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SESSION on the 24th, and October 8th.


In 1998 the Galatea research satellite explodes. Despite some early claims of the entry of radioactive material into the jetstream the WHO/WSA publishes studies indicating that the material, despite some areas of increased radioactivity to dangerous levels, have had a negligible effect. In June of the year the Aeon Society, a philanthropic organization dating from the League of Nations, funds the construction of a number of research institutes to both study the radioactivity and as part of its on-going mission to improve the human "condition". As the years roll by in the course of human history is struck and for better or worse turned to a new path. In 2007, the man who would be the first Nova Erupts in the streets of New York, a miracle widely attributed to unknown latent effects of the Galatea explosion. And seemingly not too soon Project Utopia arose with its backers in the U.N. and amoung national governments to harness Nova Talent for the "betterment and future of mankind". Perhaps had Team Tomorrow existed when a freak series of earthquakes and a volcanic eruption destroyed the town of San Carlos the town and people might have been saved... And so after the first generation, three years later, a new group of Nova's erupt...

Due to certain disputes and disagreements with Project Utopia (mixed in with paranoia) The Organization has recruited a nova team based in Eastern Canada.


A small troubled state on the Indian ocean whose government, in the wake of a supposedly Democratic government being installed by popular sentiment following the collapse of its previous, and corrupt, strongman regime of General Amriah, received a great deal of international support as part of the War on Terror. Questions of why much of the populace is in revolt has not been dealt with... In mid 2009 Coalition troops fought "the battle of Tahati" in chaotic conditions and was forced to retreat with some heavy losses. With the death of the "Lion of Ranqstan" it was hoped that the insurgency would have been broken.
Currently dealing with the problem of large-scale Mite trafficking into the city, and Canada, and its related symptoms as its primary issue during the Nova Age.
Lake Hills Atomic Quantum Power Plant
The next-generation in power generation. Currently hoped to reduce reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels. Recently suffered quite a incident. . .
Mexico City
As run-down and lawless as ever; slowly improving due to the efforts of Project Utopia and the Mexican Government. VAG has a facility in the surrounding countryside and a 'office' in-town with connections to the more shady parts of the populace.


Aberrant Rules

Characters and Factions

Character/Player Info

Timeslot: Friday Evening / Sat @ 10 EST.

BM 6/7PM EST / 4 or 5 pm EST best for Sat
OP 9PM CST (8PM Mountain, 10PM EST)
Oseng 5 PM Central Fri onwards
Mal 6:30 EST onwards


Team Late


Team Early

6-8 EST ish

The Organization (Player Characters)


Norten Bates. Director of the Organization.
Commander Jeanne Katalin. The first Lady that Cortez hasn't "impressed". One of the agents of the Organization. Second in Command.

Chimera Unit Current Lineup
Emilio Cortez: Devilishly handsome Priest
Glory Goat: No goats, no glory
Scarlet Blanche: the girl who's good at everything
Avicenna Fresnel: What she lacks in mental warps she makes up in spatial warps!
Samantha Sullivan: Conspiracy theorist who knows they are watching!
Kimberly Leyland: Flying Ex-Marine
Megan LaMarsh: Shape-changing ex-RCMP

Chimera Unit Reserve Lineup
Marcus Brinkman: Gadgeteer Extraordinaire
John Page: Secret Agent Man


1 Steak Machine

Quantum 5
Wits 3
Mega-Wits 3
Only for matter creation use
Matter Creation 2
Limited to only one kind of matter (meat)
Permanent creation
Requires resources (grains)

6 Quantum Armors (base 2B/1L soak)

Base Benefits: 11B/10L soak Adaptability, Mega-Strength 2, Mega-Stamina 1 + Adaptability, Armor 3, Quantum 1, 16 month operational lifespan
Base Powers
Mega-Strength 2
Mega-Stamina 1 (1B/1L soak)
Armor 3 (+9B/9L soak)
Quantum 1
Style 2 (self-styling armor)
Double Jump Distance (not Quantum Leap)
Adhesive Grip x 2 (can run up vertical surfaces)

Additional powers are listed below


Stock Suit


Mega-Appearance 3
Quantum 3
Askew 5 (Manipulation + Askew, resisted by Willpower, successes reduce either Perception or Dexterity), Duration Maintenance (pay 2Q every 8 rounds)
Quantum Bolt 3 ([6] + 12L or [9] + 12B damage, 90 m range)


Integrated Electrolaser (+5 accuracy, 10 Stun/5L damage, continuous beam (RoF 3, -3 to multiaction penalty), Magazine 75/9 [stun/lethal])
Integrated Gauntlet Railgun (+2 accuracy, 11L damage, 750 range, single shot/burst, RoF 6, Magazine 1 [hold projectile to accelerate])


Fanservice Power (Cape + Even More Cleavage)
Hypermovement (Flight) 3
Integrated Gauntlet Railgun (+2 accuracy, 11L damage, 750 range, single shot/burst, RoF 6, Magazine 1 [hold projectile to accelerate])
Integrated Electrolaser (+5 accuracy, 10 Stun/5L damage, continuous beam (RoF 3, -3 to multiaction penalty), Magazine 75/9 [stun/lethal])


