
Reform the Star League, so that it can fend off the influence of the Enochians and perhaps even the Pleiadian Kings.
Get her brother married.


Restore the house with my beloved sister as the new head.
Ensure she continues the family line with a good match, perhaps even our good and right sponsor.


I will leave it to others to determine how the league should be run, but the matter of the First Lord is now personal.

Arc Goals

Revolution on Arden

John Walmas

Restore Order to the planet and bring it fully into the League


It's the duty of a knight to save innocents from the rapacious forces of space piracy and reckless revolutionism!


Oh dear, what a mess. Let's find a way to simmer the fighting down without putting the boot too far down, then?


This won't do for now...but maybe we can get something out of this for a sunnier day?