Days of Judgement

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The Mission

A crew unlike any other in history.
A ship from out of time
A mission to save everything
The walls are cracking, the seals have failed.
The Green...
A Silence "high" concept IRC campaign of massive crossover of #lords games. Seven game universes tied together. Vote for the remaining three on the talk page.
1. K-Files
2. Space Princess's Cycle
3. Expanse
4. LOE
5. Prayer Drive
6. Sphere
7. Nexus (dropped in recent event FRW/Neo Jove, Turn Applachia

PC characters

Post the relevant stats from the game they came from, so I can mash something together. And brainstorm: Translate your characters into what they would fall under in Desperta Ferro: Revolt in the Year 8999 char gen without regards to the points. If you're over it by a certain amount you will be considered a "Super Type" if you're around it you're "Real"


Senior Sergeant Valentin Orlov
Pilot Officer Renko Maksimov

Alekzandra Kolkova the Glasnosti

Sexy captain (in her own words) of the Sevnaiyan sub-ether ship Vepr. Overworked captain with a libertine crew.
Origin: LOE
  • Leadership
  • Cosmo Sea Command
Tags: Rivalry (Vera Sairyev), Politically Unreliable, Worldly


Fate: 5
IQ: 4
Wits: 4
Charm: 4
Cunning: 4
Durability: 2
Physical Action: 2


Black Mail
Horse Trading
Chummy 2
Bureaucracy 2
Legal 2
Speech Giving 2
Plotting 2


Special [Command] 6


Telepathy Bonus 4

Commissar Piotr Illyov

The political officer on the Vepr, Illyov is surprisingly indulgent of the off-ship antics of the crew, mostly because he's seen it all already.
Tags: Unflappable, Unquestioningly Loyal, Well-Informed, Probably Has Assassination Gadgets

Senior Sergeant Valentin Orlov

Head of the Vepr's small security detail, and in missions like this one, also in nominal command of the Naval Infantry complement.
Tags: Bodyguard, Overprotective, Bald Badass

1st Officer Andrei Shaposnov

First officer of the sub-ether ship. Takes care of much of the nitty-gritty of keeping a hypertechnomgic warship functioning.
Tags: Bookish, Collector, Detail-focussed

Pilot Officer Renko Maksimova

Pilot officer (helmswoman) of the Vepr. Always manages to get others in trouble.
Tags: Likes Men, Goofball, Eyeshades

Vepr - Akula class sub-ether ship

TL:9 (Eng:4, Chem:4, Phys:5, Psych/Mental:9)
+1 AI Assist
+1 SLINK Drive
+3 Cloak
+1 Geode Powered
+1 Torpedoes
+1 Sensors
+1 Shields



Teenaged Daughter of the goddess Ishtar. Formerly her mother’s Champion/Troubleshooter, now trying to find her way out of yet another crossover.
Origin: Nexus
Diety's Child
Rediculously Strong
Tags: Enormous, Golden Gleam, Already Lost in Space


IQ: 3
Wits: 4


Charm: 5
Cunning: 3


Durability: 7
Physical Action: 12


Black Mail
Horse Trading
Chummy: 1
Speech Giving: 1
Plotting: 1


Melee: 3
Special - Command: 3


Portrait of a young man on the cusp of destiny.

William Victor de Brightstar

Recently assigned staff officer of the XIX Star Lancers. Babysitter to the "Terrible Lasalle" sisters. Enjoys hikes in the woods, a fine wine cellar or two in the evenings, and foiling conspiracies hatched against the Phoenician Empire.
Origin: Space Princess
Staff Officer
Trouble follows him like a stray puppy dog.
Might be trying to save everyone


  • IQ: 4
  • Wits: 5
  • Charm: 5
  • Cunning: 5
  • Durability: 2
  • Physical Action: 3


Black Mail - 1
Horse Trading - 2
Chummy - 3
Bureaucracy - 4
Legal - 2
Speech Giving - 2
Plotting - 2


Piloting: 1
Gunnery: 3
Special (Strategy/Tactics): 5


Yamato Rin

Ambitious young Sakuran with a plan and a destiny that might not match.
Origin: Expanse


IQ: 8
Wits: 8
Charm: 2
Cunning: 3
Durability: 8
Physical Action: 8


Black Mail 0
Horse Trading 0
Chummy -1
Bureaucracy 0
Legal 0
Speech Giving 0
Plotting 0


Piloting 0
Melee 1
Gunnery -1
Sword Magic 5


Magic Sword [nothing it cannot cut (except the edge of a weapon)]
Global Untrained Penalty
Postcyberpunk Posthuman [hackable, computer brain, sleepless]


Linwood Brando the XIV

Immortal posthuman nobility with a family fortune based on traffic with the unknowable outside.
Origin: Prayer Drive
Fragile Posthuman
Space Wizard In A Tank, With An Army Of Killbots
Tags: Headmates, Lots of Angry Exes, Tin (Ladies) Man


IQ: 5
Wits: 6
Charm: 6
Cunning: 6
Durability: 2
Physical Action: 2


Black Mail 7
Horse Trading 7
Chummy 7
Speech Giving


Drone Command 4
PRAYER 3 (no attribute pairing, sux count double)


Rich: But his lifestyle keeps him limited.
KEY OF SOLOMON: PRAYER Aspected to Sin, Wealth and Desire.
Ducal Estates: Can reallocate skills and change appearance to the persona of a relative.
Combat Dolls: Fights using drones that each have 1-3 HP each depending on type.


