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1. Why did you come to France? Why did you stay here for now?
2. What is your job at ETC? Why did you join it?
3. Which part of what you do do you like the most? Which part do you like the least?
4. What is your opinion on the Reveal? Did you face discrimination as a result of it?
5. What do you think about humans?

Tsurugi Ayane


Tsurugi Ayane (not her real name) is a cyclops girl who emigrated to Japan in her late teens to study university and immerse herself in the culture there. Exposure to it has not deadened her interest, although it has lead her to speak and adorn herself with many Japanese affectations, the very least of which is a sailor fuku for a girl several years younger than herself. Like many cyclopes she is a Master Builder with great powers of Creation, and a body that can Survive the Hardships of the volcanic forges they often made use of in the employ of Hephaestus. She is Preternaturally Strong but somewhat Clumsy, Lacking Depth Perception and Defenseless If Blinded. Her eye is sensitive and Detail Oriented, able to Detect Imperfections in objects. Her particular clan have the ability to reduce their bodies to human scale, unfurling to around eight meters tall and weighing a few tons at their full size.

Concept: Cyclopean Japanophile Swordsmith
Specialization: Master Builder
Physical: 8
Mental: 6
Social: 2
Will: 5


1. The French understand Japanese culture.
2. I wear a lot of hats. Chiyo-dono asks that I act as her bodyguard, but I also do maintenance and lab work for the others and sometimes cook. My specialty is braised lamb.
3. I like my legs the best. I'm tall and leggy, so they look good in some clothes. I hate my nose, mostly because my glasses weigh down on them and it hurts a lot.
4. I feel pretty normal, and being able to go to Japan for a while was great! Some people stare at my eye, but it feels like eye contact in regular conversations so I don't notice it as much as I should.
5. They look really cute in the right outfits.


Chiyo (also not her real name) is a Snake demoness/Lamia ambassador of her people. She serves as Lamia diplomatic personnel in Japan, and has done so since before the Masquerade breach. Chiyo's primary skill is as a diplomat, even though she still finds humans and other races a little strange. As a Lamia she is over energetic touchy and cold blooded, but possessed of potent powers of illusions, naturally likeable and capable of various minor magics.

Concept: Lamia Ambassador
Specialization: Diplomat
Physical: 2
Mental: 6
Social: 8
Will: 5

1. Why did you come to France? Why did you stay here for now? I was assigned here silly!
2. What is your job at ETC? Why did you join it? I'm the Ambassador and manager! I helped found it.
3. Which part of what you do do you like the most? Which part do you like the least? I like all of myself! I like my tail the most. It's so slithery! The only problem with me is I'm so shy. I like interacting with people in my job, and I hate forms
4. What is your opinion on the Reveal? Did you face discrimination as a result of it? It's great to be able to interact with humans openly. I never really faced discrimination but this is a step forward for the world.
5. What do you think about humans? They're funny creatures. I think they're so stand offish because of their warm blood. It must be uncomfortable for two hot creatures to coil up together.


Oraculus is a child of Argus Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant of Greek myth, sired before his death. Hera blessed these hundreds of children, and their descendents were often guards and investigators. Oraculus, a scholar and sorcerer amongst his kind, has taken a keen interest in the new times since the Masquerade fell, and is eager to study humans more closely. Physically, he resembles a giant sphere with a human mouth, with dozens of glittering eyestalks fanning out from it in all directions. Like his name suggests, he is a potent Oracle, able to see small details and supernaturally extrapolate. His eyes grant him 360 vision, but make him vulnerable to intense flashes. He tends to become fixated and obsessive, and is limited to weak tendrils for physical manipulation that can't lift too much. However, as a student of magic, he understands the power of mind manipulation and can fire psychic beams, and is capable of sustained flight.

