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Theme: Monsters in modern world engage in relatively innocent everyday shenanigans.

Ever since the dawn of mankind, humanity had a shadow – other beings that walked through time along with it, some of them friendly, some less so. In time, they became the sources of legends, fairy tales, campfire stories – tales about spirits and monsters, supernatural beings that filled the world that humanity considered its own. The Other.

Ever since the 21st century, the shadow is no more – those who hid in it dragged forcibly into the light by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the army that she was creating, for better or worse. For some, the change did not come easily, and it was not done without bloodshed. Nevertheless, the masquerade has vanished, torn away forever, never to be replaced.

This is the world that you are living in – a world where humans and monsters are now living together, trying to forge a better future. And you belong to the latter.

You are a group whose purpose is to serve as consultants between monsters and humans during their everyday lives – helping them manage various issues and problems that might pop up, and making sure that your city is a happier place for everyone to live in.

This is your story.


There are no particular limits on what kind of being you can take as a character, beyond them being some kind of supernatural/mythological entity; as far as concepts go, feel free to aim for what you want. Same goes for age – whether your character is really old, or young enough to not remember the time before the Masquerade was torn down, depends solely on you.

It should be noted that the primary focus of the game is not on combat, though – so don’t feel a requirement to make your character particularly combat-capable if it’s not what you have in mind.

There are four fundamental stats that you have 21 points to distribute amongst:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Will

Physical and Mental stats represent your overall abilities in those areas, while Social represents both how generally sociable you are and how good at convincing others you are. The last stat, Will, represents how overall driven you are – the strength of your spirit, determination etc.

It should be noted that during social encounters, you can use other stats to boost your rolls - for example, Physical if you are attempting to quench a conflict with your looming presence, Mental if you are making a reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, Will if you feel very strongly about the subject and are pouring your heart out etc. In such cases, you add half the value of the relevant stat to your Social roll, rounded up.

Your character also has one Speciality, something which they are exceptionally good at, which adds one dice and lowers the target difficulty by one on all relevant rolls.

On top of that, describe the traits and weaknesses of your character in your profile; the target number for these should be 5 or so overall, but don’t feel too constrained by it. These describe what kind of supernatural being your character is, what they do and what unusual they can do – and what their personal weaknesses might be. (which do not necessarily have to be physical or even supernatural; personality traits are fine) These have little mechanical effect – I feel that it’s preferable to leave people breathing room for their concepts instead of possibly forcing them to carve off bits of their characters, so the idea here is to make them flavourful and interesting more than anything else. (though they do inform what supernatural abilities you might use) Just don’t overdo it.


While this is in Oneshots section, it might extend into something longer, depending on whether the concept works or not and whether the desire to do so is there. Consider this something of a trial run.