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Edit this page and put your thoughts and ideas for everything. We can organise it later. For now.


If we're going fantasy, i'd like some sort of post or post post apocalyptic fantasy, perhaps with steampunk elements.


  • Premise 1: we can go big or go small
  • Premise 2: if we went big, we'd need to make some small games for practice
  • Conclusion: We should go small and achievable and see what turns up, then see what groups of people want to do what.
  • Peel's Idea: Crib from the Souls atmosphere. The heroes are adventurers (cast of entertaining #lords characters) breaking into some ancient lost city or whatever, and gradually unpicking what happened there. Or maybe a single adventurer who revivifies locals to work with. The hook is the mystery and a series of good revelations and atmospheric/entertaining NPCs can maintain interest for the length of a short RPG.

City of Flowers

(A Peel/Mal/FBH idea set. Working name.)


The outside world exists as discrete chunks/planes with travel facilitated by portals. These portals can be controlled by throw a fort around them on both sides.

An overgrown (overgrown and then wilted? | angkor wat-like?) ancient city with a flower motif revealed when a new portal is rediscovered/reopens.

The city may start quiet, having been asleep for a thousand years or whatever and then respond to intruders.

A lot of the things that seem like good ideas, like releasing the crystal girl or reactivating the fountains tends to turn out to be bad ideas.

Party is trapped in the City for stretches of the plot along with other semi/mostly antagonistic groups.

Some kind of campsite/guild hall locale may be needed. Maybe with a garden.



Assets exist for all these.

An angry, exciteable and generally counter-troped flower girl that puts genuine care and attention into growing flowers but has convinced herself that she hates that sort of thing and would rather be adventuring. Prone to making questionable decisions. Often has an option to solve problems with bees as she does keep bees for the purpose of growing flowers. Lives on outskirts of town. Some generic overworld problems lead to her stumbling upon the City of Flowers portal.

Depicted with two flowers in her hair and thus has two "Flower" accessory slots. Her home has a garden where it is possible to grow flowers as gear or consumeables.

An older girl who generally happily goes along with Rana to make Rana happy. Very regular, possibly ONLY customer of Rana's flower shop. Mage. Has a set of optional content under debate.

Rana's rival and mutual-tsun who lives in town and runs a much more successful flower shop featuring flowers that do not wilt. It turns out this happens to an flower she touches and is involuntary. She is a descendent of the City Dwellers. Generally presents herself as responsible, proper and ladylike but can get just as exciteable as Rana.

Depicted with one flower in her hair and has one "Flower" accessory slot.

Rana's non blood related sister. Works as a sergeant at the castle. The only person who is truly totally reasonable. Usually totes a shield and tanks but has a badass moment she dual wields swords.

A manipulative jerk of a kemonomimi thief. Forms a three-girl voting bloc with Rana and Melody, legitimating the group's bad ideas.


Psychopathic Dryad
An old cherry tree spirit who makes you explode into flowers. Probably a boss.

Girl in a Crystal
Releasing her turns out to be a bad idea.