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The Heylel Box

Power Base

Sin Ontology Society

  • L1 ruled club
  • School-internal, versatile
  • Favoured by Xurael, indebted to Xurael
  • A club of never-quite-exact purpose, housing the PCs and the independents they've gathered in their orbit. Lets you do anything a club can.

Sengoku Paradise

  • L2 allied business
  • School-external, martial, culinary
  • A sengoku-themed cafe in the Hollow.

Marshall and ✌&✍◆☠✏ Law Firm

  • L1 ruled business
  • School-internal, legal
  • Simone's legal partnership, formed by her and Ajun. Making a small name for itself.


  • L2 ruled business
  • School-external, entertainment, indebted
  • A Casino seized by Simone from its previous owner.

The Art Club

  • ???


Inoue Chikako

Inoue Chikako

Simone Marshall

Type: Damned

Idol: Binding Authority
Torment: Seen as a Child
Power (P): 2
Finesse (F): 5
Toughness (T): 2
Sensation (S): 4
Intellect (I): 5
Charisma (C): 5
Deception (D): 3


Academics (Law)
Lore (Infernal Contracts)


P.A. Student
Contract-Cutting Straight Razor (Rank 3) - The upscale heirloom red-stained cherrywood and stainless steel straight razor Simone used to commit suicide in order to enter Hell. Because she was the recipient of a contract with Hell to live a long and healthy life, it has become endowed with hubris and power to sunder the myriad agreements that Hell is built upon. It also inflicts deep wounds that bleed profusely and cripple limbs with but a light touch- something Simone is more vulnerable to than any other person.
Marshall and ✌&✍◆☠✏ Law Firm (Rank 1) - New responsibilities as an unofficial law practice within the Academy. Allows Simone to softly shirk the dress code (business fetish versus schoolgirl fetish), enter some restricted areas and skip classes, but may result in her being put-upon to represent violators of the school code. Business cards and invitations to sleezy parties very included.

Special Qualities

Sense Organ [Razor] (Rank 2): Razor that rattles in the presence of and orients itself in the direction of oathbreakers, liars and those who would see to do the user harm. It usually points towards Lucifer, like a compass, but will turn towards threats which are more immediate and personal.
Gills: Breathes underwater through wrist slit made to... ahem, register at Pandaemonium Academy.
Willpower: 5/8
Health: 7/7
Fate: 2
XP: 14/14
  • Intellect 5 (2)
  • Charisma 5 (2)
  • Finesse 4 (4)
  • Marshall and ✌&✍◆☠✏ Law Firm (Rank 1) (2)
  • Sense Organ (4)

Law of Contracts - A system of rules which provide the contractor with the benefits of the infrastructure of Hell.

Power Level: 4
Target: Other
Range: Local
Duration: Persistent
Effect: Create (requested items and wealth), Repair (things specified), Scan (the contractor), Transform (under the terms), Move (buys safe passage)
Coincidental: Contracts assert themselves and must be followed through existing infrastructure.
Onerous Focus: Requires modern conception of consent- person must be capable of reason, at or above the age of majority, not coerced or blackmailed, etc...
Sympathetic: Allows for large groups to be affected if the majority stand behind a representative, and affects society and possessions as appropriate for the rank of the effect and affected.

Law of Associations - An innate understanding of the relationships between people.

Power Level: 2
Target: Other
Range: Local
Duration: Momentary
Effect: Scan (relationships)

Kamino Fuki

Genus: Damned
Sin Classification: Pride
Cause of Death: Malnutrition - Too absorbed to eat properly.
Idol: Create like a goddess and have everything turn out exactly as intended.
Torment: Works of art turning out differently from her vision.
Willpower: 10/10 (5)
Fate: 3/3
Health: 5/5
XP: 14/24


Meganekko (-1)
These are her glasses. She has to wear them but they can't be permanently broken either.
In life, she needed them to see. In death, however, they stop her from seeing Too Clearly. This keeps Spirit Vision from being permanently active.
When losing her glasses unexpectedly (like getting them knocked off or stolen while napping but not after coming out of the shower or waking up with them where they should be, etc) one of her Domains will fire involuntarily.
Pandaemonium Academy Student


Power: 1
Finesse: 3
Toughness: 1
Sensation: 7
Intellect: 5 (1)
Charisma: 3
Deception: 3


Academics (Philosophy) [2]
Craft (Painting)
Craft (Sculpture)


Soul Vision (2)
She can see and, to the extent of her knowledge, analyze the metaphysical structure of hell by briefly removing her glasses and see how everything is made of souls.

