Dark Heresy

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Dark Heresy

Exhack runs an action-y Dark Heresy game for #Lords. Because in the 40ist Millennium, there is only awesome. Expect frequent PC deaths and insane goings on.

Current Characters

People who are alive.

The Guardsman An Exhack Example sheet.

Galaxia Andronicus's first draft.


Lupis Soresu's Old Psyker Dude.

Samara Norseman's draft

Adept Mercutio Kokuten's blue-blooded Adept.

Assassin Constantine SUBLIMEinal's dead-eyed Assassin.

Dead Characters

Next update Thursday, September 9, 2010.

Notable Events

<@Andronicus> For shake of awesome I'm saying one of you rolled 44 so I get Aquila Tattoo
<@Shrike> d1
<@Andronicus> Shrike : ( 44 )
  • @Shrike buffs his knuckles on his shirt
<@Shrike> Who's the best starfighter in the fleet?

<Samara> "IT is probably for the better, I doubt I would do very well in Gunmetal city. On the other hand I do know much about the working classes."
<Samara> (Peer: Workers)
  • Lariana_Galatea is vaugely aware that they exist
  • Lupis strokes his long beard while deep in thought. "The Confessor may be of more import then the Interrogator. So I would concur."
  • Mercutio knows that the workers are indeed poorer than him.

<ExhackDM> Five men are killed in the ensuing blast and the remaining Heretek footsoldier puts his Autogun to his mouth and kills himself.
  • ExhackDM has changed the topic to: Victoly: Baneblade (Again)
<Lupus> (You gain 1,500 xp, 900 gil and a Hi-potion. :O )
<Mercutio> "Hm."
<Mercutio> "I know this may not be the best time."
<Mercutio> "But."
<Mercutio> "Who feels like looting their bodies for salvagable weapons?"
<Aguila> "... I'm not going to loot their bodies."
<Mercutio> "Could be... profitable."
<ExhackDM> 50 XP for Mercutio.
<ExhackDM> For making the GM laugh.

Special Rules

Initial Chargen Rules:

1. The Commissar cannot be moe. Or else *BLAM!*
2. All characters begin with 1000 Thrones or 3 months of pay at Rank 4.
3. All characters begin at Rank 4.

Game Rules:

1. Characters with fate points do not have to confirm Righteous Fury. This includes players AND enemies.
2. Chunky salsa rule may be subverted by burning fate points.
3. Bonuses may stack over +60 for characters with fate points.
4. Rule #1 is negated if both parties have fate points. If one party has expended all of theirs, however, the rule is played straight as normal. Fortune is capricious.
Tank is Fight

Type: Trait
Owned by: Galatea, Aguila, Mercutio, Lupus, Samara, Constantine
Effect: The listed characters are immune to Fear and Daemonic Aura while inside of armored vehicles, due to using a Baneblade to destroy a Greater Daemon of Khorne.

Party Gains

Thursday November 4

300 Playtime XP

25 Bonus XP for Constantine, Mercutio and Samara
50 Bonus XP for Galatea and Lupus
100 Bonus XP for Aguila

Item Gains

1 Malleus Daemonhammer 2d10+5+(2xSB) I, Pen 5, Sanctified, Power Field, Unwieldy
1 Malleus Thunder Shield 2d5+4+SB I, Pen 2, Sanctified, Power Field, Defensive
Doubles as Defense Field with Rating of 30, and 8 AP cover to arm and chest. Full action for entire body.

Thursday November 11

500 Playtime XP

2 Attribute Points for Free Distribution (EVERYONE LIVED)
25 XP for Aguila and Samara
50 XP for Mercutio and Galatea
100 XP for Lupus and Constantine