Blackbury Troubles

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Blackbury Troubles: D&Dth Edition

A recently formed party of adventurers has stopped in the town of Blackbury for a night's rest on their journey to the Great Fair of Sarone, an excellent place for adventurers of all stripes to find work. They found a couple of rooms at the Silver Flagon, a tavern and inn on the outskirts of town. But the night's piece was unexpectedly shattered – setting the party on the trail of their first real adventure.

This is a short 5th Ed D&D adventure, with the battles being fought on Roll20. The starting level is 1 and any kind of character is welcome, though at least one stealthy/sneaky character would be good. Please feel free to place your character sheets on the discussion page.

Acatalepsy - Malark Dotsk‎. Availability: Any day except Tues and Sun, traveling 24th-26th July.
Peel - Jahan. Cleric. Traveller from a monotheistic region overseas.
BM - Carlton Venz A mage and mercenary, heading away from the destruction of his previous criminal employer's demise. Wizard or Sorcerer. Available Tues, Wed, Thurs.
Aeon - (tentative) Tiefling acrobat and (occasional) thief. Rogue.