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"In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the winged goddess of retributive justice, righteous anger, and divine vengeance. She inflicted the justice of the gods on the proud and those who flaunted the law. No one could escape her power. She was also known as the daughter of Night.

This Greek goddess helped to avenge those who were wronged. Originally an abstraction of righteous indignation against evil, this idea was later personified as Nemesis, goddess of divine justice and vengeance. Her anger is directed toward human transgressions of the natural, right order of things and the hubris behind it. Nemesis pursues the insolent and the wicked with inflexible vengeance."[1]

"The Quiet have defied us long enough. Their wickedness and hubris is clear to all. We know your skills, and your history. Who we are is of no concern to you. All need to know is you died and resided as simple data, have been granted you new forms to bring justice to Quiet and avenge the slain. This ship is your instrument, and its systems are at your disposal. Now awaken, daughters of Nyx, and go forth."

This was the last thing you heard before appearing in resurrection pod on a ship you had never seen before.

A New Tale of the Expanse

This is a spinoff story of the Expanse with a focus on operations against the Quiet. Diplomacy, building forces, raids on enemy bases, secret research projects, romance, space combat, you name it. Characters are made using Expanse rules, and can be any clade. So, furballs, elves, little girls, powergirl, etc. All characters get one additional skill for ship combat that they can spend points on in addition to their profession skills. This is used when the character links up with the ship in crisis situations.

Your characters were formerly lost mindstates granted new bodies by some organization, with the fundamental goal of fighting the Quiet. Please note that your characters were chosen to work well together. Evil characters can be made, but should be capable of working in groups and unlikely to do things that would jeopardize the mission.

Character Sheet Here

The Adrasteia

The Adrasteia is a cruiser-class warship that obviously represents an intensive expenditure of resources. The ship possesses a substantial armament of drone racks and particle cannon batteries. The point defense system is partially based off of Shalburo tachyonic weapons, incorporating several decelerators obtained off the black market. These FTL weapons, along with an array of military grasers, make the point defense system nearly impenetrable by STL weaponry. The armor is top of the line exotic matter, with a unusual metamaterial chameleonware system. The ship's stealth features make it extremely hard to detect unless the shields cycle on or there is a considerable influx of radiation. In addition to the Mishrandri Generator, the ship possesses a monopole fusion reactor that can even fuse protons, giving considerable endurance and reducing the ship's spatial distortion signature. The ship possesses normal drive systems, but these are secondary to an Aphek reactionless thruster unit, possession of which is punishable by permanent death under Aphek law.

The Adrasteia is obviously a warship, and an extremely dangerous one at that. To allow for work undercover and in civilian settings, the ship has a discretely modified Mallard landing shuttle that incorporates a pair of hidden energy drones, hyperdiamond armor, and basic chameleonware. The shuttle is comparable to a light freighter or courier, and has a number of valid registry profiles established.

Designed for a small crew, the Adrasteia has ample living space, with fully programmable nanofabricators and recycling systems. The expected endurance of the ship in deep space is measured in the decades, and with access to raw materials that becomes centuries. There is a fully stocked laboratory area for research and development, an armory containing military-grade weaponry and hardsuits, an isolation area, a fairly large cargo bay, and top-notch medical/resurrection facilities. The CIC is located near other key systems in a specially armored region of the ship separate from the bridge. It has chairs and link systems for each person on the crew. There is also a sealed area which is strictly off limits to the team in this area.

The Adrasteia possess a fully sapient intelligence capable of directing the ship and assisting the team. As she considers herself to be one and the same as the ship, she does not have an avatar, instead using her voice and ever-present utility drones. She has a deep love of her job, especially combat, but she often seems strange and hard to comprehend. Her technology is... different from normal Expanse mental architecture, and she gets very defensive when asked about it. It is evident it would be extremely difficult for her to backup her mind, unfortunately. She loves to talk shop and fabricate food or drink. Notably, she greatly appreciates any help in combat or dangerous conditions, letting her focus more on the other aspects of combat.

While the Adrasteia is extremely powerful, there are a number of areas that are potential weaknesses. The nanofabricator feedstock is lacking in rare elements and exotic materials, limiting the equipment that can be produced. Some of the more exotic systems would be extraordinarily difficult to repair. There are no AKVs, gunships, or groundcraft present aboard the ship. The ship will also attract attention like few other vessels.

Ship Combat Skills

Note that piloting and command do not appear here, as they are usable both in and out of the link. The link allows for drones and other small craft to be controlled in combat.

Damage Control
Common for technicians, this skills allows a woman to direct repair drones and nanoswarms to keep the ship intact. This is also useful for repelling boarders.
Electronic Warfare
Common for hackers and technicians, this covers the use of decoys, ECM/ECCM, and even hacking into enemy ships.
Fire Control
Firing the big honking space guns and other weaponry at targets.
For the sharp of mind, this covers long range detection and scanning. Something needs to appear on sensors for fire control to achieve lock.

Public Character Profiles

No need to list everything, just what your character is good at, bad at, and other obvious stuff that you would have on your AR profile. I will have all of the actual character sheets.