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Unit Type Name Effect
air Scout sweep standard
air maritime patrol endurance
air aggressive CAP defensive (combat)
air off-axis deception defensive (operational)
air pervasive orbit stealthy, non reactive
air boost scout Fast, reactive
air umbral dip vs sub
air swarm scout expendible
ship fleet scout standard
ship heavy scout combat scouting
ship SAM trap defensive (anti-air)
ship full sensor sweep powerful, obvious
ship decoy force deceptive (operational)
ship Recon by fire charge in
ship pirate sailing avoidance; only in star ways/nebula
ship Q-scout sneaky
ship Hunt and sink evasive, hunting lone targets or merchantment
sub/ship picket passive
sub/ship run silent stealthy (operational)
sub/ship lurk and report most passive
sub/ship evade and track defensive
sub/ship spiderweb only for defender; fixed position
sub umbral stalk best vs sub or lone targets
sub wolfpack more active
air Big wing air cover
ship torpedo wall lots of torps!
ship gun and torpedo battle mixed engagement
ship togo turn battleline maneuver (higher difficulty?)
ship beaty barrage fixed battleline
ship fisher fray speed and firepower
ship standoff extended range
ship Hit and fade hit and retreat
ship mighty wall slow moving
ship stealthy snipe stealthy, ranged
ship electronic combat sensors vs ecm
ship big brawl chaotic and close
ship support and rush split in two groups; fast and range
ship boldly retreat attempt to disengage
ship Flak Box rigid AA formation
ship smokescreen defensive, screen larger units
ship Empty the racks offensive, fire all the missiles
ship superweapon smash POW
ship moscow missile massacre expend all missiles
ship opportunity strike missile conservation
ship concentrate all fire reduce damage but choose target
ship killbox volley boosts range
ship Death ride close and torpedo
ship Cross the T concentrated damage
ship sacrifice delay all damage goes to one ship while rest retreat