Curse of Dreams and Reality
Keyword: Reality
Fuuki can bring paintings into reality. For full control of the effect, a painting she created herself is necessary. Once made real, reality cannot be rescinded.

Power: 4 (4)
Target: Scene (0)
Range: Touch (0)
Duration: Persistent (2)
Effect: Create (0)
Modifiers: Onerous Focus (-2)

Balance of Motion and Stillness
Keyword: Motion
Fuuki can bring sculptures to life. Sculptures created by her are loyal to her, requiring a commitment of willpower. Once granted, life cannot be rescinded.

Power: 4 (4)
Target: Other (0)
Range: Local (0)
Duration: Persistent (2)
Effect: Transform (0)
Modifiers: Onerous Focus (-2)

Boundary of Form and Emptiness [8]
Keyword: Form

  • Paint portrait of another character. Can only be done in the character's presence.
  • May be possible to paint the portrait in the presence of a character even after being reduced to background. This could revive the character. (Maybe needs Heal added?)
  • Changes to the character's image can be made. (within what limits?)
  • The portrait becomes a (pseudo?)fetter to that character and prevents turning into background.
  • Holder of the portrait has some kind of power over the depicted.
Power: 4 (4)
Target: Other (0)
Range: Local (0)
Duration: Persistent (2)
Effect: Transform (0)
Modifiers: Onerous Focus (-2)


Muraxi redamned.jpg
Alternate costume from the past-time job

Daddy is a fire elemental and other daddy is an Earl. Grandmother is a President. Who are you again?

Genus: Demon
Idol: Power
Torment: Family
Special Qualities

Wings (3)
Rank (2)
Sense [Truth] (1)
Blaze Bit (3)


Power: 3
Finesse: 3
Toughness: 2
Sensation: 5
Intellect: 4
Charisma: 6
Deception: 5


Lore (Infernal Hierarchy)


Pandaemonium Academy Student
Demonic Nobility of the Magma Stars Legion (2)

Domain: First Seal of Solomon

Power: 2
Target: Self
Range: Planar (3)
Duration: Instant
Effect: Move (plane shift)
Modifiers: Onerous Focus (Magic Ritual), Condition (-2) [Planar Gate]

Domain: Second Seal of Solomon

Power: 3
Target: Other
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant, Transient
Effect: Transform (Black Magic)
Modifiers: Onerous Focus (Magic Ritual)
Fate: 3
Current: 1
WP: 8 (3)
Current: 3
HP: 4

XP Tracker

21 XP
2 XP spent on First Seal of Solomon
2 XP spent on Second Seal of Solomon
2 XP spent on Charisma 6
2 XP spent on Lore (Infernal Hierarchy)
2 XP spent on Second Seal of Solomon duration boosted to Transient
6 XP spent on Special Quality: Blaze Bit (3)
2 XP spent on Sensation 5

Little Black Book

Shinma (FlfM): » More interesting, less consenting
Rayzeal: » Needs proper corrupting?
Yaldoth (MlfF): » Inventive, wants Mia Nozomi
Fire Fighter: » Will date schoolgirls

The Purgatorio Plan

  • luxuria / Lust
Compensated Dating Club
  • gula / Gluttony
Cooking Club
  • avaritia / Greed
Accounting Club
  • acedia / Sloth
Traditional Tea Club
  • ira / Wrath
MMA Club
  • invidia / Envy
Fashion Club
  • superbia / Pride
Art Club