Patience Harlan

Free Trader and Posthuman prospector
  • Posthuman bits
  • Flying a ship
Tags: free spirit, manipulative, problem solving.
20 points divided up among the categories
IQ 3
Wits 5
Charm 3
Cunning 5
Durability 3
Physical Action 3


Black Mail
Horse Trading 2
Chummy 2
Bureaucracy 1
Legal 1
Speech Giving 1
Plotting 6
Piloting 4
Gunnery 3
Delta Augmentations



Irina Polikarpov

The ever-faithful aide of Punished Desmond, who witnessed the worst of futures and continued his legacy. Was changed by the hell that is space, and perhaps forced to grow as a person now that the object of her obsession was gone and she was thrown into the deepest of waters, even if she lost chunks of her humanity with the passing years. Acquired the most fearsome revolver in known space, the 444 Bear Killer.
Origin: Space Princesses
Revolver Seagull
Has Fought Bears
Ex-Yandere, Still Killing Machine


IQ: 5
Wits: 6
Charm: 2
Cunning: 3
Durability: 6
Physical Action: 6


Bureaucracy: 5
Speech Giving: 1
Plotting: 3


Piloting: 3
Melee: 6
Gunnery: 6
Special: 2 (Fleet Command)




Agent "Ciel" EF232

Origin - Nexus / Expanse / K-files
Formerly a fierce and stealthy weapon against the Crimson, now granted new purpose as a servant of the Angels, this shape-shifting dimensional traveler bears their azure light into the darkness.
Master Shapeshifter / Infilitrator
Aspiring Member of the Church of the Divine Logos
Bearer of the Azure Light


Ravshana Marika bint Yasmin al-Lasalle
A recently promoted Colonel of the Royal Starforce loved by her friends, hated by her enemies, and running from an enormous pile of gambling debts.

Origin: Space Princesses
"tout hussard qui n’est pas mort à 30 ans est un jean-foutre"
Saravan-Colonel of the IIIrd Princess Alieda's Own Hussars "Belle Sabreuse"
Tatiana Wisla by xiamianliele.jpg


IQ [3]
Wits [5]
Charm [4]
Cunning [2]
Durability [4]
Physical Action [6]


Chummy [4]
Bureaucracy [2]
Speech Giving [3]
Piloting [3]
Melee [3]
Gunnery [3]
Special [Lead them into hell and most of them out again. 2]


  • "Arrival" 8-25-16: Called by a mysterious figure, a unwary group of heroes from across space and time are given a mission to to protect the Key. Atlantis makes its move on Rma. The Crimson are defeated on Joliet, and ESCHATON makes its move.
  • "Sakura" 9-10-16: The party splits in two fleeing the forces of ESCHATON. The Heinlein Hawk crash lands the world of Saskura, where the crew run into Rin, a magical schoolgirl and Duke Brando, a uploaded robot wizard from another universe who stumbled into this one fleeing mysterious attackers. Together they run into Sakura, who is revealed to be the mysterious figure who gave them key. Defeating her and freeing her from the geass, they now seek unlock the mysterious hiding in Sakura's mind before the mysterious force after Dio finds them in this universe.
  • "The World Beyond the Fog" The astronauts find themselves trapped on a world full of temples, and nazis and befriend a bigfoot.
  • "A Night at Freeport" 10-17-16 The crew of the Vepr land at Freeport, a massive collection of wrecked ships, aerial, naval and space lashed together around a 5 mile long mothership that serves as a homebase to many of the wanderers who are trapped on this alien planet. They end up a dinosaur show and restaurant run by crazed robots, who they steal supplies to repair the Vepr with while distracting the robots with a show of Ravi playing rodeo with a raptor. Along the way they end up meeting up with Gil, a super human "free lancer" who ends up serving a local guide in return for passage to the mainland. Also they discover rumors of ships going missing and signs that the Dread Pirate Hrang is trapped on this world as well. Before they leave, Ultima Thule launches an air raid on the city before being driven off. As they sail towards the mainland they discover a kraken in their path.
  • "The Red Tower": 11-05-16: The party after meeting up with Sakura decides to head downtown to recover her memories. However along the way they find that one of Sakura's towers she built for a undisclosed mystic project is under attack from mysterious invaders who are not from this reality. Facing off against angry fantasy Roman empire types, they realize after a deadly battle it was a miscommunication from the leader of the group, Translegate Cornelia, an artificial mage. The soldiers of the Eternal Empire had been summoned to the tower against their will. Cornelia is taken to the White Flame enclave as a guest, the Tower is blown up to stop its out of control magic, and Patience negotiates a deal to upgrade herself to Expanse standards. They soon find out that the Sakura is missing, Patience tracks her to a hidden ship in orbit, which the party follows via the White Flame Liaison Sihara's ship. Sihara orders a massive navy carrier and its escorts to intercept the stealth ship, which reveals itself in alpha strike destroying the White Flame forces and ripping a whole through space and time where it vanishes. After consideration, the crew decides to follow the ship ID's as being one of Great Atlantis's by Cornelia through the portal.
  • "The Witch" 11-15-16: The crew of the Vepr dodge the Kraken which seems to be hell bent on chasing them and arrive at the port-city of New Roanoke after surviving an unlucky engine failure. Gil departs them with the several members of the crew following him as he chases down his "daughter" who turns out to be the self proclaimed witch Eris, who seems to have ability to bend fate. After staring Gil down enough for Eris to surprise attack Gil, they escape along the way finding out that Eris can potentially allow them to escape as well the fact that Eris knows much about the LMC contingent of the crew.