Concept: Beholder Scholar
Specialization: Oracle
Physical: 3
Mental: 8
Social: 4
Will: 6

1. France is a hotbed of arcane and esoteric knowledge, as the origin of Arthurian legend and a homeland for the european Dragons of myth. The wealth of arcane artifacts and divine beasts cannot be overlooked (not to mention the historical and cultural significance).
2. I am a researcher and archiver, handling the inevitable paperwork and documentation that comes with our integration into human society, as well as cataloguing and researching mystical phenomena. I joined it in order to better access the lore of different cultures and for the inevitable support this requires.
3. I enjoy studying and manipulating magical artifacts and divine beasts. I dislike having to negotiate with mortal or divine beasts and their alien idiosyncracies. Manual labour is also tedious.
4. It certainly makes things easier when one doesn't have to hide one's nature. As I do not conform to humannormative appearance conventions, there are challenges and discrimination that come from being a floating sphere covered in eyes.
5. As varied and mixed as any divine beasts or gods, with similar challenges. Capable of being greatly interesting and boring in equal measures.

Kumiko (Currently Assumed Name)

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Kumiko is a kitsune, who formerly worked for the Japanese government before the fall of the Masquerade and currently works as a “human-youkai relations specialist.” She is quite adept at Kitsune Magic (Possession or Bewitching of People, kitsune-bi, Shapeshifting, Illusions, and various other things) but is vulnerable to the power/magic of faith. She is rather motherly and tends to take care of her friends and co-workers, and also has a number of descendants out in the human world that she keeps an eye on - particularly a granddaughter who has inherited a great deal of Kumiko's kitsune nature. She is a peacekeeper or peace-maker who finds it easy to work out and settle disputes, but sometimes can't resist her innate nature as a trickster. Kumiko is a kyuubi/nine-tailed kitsune but often pretends to be a lesser kitsune, and is listed in most records as a five-tailed kitsune. She is a leader among her race (including her "cousins" of the nine-tailed tribe such as the Kumiho and the Huli Jing) and is influential among oriental youkai in general.

Concept: Kitsune HR/PR Specialist
Specialization: Peacekeeper
Physical: 2
Mental: 7
Social: 7
Will: 5


1. I wanted to see more of the world after the Reveal and my presence was only making things worse for my daughter's family, thanks to some extremists who had targeted me. I knew Chiyo from before the Reveal so it was easy to land a job with the firm.
2. I work as a consultant for youkai who feel they have been discriminated or persecuted, as well as for humans or youkai dealing with the intricacies of a human-”monster” relationship. Chiyo's also dragged me into serving as one of the firm's public relation's faces. And I help with the cooking and keeping the office clean, but that's not really my official job.
3. I like getting to meet so many different people and youkai from around the world, but I hate dealing with some of the real anti-youkai types. It's hard to hold back and avoid tricking them – even if I would only teach them a much needed lesson.
4. I find the Reveal's effects to be ….... interesting, especially how human society is shifting. I've been able to blend with humans since I was young, and I worked with the occult departments of the Japanese government before hand so it didn't really affect me all that much. However, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren have suffered some discrimination since their heritage came to light.
5. They really vary quite a bit - the same individuals are capable of both great good and great evil, but something about them draws me in.


Ancient Awakened Angel of Death

Specialization: Fallen Angel of death
History: Fell along with other angels during the revolt in heaven. Was active in ancient babylon pretending to be divine, got trapped by some old magi and bounded. Tomb discovered recently in Iraq, and opened up by somebody.


She sees through lies.
She capable of manifesting heavenly fire
Disdains humanity
Practical Knowlegde ends at the bronze age
Natural state is spirit form
Bound to serve if they know her true name


Physical: 5
Mental: 6
Social: 2
Will: 8

===Appearance===: Ancient Mesopotamian lady with dark black hair in ringlets, with bronze colored eyes, and black wings.


1. Why did you come to France? Why did you stay here for now?

I was ordered here by the one who awakened me. The one with the funny tittle that rules the world.

