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Your Character

You have 50 points to design your character. Any excess points can be saved for increase later.

Level 1 - 1 CP
Level 2 - 3 CP
Level 3 - 6 CP
Level 4 - 10 CP
Level 5 - 15 CP
Level 6 - 21 CP
Level 7 - 28 CP
Level 8 - 36 CP
Level 9 - 45 CP
Level 10 - 55 CP

In short, to improve a stat costs (current level + 1)


These are the defining 'hard' characteristics of your character.


How good you are at beating people up, taking hits, running around, etc.


Your innate intelligence, as well as your ability to notice things


How well you paid attention during school; a measure of your book learning.


How (un)attractive you are and how well you can convince people to do what you tell them to do.


How much magical power you can channel


You may also buy Specialties, which are substats giving you additional strengths in one field. Each specialty is bought as per regular stats cost and adds during the appropriate situation. In especially appropriate situations, Specialties may add even more points to the stat.

Example for Physical: Sniper (superior bow/gunmanship), Duelist (swordsmanship), Big Guy (brawling, clobbering, not-dying), etc.


These are things that are particularly limited in application or do not necessarily apply to character stats. It can cover things like having a family heirloom of exceptional power, a lot of money in portable format, mutant powers like healing factor, etc. Request one and the GM will provide a cost and effect.



People who came from planets, where local environments and gravity have made them strong and tough. All Grounders get a +1 bonus to Physical.


Spacers have lived in the Deep Sky for generations, where magic flows easily and education is more pervasive. All Spacers get a +1 bonus to Knowledges.


Humans are quite common, making up a substantial part of the Imperial population and controlling many other smaller states outside. Humans can be Grounders or Spacers and get no other bonuses.


Also known as 'Elves', the Alfar spread across the stars and created the Empire in the mists of history. Somewhat shorter and slimmer than humans, they are also quick-witted and move with fluid grace. Alfar get +1 Smarts but suffer -1 Physical, and may be both Grounders and Spacers.


The best way to get in a fight with a Devgar is to call him a 'Dwarf'. Short and incredibly stout, they are some of the galaxy's most famous craftsbeings. Devgar get +1 Physical and +1 Big Guy, but suffer -1 Powers. The vast majority are Grounders.


Beastfolk appear to be the merge of man and animal by some ancient sorcery. Beastfolk get +1 Physical Specialty depending on breed.


It is the lucky merchant who has not had a run-in with Takai at some point in his or her career. A race of scoundrels, adventurers, explorers and wanderers the Takai claim no world for their own. Many millennia ago their homeworld was ravaged and all but destroyed by powerful extraplanar forces; all the Takai that exist today are the descendents of those who had already departed that cursed, forgotten world or managed to flee even as their planet was coming apart.

Appearing like statuesque hybrids of man and bird, Takai are known for the rich plumage where most other demihumans would have hair. This is particularly noticeable on their arms which commonly trail long, soft feathers half a meter or more long. For this reason, Takai tend to wear lightweight, flowing clothing and often eschew any form of armor whatsoever, preferring jewellery infused with potent defensive charms.

Takai get +1 Fast Talk and +1 Deep Flight, but suffer -1 Physical. All Takai are Spacers.


The self-willed undead soldiers of the Necromantic Wars, they have since been freed of their compulsion and now serve no-one but themselves. Revenants get +1 Physical, +1 Hard To Kill specialty and bonuses against certain magics, however they also get -1 Charisma. Revenants may not chose to the Spacers or Grounders.

Characters List

Bethica Lithui
Lucien Tourville
One Luna
Albrecht von Highton