The Sunken Worlds

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The world is fading.

You live deep within the earth, in the ancient land at its heart, where a thousand islands circles around a vast artficial sun, the creation of your ancient ancestors. Over the millenia, much was forgotten - including the knowledge of the past, and the secrets of how the world was created.

Of course, no system can persist eternally. Ever so slowly, the magic and technology of the ancients that has been keeping the world alive, a gentle paradise for its inhabitants, has been failing - and nobody knows how to repair it anymore.

The search for the pieces of your distant past is taboo - but in face of the creeping end of the world, even taboos can be broken.

You will venture forth, to distant and strange lands, sunken worlds of this earth - and look for the traces of the knowledge that may save your world from oblivion.

And the sun continues to fade, covering the land of Eden in eternal twilight...

Character Creation

The system is a standard #lords d10 affair.

There are four stats to track:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Integrity

Perception is handled via physical or mental rolls, depending on the situation. Integrity is used, among other things, to resist magical attacks and other related - or otherwise exotic - effects.

You have 21 dice overall to assign to your stats. You also have a single speciality, which lowers the difficulty to succeed at tasks, (success number for related tasks being 5 instead of 6) and adds one dice to the relevant stat. This speciality can be anything; from something that the character picked up as his or her job, to a magical sword.

Both magic and technology exists - Mental and Social are the relevant stats for using those slivers of ancient knowledge that still persist in the fading world. Technological wonders generally use mental - magic can use both Social and Mental, depending on its nature; shards of the past wonders are nevertheless myriad, and range from highly structured and mathematical thaumaturgy to songs that can subtly alter reality. Social is also, of course, used during certain social interactions.