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Mission Statement

Planescape was cool but it had flaws and is long dead, let's make an update/revision of it. With 5e on the way it's a good time.


  • The editions are in flux, so no mechanics.
  • The planes should be a good place for adventure, even the upper planes or low-level adventures.
  • Alignment is a blind and sometimes alien cosmic force, not the human condition. They may correlate, but they do not map.
  • The planes should be big, not by writing 'infinite' everywhere like bad SF adds zeroes, but by evoking hugeness.
  • Interesting aspects of the planes should be discussed in detail.
  • The planes should be varied and distinct.

Overview of the Cosmos


  • Law endorses an objective reality governed by impersonal rules. It is truth.
  • Chaos endorses personal subjectivity. It is freedom.
  • Good endorses selflessness and compassion.
  • Evil endorses cruelty and malice.


  • The Inner Planes are material. Conflicts here are mostly practical.
  • The Outer Planes are idealist, the home of most gods and defined by belief. Conflicts here are mostly ideological.
  • The Transitive Planes are connections and spaces between areas.
  • The Prime Material Plane is the convergence of the Inner and Outer planes. It doesn't concern us very much.