A Certain Silence Mobius

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A Certain Silence Mobius


The year is 2089, fifteen years after World War III. The location, New Eden, a floating city built near the island republic of Kiribati, the first ever corporate private city recognized by the United Nations. The city is built in a circular float and has seven main districts with the central one being the largest. Home to over five million inhabitants its governed by the Sea Habitat Eden Build Agency conglomerate and is home to rapidly still under construction orbital elevator project that are expected to be fully commercially viable within a year.

The city is also prominently home to the variety of academies to deal with the Esper population that has grown up as a result of the aftermaths of the Third World War, as well as various private military contractors that have also grown openly powerful from the destruction of so many old nation states. The city also has gained notoriety as the resurgent criminal underworld has moved in. Thus in a swirling melange of mega-corporations, mercenary armies, and organized crime and what’s left of the nation state intelligence agencies, enters a new player taking an active measure on the stage, those who claimed to rule from the shadows: the magicians.

Character Creation

Character Stats: 20 points to divide up
Every Character Starts with 1 point in each stat.

  • Rank 2: 1
  • Rank 3: 2
  • Rank 4: 4


Constitution (HP is this number times 3):

Special Stats

  • Esper Drain starts at 5 dots, and increases each dot by 2 points.
  • Mana starts at 7 dots at and increases by another 7 points with a cost of 10 points.


30 points to spread out, costs double with each point spent in a skill.

Combat Skills

  • Ranged Weapons
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Melee Weapons
  • Martial Arts
  • Small Arms

Darkside Skills

  • Esper Lore
  • Magic Lore
  • Enigmas
  • Dowsing
  • Summoning

Politic Skills

  • Savoir Faire
  • Threatening
  • Flowcharting
  • Bureaucracy
  • Finances

Dirty Business

  • Stealth
  • Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Disguise
  • Contacts


ESPER Student

  • Darksider: +2 combat use, faction member
  • Normal +1 utility roll, extra free reroll per scene.

Espers have generally a singular power based on one of the fundamental laws of reality (though in the process of their power they appear to break it). The exact mechanism what triggers ESP is still undetermined but widely attributed to the even known as Angel’s Fall that saw the twin destruction of Las Vegas and Shenzhun. They have 5 points to spend for esper powers, 10 if they go all in singular power. More exotic or powerful ESPER skills are consulted with the GM. ESP actions are rolled with your basic character stat and have a drain 1 per usage. You can with additional points of drain add half your ESP to the roll to further fortify it. Upon successful action, you can roll a d10 and if you get over 5 you regain a point of drain.

ESPER Powers

Mind Reading
Remote Viewing


  • Cutting Edge (2 Free Cyborg points, but tied to a faction)
  • Soldat (Can above cyborg con limit by 3)

Cyborg soldiers are the future of warfare. Cyborgs are all about enhancing what is there and giving more mundane abilities, the downside is the cutting edge is always moving on and its expensive and sometimes impractical for a cyborg to stay always cutting edge. Cyborg Modifications: You can safely have 1 point of cyborg modification per dots in Con. Cyborgs get 5 mod point to start off with.


  • Reinforce Spine 1 Mod point
  • Armor Plating 1 mod point per usages
  • Enhance Senses 1 mod point per sense enhance
  • Implanted Weapons base fee of 2 mod points
    • Melee mod point per dice added
    • Firearms 2 mod points per dice added
    • Heavy Weapons 3 points per dice added
  • Cyberbrain 2 mod points
  • Familiar AI 2 mod points
  • Life Support 1 mod point


The self proclaimed rulers of the shadows. To call them a conspiracy would be a insult to them as they were a breakaway civilization since the dawn of time ranging from the priest-kings of old. However, time and internecine strife as seen their influence wane in the last century as the nouveau rich have dare challenged the ancient families and organizations.

Magic is fundamentally an *alien* force to normal laws of reality. In the age of Enlightenment attempts to codify into a science have failed as what works for one mage regardless of training or creed may not for their fellow student with the same background. Magic has some limitations and its from their that the mages can start to quantify about what they can do by what they cannot.

Mages call upon three sources of power, the most dangerous and primal is themselves which threatens to burn their lifeforce up, second is the ambient energy of the area, which makes leylines critical to magic, and third is from the Outside which has its own problems. Each mage has an affinity for two fields of magic and disaffinity for third. Affinity fields hit on 5, disaffinity hits on 8.

Magic is rolled straight value and the effect is generally yes or no success, attack mage does the equivalent of 5 damage points. Magic in combat is very draining, and small single scale attacks drains 2, a medium attack drains 4 and large is 6. Magicians can spend a turn calling upon ambient mana to restore their pool, or roll against their own constitution to fuel a spell, a failure resulting in a wound. Fights on leylines allow for reduced drain, ritual and foci can also help in that regard.

Mages have 5 levels of mastery and have a pool of 12 points to spend to start off with:

1: 1 points
2: 3 points
3: 5 points
4: 7 points
5: 9 points


  • Creation
  • Destruction
  • Alteration
  • Movement
  • Mentalism

Tools of the Trade

Basic Smalls Arm +1 Damage (Ammo 6)
Basic Long Arms: +2 Damage (Ammo 12)
Basic Heavy Arms +4 Damage
Basic Melee +1
Basic Armor: +3 Soak
Heavy Clothing +1 Soak