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(assuming d10 dice pools for the moment, easy enough to convert to ticks on a d20 or 2d10 roll)

Wealth: Wealth is used to acquire Assets. It abstractly represents both the household staff that keep the whole estate ticking over as well as the character's actual portfolio of properties, corporations, hoards of treasure, and seigniorial levies and tolls. At any level of Wealth, characters are fantastically rich but usually have surprisingly little liquidity. Many feodal dues go straight back into covering overhead, antiques take some time to sell off to interested parties, businesses may not actually have cash to hand without disrupting normal operations, etcetera. However, characters can use their wealth to secure favorable mortgages and lines of credit.

  • Every time you succeed at a Wealth roll at least one die becomes loaded with Debt, and can no longer be used until it has been paid off. Alternatively, one can choose to "burn" wealth, spending dice permanently to ensure success or clear away Debts.
  • Wealth clears existing Debts at the start of every new quarter, up to a quarter of the current Wealth score.
  • Any remaining Debts will start collecting interest, accumulating extra Debt at GM discretion. This can in fact tick over higher than your actual Wealth score.

Industry: Industry is the whole of on-demand production from a character's Assets that can be diverted to a character's whims. Unused industry is presumed to be producing generic goods.

  • Industry can provide bonus dice to a Wealth roll where relevant. If there is enough Industry to cover the entire project, it will also reduce the target number for success.
  • Industry refreshes completely at the start of every quarter; any slack Industry is wasted.
  • Industry can be Specialized. Specialized industry is twice as effective at producing specific Assets, or build rare Assets that can not be built otherwise. However, Specialized industry can not be used for other purposes and will accumulate one Debt for every two IP left idle. Industry can be bought specialized or must be converted from normal Industry. The conversion process takes one quarter.

--Shrike (talk) 10:47, 22 July 2018 (PDT) I was planning on wealth being a tangible amount, not successes/dice pool. The amount can vary budget to budget due to vaguarities of success, economic climate, your own personal abilities as a landowner, etc, but as intended if you had a base wealth of 100 you would have around 100 spacebux to spend every budget.

--100thlurker (talk) 03:20, 23 July 2018 (PDT) Yeah, I'm just spitballing, it's not like we're launching tomorrow. I wanted to explore a more sort of gambling resource rather than reliable income for the purposes of encouraging court drama and intriguing. Especially because a lot of the stuff we need for the smaller scope of game is more impulse buying & opportunistic.


Assets represent two kinds of major: Demesnes, Named Items, Ships, and Armies. These can be bought at character generation.

Demesnes: Corporations and estates under the Character's effective control. These provide Wealth and Industry.

Named Items: Any items that give a statistical bonus.

Ships: Self-explanatory . Maintaining ships may require Wealth.

Armies: While every noble household is going to have a few armed goons, units formed for conventional war are going . Maintaining armies may require Wealth.


Ravshana Marika bint Yasmin al-Lasalle

Rep: 6 [3 High Noble Family] + [2 Starforce Officer] + [1 Earned Rep]


Wealth: 5
Industry: 4

Ravshana wants to comprehensive repair and refit the old armored cruiser, Vistaham, thought to have been totally lost. The total bill for restoration add up to six sux and eight for modernizations to bring it up to modern standards.

Setting Drafts


Draft 1

Dates are both approximate and counted backwards from game start

  • 1450: Human settlement of the LMC under the auspices of the Phoenix League, fleeing the Abominable Intelligences.
  • 1250: Deactivation of the Starforge. Flight of the Capital to Sweetwater; Phoenix League renamed Free Stars League. Luxor falls to warlords.
  • 1200: Hinterward Reaches of the FSL splinter away. Long Night falls over half of known human stars.
  • 1100: Starforge reactivated. Imperial line established Phoenix Empire.
  • 1000: Second Directorate falls in Haven, replaced by the Jardin Republic.
  • 800: Empire reaches the Rift, finds it full of CthulhAI worshippers, weirdness and inaccessibility. After a few failed expeditions decides its not worth the trouble.
  • 700: Imperial expansion down the Two Rivers encounters Jardin. Two Hundred Years war begins.
  • 550: Hiroshiland Shogunate splinters from FSL.
  • 500: Hiroshiland joins the Empire. FSL starts to shed verge systems.
  • 400: Rift Pax breached. Rifter raids begin. Empire weakened both from external and internal events. Loss of several significant Marches.
  • 270: Great Wall erected. Rifter threat contained, internal weaknesses 'solved' in the Year of Five Emperors.
  • 190: Golden Age ends. Imperial overreach and debt hangovers sees borders collapse. Century of Humiliation.
  • 100: The Shield Century. Core regions defended, imperial position stabilized. Multiple reconquistas launched.
  • 50: Execution of Bast. Reconquistas halted as the skeletons in the closet are aired. Half-century of Imperial stabilization fails to sate the glory lust of many noble houses.