Energy Claws (+1L damage to melee attacks, melee is lethal)


Quantum 2
Mega-Strength 3
Integrated Electrolaser (+5 accuracy, 10 Stun/5L damage, continuous beam (RoF 3, -3 to multiaction penalty), Magazine 75/9 [stun/lethal])
Energy Claws (+1L damage to melee attacks, melee is lethal)
Shapeshifts alongside her

Project Utopia

Team Tomorrow Auxiliary (Americas)

Team Tomorrow (Europe)
Peter "Thorn" Knorr
Max Hastings

Team Tomorrow (Americas)
Doctor Carbonium
Victor Van Vanguard
Glory Girl

Other Groups




Hard Target
Frederick Shepherd
Lion of Ranqstan Former Ranqstan Liberation Front Nova strongman.

Other Groups

Non-Dead people

Cathy Madison. City of Toronto Cop (or Provincial Police?). Quite entralled with Father Cortez.
Walker Callahan. Retired after 30 years on the beat due to both age and wounds; sports a nasty facial scar which he keeps mum about.
Ruddy Lazajig. Possibly a Hardknocker, and possibly dead. Had a sister. Died right next to Sam.

Devil's Own/Randals Posse

Luis Randal. Mario's vastly more refined brother. Presumed leader of the cartel.
Mario Randal. Gunned down a clerk on thirty-sixth street and attempted to burn down Cortez's church. Now he's dead... somehow he cut his own throat in a back alley. Police mystified but not unhappy. Leader of Randal's Posse, or the Hardknockers.
Hardknocker 2 "the Angry Bitch". Capped in the knee. Presumably alive and angry. Foul mouthed little thing with a garlish lip piercing.

Other Blokes in Varying States of Freshness

Gustav B. Considered a crack of a researcher. Ryan once utterly destroyed a paper and surprise, surprise, Ryan wakes up twenty years later in a research facility and shoots him in the arm, leg and then face.

NPC Stats

Goon Leader

Attack 5+[5], Shotgun: 7d10L, 3B/5L. Dex+Wits: 6

Goon Knifeman

Attack 5, Knife Str+2d10, 3B. Dex+Wits: 5

Goon Mook

Attack 4, Pistol: 4d10L, 3B/3L, -1 Hurt, -3 Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated/Dead. Dex+Wits: 4


Attack 6+2, Rifle 8d10 L, 7B/4L. 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -4, Incapacitated, Dead

Sharpshooter (Professional)

Attack 8+2 (Dex4/Guns4), Rifle 8d10 L, 6B/4L. 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -4, Incapacitated, Dead


Attack 6, SMG Large 7d10L, 7B/4L. 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -4, Incapacitated, Dead
Flak: 4L/4B


M-Str 1, 5B/2L (Leather jacket). 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -4, Incapacitated, Dead
Punch Att: 6 Dmg: [5]+7B.
Chain Att: 5 Dmg: [5]+10B.
Attack 8+2 (Dex4/Guns4), Rifle 8d10 L, 6B/4L. 0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -4, Incapacitated, Dead

Gunman. WP3 Uzi 6d10L, 50 range, Clip 40. Dex+Dodge 6.


[23:29] * BM has not hit on any party members yet!
[23:30] <BM> This is a step up.
[23:34] <Andronicus> I dunno. You gave one a persona of a call girl under your control.
[23:35] <BM> Two of them.
[23:36] <Andronicus> Your not helping yourself
[23:37] <BM> Whoop whoop whoop whoop!
[23:37] * BM runs off.

<Glory_Goat> "Oh hey they fill it up again for free." After another glass. "Cool."
<Glory_Goat> "ALMOST enough to overlook their COMPLICITY in MURDER."

<Scarlet> "Yes I'm good at everything."
<Andronicus> Except getting Cortez before Avi. That bitch!

Scarlet blinks and realises she's taking charge
<Scarlet> "I'm sorry" *Blush*
<Scarlet> "This is very strange..."
<Emilio> "You seem to lead naturally."
<Scarlet> "I feel like I know what to do here."
<Andronicus> Cortez doesn't seem to mind. Perhaps he likes "strong" woman. he didn't resist very well when Avi made her move.
<Emilio> "You seem to know how to handle almost any situation.
<Andronicus> (oh god this is turning into Aberrant the Harem)
<Emilio> Or glory.
<Emilio> (NOT MY FAULT)
<Scarlet> "Maybe I should try grabbing and kissing you sometime."
<Glory_Goat> It's not like he had a choice with Glory

<Andronicus> I suppose I could hand out 1XP for taking advantage of Glory Goat.
<Emilio> For who?
<Andronicus> Despoiling the innocent. You MURDERER >:(
<Oseng> taking advantage of???
<Avicenna> everyone
<Emilio> What about Emilio?
<Emilio> EVERYONE took advantage of him!
<Emilio> Including the goat!
<Avicenna> it's not taking advantage of him when he wants it ;)

<Andronicus> Anyway Avi is now a cosmic horror inside a nova woman's skin
<Warboss> Megan is an instigator!
<Warboss> She can have tentacles, too! D:<
<MJ12> lol

Scarlet and Glory