FBH Fantasia Third

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In a small town in a realm of high magic, five people are thrown together by circumstance in a quest that will change the entire world.


The land of Achani used to be a standard fantasy setting, till the green stars. For one month, the sky was filled with a vivid green aura. Since then, vast numbers of strange magical plants have grown from the ground, and odd nature spirits have begun to erupt from the ground, both friendly and hostile to humanity.


Interdimensional Traveller
Renegade Knight
Newbie Adventuress
Professional Monster Slayer
Unlucky Princess

Other system stuff

Later, just do concepts

Carmine Vesta, Drider Disposed Scion (Unlucky Princess), BM
Cornelia of the Atoni, (ID Traveller), Silence
Righteous Starfall, (Monster Hunter), OmegaPaladin
Cinnabar Panoply, Adorable War-Golem (Renegade Knight), Aeon
Thistle, a Plant (Newbie Adventuress), Shrike
Mora Dahaka, Paladin of the Destroyed God(ess?) (Also Renegade Knight), Holle