2. What is your job at ETC? Why did you join it?

To watch and protect her interests.

3. Which part of what you do do you like the most? Which part do you like the least?

Getting to put to the fear into humans. Dealing with all this noisy technology.

4. What is your opinion on the Reveal? Did you face discrimination as a result of it?

They should be worshiping what is above them. Not to my face.

5. What do you think about humans?

Unworthy and ungrateful creatures >:(

Fluorallyl Mauvine

Fluorallyl is one of the more recent creations from the Union – a sentient polymorphic creature made from exotic black nano-paste. Fluorallyl is completely asexual, but she currently prefers a feminine shape and identity. She appears as a girl with long flowing hair, all of which appears to be composed of tar or asphalt.

Fluorallyl is a master of shape shifting, down to the nanotech level, which gives her incredible fine motor control, but she has problems with organic / living shapes, which tend to look artificial. She is a trained mercenary, with considerable combat prowess and related skills, usually using weapons made from her own body. She has an extremely wide range of senses, including many that humans cannot detect, but she has a hard time relating what she senses in understandable terms. She is very skilled with technology, and she is a capable hacker. Fluorallyl has some trouble understanding human mindset, but hides it behind an adorable personality. As a creation of the Union, Fluorallyl is unable to perceive magic or arcane power.


Physical 7 Mental 5 Social 5 Will 4

Specialty in shapeshifting


1. Why did you come to France? Why did you stay here for now?
The UN pays my ice cream, so they can order me around the world. France is a nice place to work with both side of the reveal, and there is so much exciting technology!
2. What is your job at ETC? Why did you join it?
I am a mercenary hired by the UN to help ETC. The UN liaison wanted me to work on my human relation skills since I'm still pretty young. He said I'm a bit too silly and bizarre for working with Thorns, but I fit in fine at ETC. I can make things, break things, become things and more as needed. The humans have a cool device known as multitool or Swiss Army Knife, and I am that to ETC.
3. Which part of what you do do you like the most? Which part do you like the least?
I like most of what I do, honestly. There's so much variety in shape and taste here, and I get to meet a diverse group of non-humans. Also, sometimes I meet enemies who I get to destroy! I don't like taking away sentients wills and playing favorites.
4. What is your opinion on the Reveal? Did you face discrimination as a result of it?
I was created after the reveal, and I think it's mostly a good thing. Some beings were hunting humans like they would non-sentients, which is really evil. As far discrimination, obviously I attract attention – I'm not of normal human coloration – but most people seem nice. One weird guy wanted me to to exchange fluids with him because I can make tentacles, so I tossed him out of the nearest window. Icky.
5. What do you think about humans?
Humans have an interesting shape, and they are really nice for interaction. I like my human voice better than my Union voice. They have really cool science and technology, and I can't wait to see what they do next. Plus, they make ICE CREAM!!!

Alice Carnet

Alice Carnet

Alice is a wandering spirit who started working with Eyes and Tails Consulting in order to find her way in this new modern world. She currently works as receptionist and general aide but sometimes finds herself in the field, especially when the investigation involves magic or spirits. In life Alice was a powerful sorcerer or witch who communed with spirits and non-human beings, laid potent curses and hexes, and had a deep understanding of European magic and mysticism. As a ghost she has retained her powers and gained both the traditional abilities and vulnerabilities of such spirits. Her powers allowed to save her town from a horrible monster but could not save her from the witch-hunters who soon followed. She was bound to the place of her execution, endlessly reliving being tortured and then burned at the stake, until a passing kitsune (Kumiko) took pity on her and released her.

Concept: Ghost Girl
Specialization: Mage/Mystic
Physical: 2 (It is difficult for her to interact with the physical world.)
Mental: 8 (She is a powerful magician.)
Social: 4 (Not everyone can see or sense her unless she makes an effort.)
Will: 7 (Her will is a large part of what ties her to this world.)