Idol: Angel of Light
Torment: Force of Decay



Power (P): 3
Finesse (F): 4
Toughness (T): 3
Sensation (S): 3
Intellect (I): 4
Charisma (C): 3:
Deception (D): 1

Skills: 4

Martial Arts (Terrible Swift Sword


Academy Student
Angel of Death
Top Maid


Sword of Finality 4 power points + 1 point worth of scope so 5 points
Keyword: Destruction
Target: Other
Range: Local
Duration: Momentary
Effect: Damage


Final Judgement (Absolute Destruction) 4 power points plus 3 points worth of scope - 2 Onerous Focus 5 points
Power Level: 4
Duration: Scene
Range: Distant
Effect: Damage
Duration: Persistent
Onerous Focus: Ceremonial Unsealing of the Sword of Finality

Special Qualities: 3


Tracker WP 5/5 Fate: 2

XP: Top Maid TBD cost


Rayzeal - Fallen angel. Currently being corrupted by Muraxi
Fujiyama Juudan - Floor manager of Sengoku Paradise
Helena-chan - Loud foreigner
Aoma - Ninja
Akama - Oni
Kaneko - Refined Noble
Yumi - Cute one
Shiude - Smart one
Four armed cyclops?


Succubus headmaid
Special Ability: Pheremones (1)
Power: 2
Finesse: 4
Toughness: 2
Sensation: 5
Intellect: 2
Charisma: 7
Deception: 3
Skills: Cleaning, Etiquette

Example Domains

Rin's Sword Dominion has:

  • Keyword: sword
  • Target: self, other, scene
  • Range: local
  • Duration: transient
  • Effect: damage, create, move
  • Rin can create swords attacking single targets or broad areas, create walls of swords that block paths and deal damage, or move things with swords. However, her creations disintegrate at the end of the scene. Her kyton boyfriend with chain dominion has similar powers, but cannot do direct damage as he lacks the damage effect.

Liz's Storytelling has:

  • Keyword: narrative
  • Target: other
  • Range: local
  • Duration: persistent
  • Effect: alter, scan
  • Modifier: coincidental
  • Liz can write plots for people that will either reveal their nature or change them in narratively appropriate ways through apparent coincidences - but cannot attack them directly, or write stories for herself. She has to be close to the target to write about them, but if she took the sympathetic modifier she could affect them via a closely associated object.

Mia's Gadgetry has:

  • Keyword: robotics
  • Target: self, other, scene
  • Range: local
  • Duration: persistent
  • Effect: damage, create, move, alter, scan
  • Modifier: onerous focus
  • Mia can use her machines to do almost anything, but only if she has them on hand. In her laboratory she is extremely powerful, but if jumped in swimming class she is next to helpless (unless she made some unlicensed modifications to the pumps and filters beforehand). If she transformed herself into a super cyborg, she would remove this limitation.

Yu Lan's Time Kata has:

  • Keyword: time
  • Target: self, other
  • Range: touch
  • Duration: transient
  • Effect: alter
  • Yu Lan can punch time into or out of people, speeding them up or slowing them down, but has to land the punches first. If she took the damage effect she could disintegrate chunks of victims with hyper-rapid aging.

Liya's Flame Magic has:

  • Keyword: fire
  • Target: other
  • Range: distant
  • Duration: momentary
  • Effect: damage
  • Liya can hurl blasts of fire that incinerate people kilometres away, but since she died before mastering higher magic, that's all she can do. If she took target: scene she could do large blasts and flash shields. If she took duration: transient or persistent she could create longer-lasting walls or jets of fire.

Fetter Pricing Sketch

3: yowza
2: the character gains some major bonus (increased damage with a certain weapon)
1: no major problem (e.g. must wear a hat), or a minor problem combined with a minor benefit (e.g. must carry weapon, but get it back easily if disarmed)
0: the character has some significant constraint on actions (e.g. must wear uniform) or an obscure vulnerability (e.g. silver damage double)
-1: gives the character a major vulnerability (e.g. burn victim making fire damage double)
-2: yikes