Exalted: Silence

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January 22 at 22:00 UTC (16:00 US Central)
Calacthchan & Calamity's Unbelievably Awesome Wedding

Starting City: City of Calacthchan
Every other week in #exaltedyon - cancellations will be posted here Ending Tiles


A very confused seeming someone. Also a Fetich Soul.

Unrelated to Cal. Not remotely tsundere.

Kirigasa Varil
Gunzosha craftsman. Also the Shogun.

Singular Blade of Hope
Adamant Caste Alchemical. Ranges from fetchingly translucent to invisible. Also faster than a first-age skyship.

Spiralling Lao
Demonologist. Usually irritated. Also an Owl.

Starchasing Kyou
An amnesiac Full Moon Lunar with beam whipswords who might be Autochthonian.

Side Characters

Autumn Blooms
Secretly evil shrine maiden?

Daimyo of the Masked Nail
Ugly circus ringmaster.

Gathering Fragrance
Easy-going drunken kitty.

Twice-Celebrated Jisho
Totally not an expy of anybody.

Lightning Sabre of Resolution
Orihalcum Caste Alchemical

Jade Chronicle Characters

Imperial Golden Jade
He's on a quest for glory

Active Quests

Find a reliable source of the magical materials for personal and Autochthon use.
Meet with the Silver Pact to forge alliances
Deal with the sidereal who plans to destroy the loom of fate.
Go to Yu-Shan, and discuss matters of state (also party)
Visit Rathess and see what it holds.
Meet with the Central Shogunate and discuss plans and alliances
Find Out The Secret Behind the Order of Protectors
Meet with the Mountain Folk
Recon-in-force of the Demonic Zone

Ultimate Goal

Appease or Confront the Demon King before he destroys Creation

The Antagonist Circle

The Dawn is known as Celestial Dirge, and he is a grim and taciturn man in heavy armor. A skilled commander and ferocious martial artist, the only one to get past his defenses is his love, Silk Waterfall. Dead (stabbed by Calamity with the fated death of a hero)

The Zenith is Forsaken Night, and she was raised in the wilds by beasts, only entering civilization after her Exaltation. A tracker without peer, she has a ferocious companion animal and fights without remorse. She rarely speaks. App 4(Wild woman) Dead (used by Calacthchan as an arrow shield)

The Twilight is Alabaster Shark, who wears heavy armor and bears weapons. He's a cool and methodical fighter, and a ruthless hunter of the Anathema. His name is whispered in fear and hatred in Malfeas and the Raksha courts, and his sorcery amazes the Heptagram. At Large.

The Night is a Silk Waterfall, a happy Kunoichi girl. Constantly clad in crimson arcane armor, she takes pleasure in serving the Shogun and helping her love not always be so uptight. She is fun-loving but deadly. App 4 (Cute). At Large.

The Eclipse is Flawless Starmetal Rose, a woman who has tremendous force of will - people often find that they like her even if they despise her. Her life story is a mystery, as is any feature of personality that is not just another mask. She goes about unarmed, but those few who would fight her are slain in a blur of motion. App 4 (Ice Queen) Captured