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Map of the Eastern North American Theater



A quiet northern country best known for its peaceful fishing villages, Plymoth has become a favored vacation destination for the rich and powerful. As the current war rages on across the continent, it has also become something of a safe haven for anyone with the money to escape to its relative calm. Scarcely any invader or lunar forces have been seen operating within its borders.


Progressive and highly industrialized country, Delewar's democratically elected parliament has guided it into an age of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately one of the legacies of a half century of relative peace was a small and inadequately organized army that proved to be no defense at all against the arrival of enemies from space, even when reinforced by ancient weapons recovered from the central highlands. Chaos reigns in the western regions of the country and the cities are rife with rumor that the enemy is headed east.

The prestigious White Rose Academy is located on the outskirts of a major city on the eastern coast.

The New Dominion

Originally ruled by a fanatical religious sect that believed it was their divine right to rule the world, the New Dominion once stretched far into the west and south. Its historic empire was largely lost to the rise of the Piedmont Republic and Cinati, and the modern Dominion has become a less zealous state more interested in attracting tourists to its beautiful temple cities than in conquest.

So far there have only been a handful of invader attacks into the Dominion's territory, but they have all inflicted severe casualties upon its army and rumors persist that the Dominion military has recovered some strange super weapon from a mountain cache which they intend to use in the event of a major incursion.

Piedmont Republic

A sprawling empire ruled by hereditary county governors who elect a President from amongst their own number. Piedmont is the premier military power in eastern North America, having over the last several decades fought and won a number of wars in the west as well as led the coalition against Cinati. The first wave of invader forces landed in Piedmont and caused extensive damage before being checked by the regrouping Piedmont Army and its mountain cache battle machines. As lunar forces arrived and launched their own invasion in turn, it rapidly became apparent that once mighty Piedmont had entered into a war for its own survival.

Tegesta Confederacy

An alliance of several city-states deep within the Tegesta Peninsula. Although the bulk of their military forces were positioned along the Piedmont border, a column of invader machines have broken through their lines and are roaming the swamps largely unchecked.

Kingdom of Neorles

Having lost even the port city which was the capital city and crown jewel of its empire, the Kingdom of Neorles is a shadow of its former self. Bordered on both sides by expansionist military powers, it seemed doomed to be completely removed from the map but the arrival of invader forces in both Piedmont and the distant heartlands of the Riogran Empire have given it a reprieve of sorts.

Cumberland and the Three Rivers League

Originally two relatively minor states, both the Three Rivers League and Cumberland have nearly doubled in size with lands taken from defeated Cinati. Although neither of them have the military potential of the coastal states, especially when taken into consideration that so far they have found few ancient caches, the fact that neither lunar or invader forces have advanced into their territories so far has given their leadership a considerable amount of room to maneuver.


Defeated by a coalition of the Three Rivers League, Cumberland, Piedmont, and Delewar, Cinati has lost considerable territories and autonomy. Although its original ruling family is now extinct, its new rulers are men who have not missed the potential given to them by the fact that their most powerful enemies are now preoccupied with their war against the otherworldly invaders and the lunar forces.

Pitt and The Lakes

Sparsely populated and rumored to be haunted, the race is now on to recover what technological treasures might be buried away within these regions. It is not a treasure hunt without risks, as considerable invader forces have been sighted in both areas and rumors persists of other ancient dangers lurking in wait.

Eastern Militia Mobile Suits


Western Mobile Suits

These are the suits the Western Theater



General-Purpose Mobile Suit

This suit makes up the majority of Western forces, as we were able to excavate a number of them. They carry a giant rifle and a large sword or ax, making them quite versatile. Melee: 2 Firepower: 2 Defenses: 2 Speed: 2 Special: 0



Commander's Mobile Suit

This suit is built to serve as a leader for other mobile suits. It has superior wireless systems, more resilient armoring, and even a sword like our infantry officers. The sword is unique, as it appears to made of fire or light when being used, and it is easily capable of cutting through stone or armor like a welding torch. Extremely rare Melee: 3 Firepower: 2 Defenses: 3 Speed: 3 Special: 0



Artillery Mobile Suit

Much like the 'Yomi, this is an artillery suit with long range and superior guns and rockets. The Tiger is more agile, and is capable of defending itself in close combat Melee: 1 Firepower: 5 Defenses: 3 Speed: 2 Special: 0

Artemis Vessels



ARTEMIS air carrier

Most commonly seen ARTEMIS ship, notable for carrying supplies and combat machines in the aft section. The front sections can operate independently like a giant aeroplane.



ARTEMIS space cruiser

Spotted commonly on telescopes, these are believed to serve the same role as out naval capital ships in space, but can also launch combat machines such as the Chandra.



ARTEMIS space flagship

Spotted by telescope, this vessel is reported to be the ARTEMIS flagship.

Artemis Combat Machines



Primary Artemis CM

The Chandra is the most feared silhouette of the war, descending from the skies and laying waste to our forces. They have speeds sufficiently fast to create a thunder-like boom with even using weapons, and their weapons are truly fearsome guns and guided rockets. Fortunately, their armor is not proof against our new mobile suit weapons. Melee: 0 Firepower: 3 Defenses: 2 Speed: 3 Special: 0

Chandra variants

There are a number of variant designs based on the Chandra CM, including the Chandra-P sky patrol variant, the Chandra-S submarine variant, and the Chandra-T armored quadruped tank. There are rumors of an ace pilot flying a Chandra-X with advanced capabilities, and photos have shown an unusual variant...



Advanced CM

Used by leaders and commando teams, the Ceridwen is built to fight mobile suits and combat machines, and are easily a match for our best suits. It can use a variety of weapons at long range or in close, and has extremely durable armor. Melee: 2 Firepower: 3 Defenses: 3 Speed: 3 Special: 0



Artillery CM

Used to engage our fortresses and later the Colossi, the 'yomi has a cannon capable of punching through a mountain, but is very slow to move. It is built out of extremely tough armor. Melee: 0 Firepower: 4 Defenses: 3 Speed: 1 Special: 0

Spy Photos

Ceridwen variant?

Ceridwen variant?




They appeared without warning, and are apparently the enemies of ARTEMIS as well as our militia forces. They show considerably variation in design, but all act with cunning and intelligence.



General Purpose Colossus

The most common Colossus is a tremendous being looking like a suit of armor brought to the size of a skyscraper. They can fire beams of light from ports their body, most commonly from the head. They can also use giant weapons the size of a building, and possess strength to match their size. They tend to explode violently when destroyed.



Heavy Constructor

The chief builders of the vast crystal structures of the Colossi, these beings are strong and powerful, but possess limited weaponry.



Combatant Colossus

The most powerful of the common colossi, this being is usually found in the most dangerous fighting. It has weapons that include beam of light that seem to seek out their targets, as well as extremely fast rocket-like weapons.



Unique Colossus

This Colossus is legendary, for it carries a weapon the size of a ship, and is believed to be the only one of its kind. We know this being is important to the colossi, but is of unknown role. All units that have attempted to engage this unit have been destroyed.