The Hollow

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Factions and Locations

Pandaemonium Academy

The school.

Sengoku Paradise

Sengoku Jidai-themed maid cafe.

Vibhikarna's Palace

Casino with an indian rakshasa theme.

Platinum Paradise

Futuristic maid cafe, moving in with Mammon behind it. Newly backed by the Culinary Club of Pandaemonium Academy. The Science Club is also rumoured to have an interest, but this may just be prejudice.


Multifaith priestess gimmick cafe. Can be unhealthy for those allergic to holy symbols.

Heart of Darkness

Angst-themed butler cafe. The food looks great but is empty inside.

Iblis Fire Brigade

A local radical group, which believes that the inferno should be an inferno rather than an array of ironic parodies of mortal life. Set and exacerbate fires.


Magical Girl-themed maid cafe. Extremely high sugar content.


An underground marketplace built in reclaimed (sometimes) sewers. Was recently burned out and is still recovering.

Naglfar Hall

A Valhalla-themed pub in a boat moored in the river Styx. Has reputable mead. Not to be confused with the real Naglfar.

Night Fall

Vampire-themed cafe and B&B.

The Soak

A damp noneuclidean tangle of alleys and stalls with a life of its own. Outsiders who go in often do not come out. Trade between those who live inside and outside typically takes place along the perimeter.

The Station

The squat, grim fortress of the local City Guard, effectively the most powerful local gang.