The Dragon Against the Storm

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How can a man gain immortality?
The struggle of men against men
The struggle of legion against legion
The struggle of worlds against worlds
In the Noosphere are the victories recorded
Only through conflict may men win glory
Only through glory may a man be remembered

- the Thalattan catechism

Tempest: The day ten years after

The day. You remember it. Everyone remembers it.

"Where were you on the Day?" "What were you doing on the day?" Indelible. Flashbulb. You were in class. You were in the woods. You were with your parents. Someone came. You saw a news update on your overlay. You saw the first weapons coming down.

Tempest, proud old Tempest. Its resistance was no longer or more glorious than any other world. The exo-orbital battle was lost in minutes. The battle of the surface lasted only hours. Orbital drop knights devastating most military bases and assembly areas before the defence force could even mobilize. Surrender votes, the last votes, unconditional as demanded, hit the networks almost before the mobilization orders did.

No more votes. No more leaderlessness. Tempest is a colony of the Noonsphere now. It obeys orders. The Imperial garrison and the rebuilt Tempest military and government see to that. The old ways are dead so they say.

Some though, might think differently.

Character Archetypes

The Incomer

From another planet, you came here as a refugee, only to find there is no refugee.

+Connections +exotic
No More than -2 the number of Tempesti or 1, whichever is higher.

The Islanders

A native of Tempest's islands, you are the proud representative of a centuries old culture, one of the oldest outside of Earth itself. Now you see that culture under threat.

++ power -metabolism
Any Number

The Continentals

Inhabitants of Tempest's vast forests and interior. You have recently found themselves servants of a vast empire, and are not happy.

Any Number

The Renegade

Someone important from the Noonsphere who has somehow gone over to the rebel cause.

++ Dark backstory - Dark Backstory
No More than One